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Over 30 years of expertise in Leadership, communication and human potential. With a focus on Emotional Intelligence and high-performance.

Align Your Leadership  - Setting the Pace for High-Performance Teams


Every top performer has a mission- one they have accepted. Success is created through planning, mindset, and hyperfocus. Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or hitting the wall, can lead to procrastination and diminished productivity- and who wants that? In this extraordinarily energetic keynote, former Israeli Army Commander, Dr. Karen Jacobson deciphers the stealth secrets of the processes behind those who rise up so you can elevate too.

  • In this presentation, your audience will experience the following:
  • Discover the High-Performance strategies that create your winning edge
  • Learn how to overcome Four performance distractors to maintain your focus and improve your productivity
  • Conquer a high-performer mindset and attitude that keeps you motivated towards success

The Secret Language of Engagement – How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence


Your IQ or EQ – which one holds the power to help you become a more effective leader? In today’s business world your Interpersonal relationship skills will help you climb up the leadership ladder faster than your IQ and work skills. Emotional Intelligence, EI is becoming one of the key topics taught in the business world. This program will give you the skillsets to manage your emotions and take your relationships to the next level

Your audience will:

  • Learn the key competencies and four aspects of Emotional Intelligence
  • Discover how to manage your hot buttons and control your emotions
  • Master your relationships, know when and when not to use emotion at work.
  • Understand how to motivate people and become a more effective leader.

The W.I.N Formula – Three Secrets to Leading a High-Performance Multi-Generational Workforce


With five generations in today’s marketplace and workforce, we are in a unique situation we’ve never been before.  From communication differences to lifestyle habits, Radio Agers, Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials all speak different languages.  From miscommunication and conflict to new ideas and technology changes, bridging the gap is key. The best way to build both a strong team internally and a strong presence in the community is to find the common ground by building bridges through mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance. My Keynote will show you how

In this presentation, your audience will experience the following:    

  • Understand Values, motivation and work ethics of the different generations
  • Discover how do you share goals and engage all generations across the board
  • Learn to build collaborative relationships leading to stronger teamwork and higher productivity

My Background

  • Certified NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner & Coach – The Tad James Co. 3/2012
  • Certified Timeline Therapy Practitioner – The Tad James Co. 3/2012
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner – The Tad James Co. 3/2012
  • Certified Trainer – Peak Potentials (New Peaks) 11/2013
  • Certified Trainer/Independent Contractor – Skillpath/National Seminars 1/2016 -8/2017
  • TTI Certified Behavior Analyst 3/2017 TTI
  • TTI Certified 12 Driving Forces Analyst 3/2017 TTI
  • TTI Certified Emotional Intelligence 10/2017


She is a captivating speaker who utilizes diversified tools and practical techniques that entrepreneurs can use immediately to excel in their businesses. She provided high value and I was able to apply a few of her techniques right away. I highly recommend working with her or attending one of her speaking engagements as her extensive experience and distinct background will absolutely propel you into the next level.

                                                                                                     Dr. Yasaman Tasalloti

Having participated in seminars and presentations with other "experts" in leadership and team dynamics, I found Dr. Karen to be at the top of the list for expertise, presentation, and engagement with attendees! She is authentic, captivating, dynamic, and motivating as she connects with and inspires the people with whom she speaks.
                                                                                                          Dr.CArl B. Forkner

Dr. Karen Jacobson is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She has amazing presence in the room and captivates the audience with her storytelling. She commands the room and I would easily recommend her as a keynote speaker for any size event.                                                                      Lisa Rehurek, Founder RFP Success Company



Scottsdale, Arizona


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As the creator of The High-Performance Triad, I focus on the three legs of Leadership-Language - LifeStyle to show executives and professional how to align, engage and lead High-performance teams

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