What I Like to talk About

As an international brain change and behavior expert, and mom of eight (six adopted, four with cognitive challenges), my topics and issues are personally relevant and specific while remaining vastly diverse. After all, the brain plays an important role in all aspects of our professional and personal lives.

My most common topics are leadership, special needs, abuse, parenting, and sleep issues. Always I offer inspiration through stories and information while giving audiences concrete (and simple yet effective) action steps. 

I appreciate the work involved in every stage of any event process and do my best to work easily with organizers, attendees, and vendors. I'm always honored to play a role in the hard work it takes to bring folks together with a common desire to share ideas and offer unique skills and knowledge.

My experience as an expert is vast. I have been practicing my Leadership teaching skills from the moment I could talk and walk, I successfully and joyfully raised eight children on my own, and I travel internationally as a practitioner, educator, show host, and speaker. I continuously teach and learn (doubly board certified in neurofeedback, a doctorate, a Ph.D., ABD, etc) with passion and vision.

As an entertainer and speaker (something I have been doing for over thirty years) I'm consistently highly rated and reviewed by attendees and organizers. What a pleasure it is to do what I love and find that people love what I do!


My Background

I have been speaking and performing for over thirty years. It is, without question, my favorite way to teach and to live my life. However, I have focused the past thirty years more on working hands-on with people while educating and have only recently (on my 60th birthday in fact!) made the decision to focus solely on speaking.

My mission is to help evolve a world wherein there is a deeper understanding that our psychology creates our physiology and our physiology creates our psychology. This gives greater weight to, and erases the division between, intentional thought and healthy living.

I have a doctorate in bio science, hold two board certifications in Neurofeedback (BCIA, NTCB) and am working on my Ph.D. (I am now ABD) in Psychology, with a specialty in Psychophysiology at Saybrook University. As a neurofeedback specialist, I'm on the cutting edge of treating autism, Parkinson’s, depression, and other brain-related disorders. I have traveled the globe performing my one woman musical comedy show CRAZY TO SANE about abuse and mental health, I produce/host/direct the international docu-series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD (airing on The Autism Channel), I write books and articles, I contribute to publications and serve as a source for news shows and more. With extensive training in several disciplines addressing mental health and a 30+ year personal history of working with my own special needs children, I've achieved an expertise that is both scientific and intuitive, and I'm honored to be facilitating miraculous results for my clients.

I have a passion for sharing what I know while continuing to learn.




A few testimonials (feel free to request more):

“Lynette is not only packed full of valuable information you won't hear anywhere else, she is also incredibly entertaining in her delivery. She is a leading edge expert who isn't confined by walls. She thinks outside the box and has so much insight to share!” ~Julie Sando, Director of Autistically Inclined


“I was blessed with the opportunity, which I decided to take, to go hear Lynette Louise speak one day, back in October, 2012. Deciding to go hear what she had to say, I believe, was the most positively life-changing decision I had ever made. I excitedly listened as she taught about the brain and neurofeedback, I absorbed and felt inspired by her personal stories; and from it all I was gifted with the hugest sense of hope that for my own life, too, the possibility to heal and to transform into something better existed within my reach.” ~Rachel Clark, student.


"Lynette Louse speaks from plenty of personal and professional experience, and does it in her own educational yet entertaining style. Highly recommended!"  ~Patti Lightstone, EEG Education & Research


“Lynette's warm and funny personality captures your attention. She is an inspiration. Her courageous sharing of her personal story and path to triumph transformed me and gave me hope like no one ever has.” ~Anonymous (Women’s Shelter fundraising event attendee) 


“Lynette is an incredible leader in her field. She seamlessly runs a successful business while delivering superb services to clients. Her most exceptional quality is her generously sharing her secrets to success and empowering others.” ~Sharon Burstein, Leadership Speaker & Entrepreneur


“I was floored! Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad spoke to our group of diverse individuals and every word she spoke was life changing for every person in the room.  She made us laugh, learn, cry and become better. ABSOLUTELY recommended!” ~Jody Moore, President and Founder of the Alameda Autism Community Network

“I am pleased to have known Lynette Louise who made a well researched presentation on autism across a Ugandan and African audience. I discovered Lynette is a gifted, humorous and focused presenter .Her messages were simple to digest.” ~Andrew Arinaitwe, News Editor/ Presenter, Channel44 TV ( Now on satellite), Kampala Uganda.


“Lynette isn't just a trained experienced professional in the field of parenting and Autism. She’s is also an incredible Mother of 8 who raised and successfully treated several of her own children on the spectrum and countless others. She is rare gem who has walked the walk and emerged with rich experiences and priceless stories that will change the way you approach everything.” ~Jennifer St. Jude (Writer & Autistic Advocate)

"I can definitely affirm that Lynette Louise's talk at the American University of Paris in the spring of 2012 marked the minds of each audience member. She was incredible. Her introduction to autism was not only insightful, but entertaining. She even used a very interactive example that left us full of emotion and the desire to act. Thanks to her, the students gained a clear understanding and grasp of brain disorders like autism.  To this day they recall, and give credit for the actions they take in support of autism, to her inspirational speech." ~Louloua Smadi, Founder of the AUP Autism Awareness committee. 

"Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad spoke at a fundraiser for my film 'A State Of Being!' She was astounding. She entertained, informed and delighted us with stories. She is an unmatched talent and I am thrilled to promote her.” ~Ken Thompson producer/director YAINO TV Productions



Simi Valley, California




Dr. Lynette Louise (The Brain Broad) is known internationally as a leader of brain and behavior rehabilitation. People of influence seek her out for neurotherapy and habit changing advice. Lynette travels the globe advising educators and corporate leaders on how to effectively optimize performance and improve cognition in the home and workplace. An engaging and entertaining presenter, Lynette has experience with every type and age of audience. Equally knowledgeable about both the practical and theoretical sides of her subject matter, Lynette makes difficult subjects easy to grasp.

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