What I Like to talk About

Clarity of Course®: Grow Your Business Without Selling
You can’t sell anything to anyone – so stop trying! Sales isn’t about selling; it’s about discovery, connecting, and solutions. Let’s explore some hard truths about sales, the value of knowing your ideal client, why process and monitoring matter.

Clarity of Course®: Make An Impact in 30 Second
Abandon the ‘pitch’ and the ‘commercial.’ Your 30 seconds is the opportunity to start a conversation, not to sell something. Unfortunately, most 30 second commercials go unheard – even yours! It doesn’t have to be that way, so let’s explore a better way to use your 30 seconds.

Clarity of Course®: Effective Business Planning (Roadmapping for Success)
The best way to reach your business goals is not only knowing what they are; i’s having a plan to achieve them. We’ll explore vision, action steps and tracking + communication strategies.

Clarity of Course®: Leadership That Gets Results
Leadership isn’t management. It isn’t micro, or hands-off. It IS about respect,
expectations, consequences, and communication. Know where you’re going and how others can help you get there. Then tell them, support them, and let them get to it.

Clarity of Course®: It’s The Experience That Matters
‘Customer service’ is misleading. What really matters is the experience customers have with your organization. From first contact to last, how do prospects, customers, employees, and colleagues feel about your company? Understand why it matters and create a strategy to ensure every experience is a good one.

Clarity of Course®: Networking That Drives Business
Networking is connecting, not selling. The best networkers do more listening than
speaking. 30 seconds starts a conversation – and it’s really 30 seconds or less! Let’s talk about how to really use networking for business growth.

Clarity of Course®: The Power of You
Owning the value you bring to your product or service and market your differentiators. The idea is to identify what it is about YOU that makes the difference.

My Background

Diane Helbig is an international business and leadership development consultant, author, award winning speaker, podcast and web tv host, and workshop facilitator. As president of Seize This Day, Diane helps businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. She evaluates, encourages, and guides her clients.

Diane works with her clients to create, implement, and monitor individualized strategies that result in better communication, increased performance, and greater results. Diane serves as a trusted advisor and guide, helping her clients see the value in changing their behavior. Diane’s clients find themselves achieving incredible successes – many beyond what they had previously believed were possible. She brings over 20 years of small business management and sales experience to her consulting.

Diane believes that each business professional is an individual. They bring their own dreams, challenges, and beliefs with them to their role. This is why the strategies they create are specific to them. Business is business. And leadership is leadership. How each person approaches their growth is individual. No canned systems here! Diane’s work is uniquely developed for each client.

In her book, Lemonade Stand Selling, Diane offers a straightforward, common sense and clear guide to the sales process. She reminds her readers that selling is as easy as when you had that lemonade stand as a child.

Through her podcast, Accelerate Your Business Growth, Diane brings valuable, actionable information to her listeners. Her book, Expert Insights includes details of ten of the most listened to episodes of this podcast.

Diane’s Elite Experts Network channel, Business Growth Acceleration, provides visitors with short, information-packed videos they can use to learn how to connect, market, and sell more effectively.

As a speaker and workshop facilitator Diane merges energy and enthusiasm with rich content. Her goal is to leave her audience with actionable steps as well as the excitement to implement those steps. Diane has expertise in small business, sales, social media, networking, and leadership.


Diane is a member of the Leadership Council for the National Small Business Association, and a member of the Advisory Board for the American Institute of Sales, Marketing and Management.


“We were very fortunate to have Diane present her "Lemonade Stand Sales Strategies" to a packed house at our AultCare Quick Connect Luncheon series. In a single word, Diane was SUPERFANTASTIC! She presented common-sense, useful and informative business sales growth tips in a humorous and insightful manner. I have received glowing compliments on her presentation from many of my guests. Well done, Diane!”


"I had the pleasure of attending Diane Helbig's Keynote speaking engagement at the EmpowHER Conference. Diane's presentation was titled 'What if you fly?' and right from the beginning, she had the audience of 200 ladies mesmerized. Her discussion of 'taking that leap' was presented in such a way, that I think if there was a cliff in front of us, we ALL would have jumped! She was motivating, uplifting, and gave us all the power to feel as though we could do anything--as long as we were thoughtful and had a plan. I could have listened to her for hours as she invoked humor and real life experience into her talk as well. Diane's presentation pertained to every woman in the whole room--I am sure at some time or another, we all have wondered about making a change in our lives, no matter what size. I am sincerely happy I attended the empowHER event and Diane Helbig was the Keynote 'Kick-Off' Speaker!"



“Diane provided the keynote for our annual sales meeting and knocked it out of the park. She provided our team with an energetic and action oriented look at sales in the 21st century. She reinforced the idea of solution based sales, something we expect of our team. Everyone enjoyed Diane’s outlook and presentation style.”





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My expertise lies in the areas of business development including sales, networking, prospecting, social media marketing, email marketing, customer service, systems and processes, business planning, leadership, and time management.

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