What I Like to talk About

My keynotes are a great way to kick off your conference with a bang, pick it up in the middle or end on a high note! Your attendees will get practical tips along with lots of humor . .they’ll walk away laughing and learning.

Finding the Funny in Change - How to use humor to deal with change.

Finding the Funny in Communications- How to use humor in your communications

Flourishing in Failure:  Managing Mistakes Like a Comedian

Hilarious Hosting- keep your event rolling along with everyone engaged and laughing!

Cubicle Comedy - clean stand-up comedy

My Background

Inspired by fifteen years as a marketing director in the 9 to 5 world, Jan McInnis has spent the past 23+ years as a professional speaker, comedian, and comedy writer. On the full-time speaking circuit she has spoken at thousands of conferences, leadership events, employee retreats and banquets held by such groups as Anthem Blue-Cross, the American Heart Association, the Federal Reserve Banks, and the Mayo Clinic. Jan won the Greater Washington Society of Association Executives “Excellence in Education” Award. She was featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the Huffington Post as well as numerous radio appearances. She has also sold comedy material to everyone from the TonightShow monologue with Jay Leno to radio, greeting cards, syndicated cartoon strips and even guests on the Jerry Springer Show (her parents are proud!). Learning doesn’t have to be boring! Jan has a knack for humorous analysis, which enables her to keep her audiences laughing, not just with a comedy show, but also her keynotes. Jan is originally from Washington, DC and she holds a BA in Communications from Virginia Tech. 


Health Care clients say:

“Jan's presentation was the perfect ending to a long day of learning.  She lifted our spirits, gave us food for thought, and sent us home on a high! I want to thank you again for your wonderful presentation.  We sent out an evaluation to our members after the event and your session received all "Excellent and Very Good"!  I am very grateful for the time and effort you took to share your expertise with our attendees. “

“Only three words describe Jan – Funny, Funny, and Funny!! She spoke at the end of my company’s annual 2-day education program for healthcare individuals and brought with her humorous program some excellent and realistic pointers to address the stresses encountered in healthcare today.  Evaluations showed the attendees really appreciated her words of wisdom in working in a high stressed environment.  Thank you Jan!”

“We would like to thank you for the time and effort you put into being a speaker at our Annual Conference.  The willingness to do whatever it took to provide excellent material to our attendees is a testament to your personal and professional accomplishments.”


Education Clients say:

"We were looking to instill some energy and fun into our conference. Jan brought that and more. Our customers not only enjoyed Jan's comedic presentation, but also were able to take with them some great insight to better deal with the many challenges they face in their daily jobs. Well done Jan!"


“At 8 o’clock in the morning after a late night Jan “wowed” 450 School Principals with laughter and inspiration. Her humor and practical advice for finding levity in all that we do provided our conferees more tools to take back to their schools. I highly recommend Jan for your next conference or event. She is the best!”.

Your keynote session was a big hit.  I know this because one of our biggest critics, who routinely hates the keynote/motivational speaker no matter how great everyone else thinks they are, came up to me and said, “I like her.  She’s funny and she has a good message that isn’t sappy or overly  emotional.”  Indeed, your sense of humor and coaching on why and how humor can make all the difference in our relationships with others, was both entertaining and useful.  And they were impressed that you knew they are not teachers.  And that they don’t get the summer off.  So thanks for paying attention to the background information I sent you – it really paid off.  My favorite post-conference evaluation comment is, “Jan McInnis rocks!”.”

“Jan was just what we needed at the end of our 3 day conference to send us off with humor and humility.  She not only made us LOL many times, she enlightened us on how to shift the energy in work situations to create a new way of looking at things.  Her practical suggestions were “spot on” and can be applied to any group setting.  Also, her newest breakout session Flourishing in Failure received rave reviews on our evaluations.  Thank you, Jan McInnis for ending our conference on a high note!”

Finance Clients say:

“Jan McInnis kept the attention of our attendees with her advice mixed with humor.  Her ability to present ideas in a fun way left our attendees wanting more.  The survey responses were overwhelmingly  enthusiastic in response to Jan’s presentation message and delivery style.”

"Jan was a great keynote speaker for our group. Jan’s presentation, “Finding the Funny in Change”, was a perfect fit for the last day of our conference. The combination of humor and thoughtful material made it applicable, entertaining and purely enjoyable. Jan was great!"

Jan was funny, clean and informative.  She really helped to lighten the mood for our Thursday evening banquet with her comedy, and then wrapped it all together during her keynote on Friday. Thanks Jan!!”

Women's Groups say:

“Jan’s style of comedy was perfect for our Women’s Symposium. She was great to work with and helped elevate the quality of our event. We received rave reviews from our participants and would recommend Jan whole heartedly for any function.”

"Jan personalized the presentation to meet the outcomes of our conference.  Attendees were learning about change and laughing while doing it!  Jan made the presentation fun and got rave reviews from our crowd!"

"Jan was, by far, one of the best speakers we've ever had. Our attendees were all smiles as they left and several of them actually thanked us for bringing Jan. "She was exactly what I needed," one woman said."

Other groups say:

"We were looking to instill some energy and fun into our conference.  Jan brought that and more.  Our customers not only enjoyed Jan's comedic presentation, but also were able to take with them some great insight to better deal with the many challenges they face in their daily jobs.  Well done Jan!"

“Jan and her staff were great to work with before, during and after the conference.  Jan’s session was entitled, “Finding the Funny in Change” which the attendees enjoyed.  Jan offered ways to use humor with some of the daily challenges that we all face.  This was a great session especially right after lunch.  Thank you, Jan, for your part in adding to the success of our conference.”


Jan McInnis is an excellent presenter and motivator.  She recently presented to a large group of my volunteer emergency team members and the feedback on her presentation has been overwhelmingly positive.  Several individuals came up to me after her presentation to say she was by far their favorite presenter and that she empowered them to see the importance in finding humor even in difficult situations.”




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