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After over 20 years as an active remodeling contractor, I graduated to assisting other remodeling contractors with growing a healthy and successful remodeling company. My win-win focus is on the owner, employees, and the client. This partnership must work for everyone involved.

My Background

I have a BS in psychology which was a great help in working with emotional homeowners during the construction process. I actually wrote and published a book on this entitled Managing the Emotional Homeowner.


I do between 25 and 30 industry events every year, flying all over the country working with local associations, attending trade shows, and working with individual contractors through a stated consulting agreement.

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, Colorado




After over 200 years in the remodeling industry, I am now an industry speaker and consultant. I work with both the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the Remodelers Council, a division of the National Association of Home Builders. My specialty is best practices in the remodeling industry to both guide the client experience and to raise margins and profitability.

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