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If you’re ready to see EPIC Results in your career or business, Donn LeVie is the man to show you the way. With nearly three decades of hiring, managing, and mentoring countless technical, marketing, and communications professionals in real-life, down-in-the-trenches Fortune 100 businesses, his professional development perspectives offer a fresh approach to an age-old problem of creating great leaders who go on to create other leaders.

Donn will show you how a leadership strategy that uses Engagement, Positioning and Influence all work together to Convert a decision maker into a raving fan… and step-by-step how you can achieve the same result in your career or business.

Donn's Decision Maker Strategy Services are available to help boost value for conference attendees. Whether it's professionals seeking adjustments to their leadership style, attendees looking for opportunities, decision makers looking for ways to better assess higher quality talent in the job market, or consultants/small business owners wanting to build their clientele, Donn can help meeting professionals provide more value to the conference experience for attendees. 

Donn holds a BS in Geology/Geophysics and has worked on an MS in Geochemistry. Donn’s professional experience includes working in oceanographic research for NOAA, oil and gas exploration (where he was a member of the Phillips 66 Executive Speakers Bureau), and software development/ microprocessor design support project management (Motorola and Intel Corp). Donn also served as an adjunct faculty member with the University of Houston Downtown College in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Donn’s diverse experience and perspective in leadership positions inside the business world resulted in two award-winning career positioning/engagement strategy books: Confessions of a Hiring Manager Rev. 2.0, and Strategic Career Engagement. He understands strong leadership presence involves the skill to engage, position, influence, and then convert/convince others to become advocates, allies, and perspective partners. That type of leadership presence - one built on a skillset and not a title or position - will have a lasting, positive impact on your organization. Using his own three decades of experience and expertise, he is ready to help leaders in your organization achieve E.P.I.C Results.   

Donn is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) where he holds the “Certified Fraud Examiner” designation. Donn holds certifications from George Washington University in “Managing Projects in Organizations” and “Project Risk Assessment.”

Donn is Chairman of the Board for Regeneration House, a non-profit organization in Austin that helps men who have gone through various rehab programs to become better fathers, sons, and husbands in their respective communities.

My Background

Donn is a professional speaker and positioning/influence strategist who easily connects with audiences in a very friendly, witty, and engaging way. He has a wide range of speaking ability, and can provide engaging, content-focused presentations ranging from keynotes to seminars, to panel discussions and one-on-one personal consults with conference attendees, depending on the needs of the event.   

Originally from America’s oldest seaport, Gloucester, Massachusetts, Donn grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where he began his speaking career in 5th grade while running for student council president. As a youth, Donn was an avid Little League baseball player and guitar player in bands. Educationally, holds a BS in Geology/Geophysics and has worked on an MS in Geochemistry. 

International travel, classical music (Donn also performs on the classical guitar in churches around the country), and live theatre keep Donn and his wife Jeanette busy enjoying what life has to offer.


"Donn LeVie provides the best, most comprehensive professional development guidance I have ever heard... Besides being a top-notch speaker/ presenter who captures an audience with his witty dialogue and strategic experience... He is the meeting planner and conference coordinator's best friend." Leslie Simpson, Director of Events, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

"Donn LeVie's 30 years of Fortune 100 management experience positions him to be an invaluable resource for association executives, meeting planners, conference coordinators, and professional development managers who need informative and entertaining keynote or breakout speaker, or seminar leader." Bruce Dean, Investigative Management Consultant, Former Federal Prosecutor

"When your conference needs an innovative, engaging presenter for brand positioning, Donn LeVie Jr. is the hands-down person you want on your stage." Lukia Chen, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

"Donn is a seasoned and savvy business man, a man of tremendous focus and integrity, and a man of varied interests. He's a well- respected published author, teacher, and speaker...Your organization is bound to benefit from working with him. He's retained my admiration for years. Engage him without reservation." David Vliet, CEO, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center

"Donn's E.P.I.C. Results program and follow-up materials are an integrated approach to building and maintaining your branded leadership expertise and value that is both insightful and thought provoking. Its new and exciting stuff!" Karen O'kwu, CFE, CPA

"I've seen Donn LeVie Jr. speak many times. Donn's message is always relevant, on point and fresh. As a manager, I'll tell you he's 100% right on with his perspective. If you are now or ever will be looking for an outstanding leadership speaker and have the chance to hear one of his presentations, I would highly recommend it!" Jared Wilbur, CIFA Vice President, Corporate Security Governance Officer, The Washington Trust Company

Previous Speech Topics

E.P.I.C. Results: Positioning Your Anti-Fraud Expertise

2017 Global Anti-Fraud Conference
Nashville, Tennessee
Jun, 20 2017

E.P.I.C. Results: The Power of Presence

ACFE Chicago Chapter Metting
Chicago, Illinois
Oct, 13 2017



Austin, Texas


Available Upon Request


Donn LeVie will create a Power of Leadership Presence program that is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current leadership development programs, providing approaches that enhance your leaders’ abilities to cultivate advocates, allies, clients, and customers through a three-stage Pre-Engagement, Direct Engagement, and Post-Engagement strategy. The Four Pillars of Leadership Presence gives your new and up-and-coming leaders the tools and people-centered tactical approaches necessary to convert all kinds of decision makers up and down the chain of command inside of and external to your organization. The Power of Presence program isn’t an off-the-shelf, run-of-the-mill leadership-flavor-of-the-month program: It enhances what you already do well. It combines likeability factors, impression management language, the power of social proof, branded value, a value proposition that makes decision makers ask, “How do you do that?” and the Four Pillars themselves: Engage, Position, Influence, and Convert. All programs include followup content (downloads, videos, PDF, ebooks) for the first 7 days, at Day 14, Day 21, and Day 28 (included in stated fee).

Available to Verified Event Organizers Only

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