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As a Fundraiser, Coach, and Keynote Speaker, I teach leaders how to be Positive Difference Makers and Life Changers in their Communities, Organizations, Schools, and Workplaces. Something I practice off stage by raising millions of dollars annually for non-profits as one of the first African American Fundraising Auctioneers in the world. 

My Background

Hello, my name is Frank Kitchen. I am the CEO and Founder of Frank Kitchen Enterprises, LLC. I’m a Husband, Father, Friend, Entrepreneur, Fundraiser, Coach, and Professional Speaker. My Keynote Speeches, Educational Workshops, and Training Programs Educate, Elevate and Empower Leaders around the world to be positive difference makers and life changers in their communities, organizations, workplaces, and schools by implementing my “Live F.R.E.S.H.” Leadership Methodology. 

Born in Bad Kreuznach, Germany,  I grew up as a “military brat.” My family constantly relocated around the world during my childhood.  The continuous travel provided diverse experiences that led to an interesting life. Our travels taught me about leadership and gave me visual examples of what life has to offer.

For over 25 years, I have led and trained award-winning teams and organizations. I have worked with student leaders, education leaders, community leaders, nonprofit leaders, and business leaders to develop personalized recipes for living their personal and professional dreams. I have shared my stories of success and failure with individuals, major corporations, schools, colleges, universities, professional associations, and civic organizations on stages all around the world.

My leadership journey began in college when I served as a student leader to help pay for my education and make friends. I was elected to represent my fellow students as a Student Government Officer. That experience led me and several classmates to start the Lakeland Community College Campus Activities Board where I was elected as the organization's first President. My college student leadership experience led me to earn an Associate of Arts Degree from Lakeland Community College (Ohio) and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from David N. Myers College (Ohio).

The leadership knowledge and skills I gained in college created employment opportunities as a supervisor for several employers before I became an award-winning Employee Trainer and Toy Store Manager for KB Toys.  My passion for servant leadership led me back to Lakeland Community College as the Assistant Director of Student Activities where I specialized in leadership development, diversity programming, and event planning.

Teaching students and professionals how to lead themselves and others was a very fulfilling career that I thought would last a lifetime. For years I challenged my students to live their personal and professional dreams. This inspired them to challenge me.  They encouraged me to leave my stable college position to pursue the unpredictable career of professional speaker and entrepreneur. They wanted me to share my knowledge and experience with a global audience.

My speaking career has grown over the years through the application of the techniques and strategies I have shared with past employers, students, and clients.  I have been blessed to speak professionally all around the world. When I’m not speaking, I pursue my passion for servant leadership by mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs in Phoenix, Arizona with the non-profit Hustle PHX. I also partner with nonprofits across the United States as one of the first African American Fundraising Auctioneers and Special Events Consultants in the world.  I help raise millions of dollars to support their philanthropic causes and change lives in a positive way. Not bad for a college student who got involved in Leadership for a T-Shirt, a Trip and an opportunity to meet new people!


“Children’s Clinics hired Frank Kitchen for our annual all staff retreat and received rave reviews from everyone in attendance. In fact, Frank’s presentation was one of the most highlighted areas in our post-retreat employee satisfaction surveys. Frank’s energy, positivity, and passion led us through a successful event. Our staff left motivated and inspired and thoroughly enjoyed Frank’s presence. From our leadership at Children’s Clinics, we highly recommend Frank to anyone in need of a dynamic speaker. We will definitely consider him for future events. Five stars!" –Jared Perkins, CEO, Children’s Clinics, Tucson, Arizona

"His presentation helped to change the culture of our stores through positive attitudes and communication." – Brandon Ramsey, Microsoft Stores Business Representative

“Frank took the time to prepare and understand our group. He tailored the presentation to fit the daily lives and jobs of the audience and made “Kitchen Sink” leadership applicable to them. His energy was fantastic and he was a great presenter to end our program!” - Stacy Householder , National Conference of State Legislatures

