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Based on my 20+ years of original research on the generations, leadership, and communication. Including my most recent motivational study on 3,000 working Millennials.  Many of the negative stereotypes and thinking about the Millennial Workforce is based on a lack of understanding or are outright wrong. Unfortunately, this generation is the most misunderstood.
To gain the competitive edge companies MUST make the changes to attract the best and the brightest, or you will end up getting the best of what is leftover!

Keynote and Workshop Topics include: ( all are customized for specific audiences.

Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

  • Recognize the 7 strategic drivers that influence an employee decision to stay or leave
  •  Learn the leader's new role
  • Understand the myth of perks and how to use perks strategically
  • Understand the one foundational key in developing cohesive teams that ignite collaboration, and innovation. 

Stop Job-Hopping and Turnover

  • Repair internal practices based on Job-Hopping myths and Realities
  • Learn 5 specific strategies on how to fix the problem at your organization
  • Learn the key foundational  specific strategy for attraction and retention, so you can keep your best and brightest

You're Driving Me Crazy!

Working with difficult people is a challenge for all of us. In this fast-paced, humorous keynote you will learn the secrets of working and communicating more effectively with the difficult people in your life. This is presentation is humorous and educational. Perfect for after lunch... to get them laughing.

What's Your APP? Attitude, Purpose & Priority: Change Your APP....Change Your Life!

Today's workplace is ever-changing. We are often so caught up in the " work of doing" and " rushing" in our lives, that w forget to stop and tap into our magnificence and brilliance. While we can't leave the world behind, we can learn how to tap into our personal creativity, our authentic true self, and enjoy the experiencs we encounter,

  • Strategies to prune the thorns in your life
  • Learn to eliminate fear and embrace what you love most
  • Success starts as an inside job so learn how to get out of your own way.


Get Out of The Bunker and Deal With Conflict

Conflict: Avoidable?  Predictable?  Necessary?

The answer is YES to all of the above. Learn how to shift organizational conflict from a battle zone to your secret competitive advantage!  Transform destructive conflict responses into productive ones. 

  • Improve self-awareness around natural conflict behaviors

  • Learn effective and ineffective approaches to difficult conversations
  • Learn how to fight fair, for productive outcomes

Transitions: Working Through Organizational Change

  Navigating the waters of organizational change is often difficult. Change is all around us- and affects all aspects of our lives. Learn how to ride the current, maneuver around the boulders of change and win the race. 


My Background

About Deanne

Deanne is a Generational Workforce Expert with 20 years of original generational workplace research. She recently completed a comprehensive study on 3,000 working Millennials on Motivation.

Her contagious enthusiasm and passion for teaching are evident from the moment she walks on stage. She has the ability to connect with an audience in a meaningful way, so they walk away knowing Deanne understands their perspective, cares and wants them to have real solutions that work. Her passion is to share pragmatic solutions and she uses real-world stories that make her ideal for conferences, leadership retreats, workshops, and keynote presentations.

  • Multi-Award First Place Winning Speaker
  • Group dynamics and Generational workforce expert 
  • High-energy & High-content presentations
  • Humorous and interactive presentations
  • Conflict Mediator during the First Gulf War Crisis
  • Recognized by Training Magazine's Top 100
  • Authored four business books  
  • Personally trained over 10,000 CEO's and business leaders
  • Business Conflict mediator
  • On the original three-member team that first discovered the cancer link to secondhand smoke- published in the Lancet, and nominated for a Nobel Prize. 
  • In her spare time she is a reader for the blind

Her passion for sharing tools and solutions that work, coupled with real-world stories are ideal for conferences, leadership retreats, workshops, and keynote presentations.


A Few Clients Include: A

" Deanne is an excellent speaker. She gave relevant examples and put information into context that was very appropriate and relevant to apply immediately."  Acting Deputy Chief, National Park Service

"Great Speaker! I would recommend Deanne and will tell all my friends and colleagues."
- CEO J & J Builders
"Deanne DeMarco was excellent!  I enjoyed her session. Great energy, and information. She raised my awareness about how I may solve some of the challenges that I experience with my direct reports."
- Director of Career Resources, Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board"
"Deanne is Fantastic! She uses lots of real-life applications, suggestions, and real-life stories.  She is high energy and kept us all engaged. "
- Managing Director, Alzheimer's Association



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* Conflict Mediation-working with intact teams and cross-functional departments/ teams * Reducing turnover and Job-hopping, attracting the best. * Multi-Generational work environments: communicating, managing and leading effectively * Creating cohesive teams that give your organization the competitive edge

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