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A Better Way to Great  

Synopsis: Speed and intensity, the buzzwords of 21st Century business, are not always the friend of good sense, especially when it involves making pivotal decisions.

Do you find yourself distracted and overwhelmed instead of focused and fulfilled? You may have reached a tipping point that is counterproductive to your success.  Tipping points are when your drive to achieve actually hinders your performance and ultimately your results.  A “doing more gets you more” mindset can blind you to your own intuition and insight.  It can even inhibit your productivity and affect your bottom line.  There is a better way.    

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LEAD LIKE A COACH:  How to Develop and Lead a Rock Star Team

Synopsis: Getting to know your team members as people will speed and improve your leadership style and drive stellar results.

If you’re a leader in business today, you can confirm the fact that at least 65% of your time is spent dealing with people issues.   Current industry trends like high turnover, sales vs. operations, and increasing customer demands put additional pressure and demands on you and your team.  The pace is daunting.  However ironic it sounds, sometimes slowing down can help managers bring out the best performance in their people and lead to better results.   Possible?  Absolutely. How?

A coaching approach to leadership, which leads to more cohesiveness, innovation, creativity and problem solving – gives you some of that 65% of your time back to focus on other things.   Employees who clearly understand expectations -- and know they’re accountable -- enjoy a higher level of job satisfaction, stay longer, and produce better results.  Isn’t that what we’re all after? 

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INCREASE YOUR INFLUENCE:  Eight Essential Attributes of Successful Leaders

Synopsis: Unlocking the impact of influence can give you control in an often-chaotic industry.

What qualities do most leaders have in common that guarantee their success?  Here’s a hint: they all surround the concept of influence – being able to influence themselves, by evaluating and managing their own behaviors and habits, before they can influence others. 

With the current speed of business today, how can developing influence over yourself make you a more successful director, department head or team lead?  Take it from research results compiled from more than 10,000 executive coaching sessions and hundreds of team sessions with associations, businesses, and boards of directors -- managing yourself can positively affect your thinking, your actions, and ultimately, your results. 

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My Background

Dean Savoca, M.Ed., BCC, CSP™ is the performance development partner for leaders who want highly-effective teams who are focused, aligned and inspired. Simply put, Dean helps leaders coach their people.

A 25-year veteran of the meetings and events industry, Dean spent his early years in sales and operations with Maritz, and as the GM of a Colorado DMC.  Since earning his Master’s Degree in Organizational Performance and Change, Dean has spent the last 15 years speaking, training and coaching on leadership and development.  He helps participants identify the core issues they face daily that impact performance development, people management and team alignment – and rallies them to action, often right there in the roomThe result is a better bottom line – boosted by improved performance, higher productivity, and more cohesive teamwork. 

Dean is a board-certified coach and has conducted more than 10,000 executive coaching sessions.  He is also a Certified Speaking Professional™, conferred by the National Speakers Association, and actively involved in several business and industry associations.  He is a member of the editorial advisory board for Colorado Meeting + Events magazine, and the 2016-2018 Chair of the Meetings Industry Council (MIC) of Colorado.   See Dean’s 3-minute speaker video


Just spend a small amount of time with Dean and you’ll come away with more passion and drive to accomplish any mission you choose for yourself.

Douglas Small, Senior VP, Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau



Dean is a dynamic speaker that touches on the core elements of what makes us tick. This awareness can unlock the potential in all of us!

Andy Gladstone, CEO, Show Me Arizona DMC


Dean “gets it” as it relates to talent acquisition and motivation. I took away a number of action items I could implement immediately and optimize results.

John Washko VP, Sales & Marketing, the Broadmoor, CO



Amazing! Dean was a showstopper. So many attendees came up to me to say how much his keynote resonated with them. Truly a wonderful experience!!

Gabrielle Donchez
Account Executive Choose Chicago



Dean has been a driving force in our leadership development training for 8 years. We’d be lost without him!

Dina Traskos, Chief Development Officer

Northwestern Mutual




The insights I gained from his program have helped me to be more productive and a better leader.

Pam Sherfesee, VP of Sales

Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau



Dean provided an excellent training course that was very targeted to our team. He was engaging and provided us with new and usable techniques to increase sales.

 Valerie Knorr, VP, Sales

 St. Julien Hotel and Spa, Boulder CO


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