"Frank exudes enthusiasm and energy!  He was the keynote presenter for our general session on opening night at our statewide conference and engaged the crowd immediately.  His encouragement for us to “finish the race” set the stage for a great time of learning at the conference.  Frank has a positive disposition and attendees were responsive to him. He led sessions for adults and students and fascinated both audiences.  I highly recommend him for other keynote opportunities." - Rachel Rutledge, South Carolina Department of Education, Office of Career and Technology Education

"Frank introduced the group to the idea of Living F.R.E.S.H. – Focused, Resourceful, Enthusiastic, Strong, Honest. He had all of us laughing and taking notes on how to be better at our jobs. But the best part is that iGO continued the learning with a post-lunch, hands-on workshop. Frank had all of us out of our seats playing games to meet new people and gain insight into our personalities and work styles. It was not like any session I’d ever seen at one of these conferences and I made at least four new friends while laughing and learning. What a great idea to encourage networking while also learning some new interpersonal skills!" -Votem Corporation, Attendees of the 2019 International Association of Government Officials (IGO) Winter Conference

"Frank's enthusiasm is infectious and invigorating. Our local and state CTSO officers were on their feet and interacting like nothing I've seen before. Their excitement and passion through Frank resulted in numerous discussions and ideas to move their organizations forward to a new level. The local and state advisors were similarly inspired, and the State Department of Education and their CTE office thanked me for including Frank as a part of our leadership training opportunity.

Frank's interest in each student and adult who approached him individually was heartfelt, and he spent time with each attendee to share ideas and solutions for growth, leadership, and inspiration. His continued outreach after our event has been beneficial and appreciated." - Steven M. Cook, Alaska CTE Conference Planner

"In April 2019 Frank was the keynote speaker at the Spring Conference for the Missouri Association of Public Purchasing.  Frank lead three engaging and interactive session with our group of more than 80 members.  Frank was in attendance for our entire event and quickly became one of us!  I was very impressed that he attended many of our events to really get to know and network with our members.  Frank’s sessions were unique where he didn’t stand and teach us, he got our members up out of their chairs working together and in many cases, with people they don’t normally sit with.  Our attendees raved about Frank in our end of conference survey!  If you are looking for an F.R.E.S.H approach to leadership and development sessions F.R.A.N.K is your guy!"   Kara Daniel, Missouri Association of Public Purchasing

"I was trying to plan a conference for my organization and desperately looking for speakers in the Phoenix area. I was given Frank Kitchen's information and after looking at his website I was so excited to speak with him. From our first conversation, Frank was beyond helpful and excited to help me. He made the planning process so easy.

 As the date of the conference arrived, I was really looking forward to Frank's presentation. Not only did Frank not disappoint, he knocked it out of the park! He had everyone's interest from the minute he started and kept everyone's interest for the entire presentation. The information he shared was so helpful to me as a business owner and learning to be the best leader I can be. Every review that our participants turned in, gave the highest reviews to Frank's presentation. 

Working with Frank and learning from him has truly been an honor. His knowledge is incredible and his approach to sharing it seems effortless. He is a natural teacher. I highly recommend getting to enjoy a presentation of his!!"

Susan Arnold, President of the American Academy of Private Practice in Speech Pathology and Audiology

The CBR team has completed the incredible 9 months of customer service training with Frank Kitchen. It was a great experience of coming together to excel in our dedication to all our customers and each other. CBR was able to expand on our existing customer service skills and communication skills, while also learning new and unique ways to hone our talents to best serve our clients and be there for our teammates. Thank you, Frank, for helping our team to be the best we can by doing what we love most.  

- Creative Business Resources, Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix, Arizona


$5,000 - 7,000


My keynotes speeches, Educational Workshops and Training Programs provide you and your organization with personalized recipes for turning Personal Development, Leadership, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Fundraising, and Workplace Culture dreams into reality.

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