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It’s Game Time! Leadership Lessons from a Former Pro Female Football Player
Words have profound power; they can lift someone up or tear someone down. Jan Spence shares how pursuing her life-long dream of playing professional football led to the unexpected opportunity to affect change through encouraging words and simple actions. Applying her  “Cheer Leadership™” approach in the workplace builds stronger connections, increases employee engagement and loyalty, and fosters collaboration and innovation. These invaluable lessons transform employee and customer relations and create more synergy amongst leadership and the people they manage.

After this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Implement practical ways to encourage others.

  2. Discover and use their unique gifts in the workplace and with customers and prospects.

  3. Create a plan to connect with employees, colleagues, and clients in a distinctive way to increase engagement.


Dare to be Different! 3 Keys for Goal-setting Success
Research shows that only 4% of people meet their goals each year. Part of the issue may be that using an old, traditional approach to goal-setting often leads to mounting frustration and undue stress. In this interactive, high-energy session, Jan Spence will provide participants with a fresh, innovative perspective on how to develop a game plan and maintain momentum to achieve their goals and objectives. Attendees will learn and implement her easy step-by-step process right away and also share these techniques with others to promote further success. Participants will learn new ways to empower themselves and others to get rid of unnecessary roadblocks, focus on what makes them successful, and then capitalize on these new methods. Based on Jan’s extensive experience helping organizations, associations, and individuals explore their full potential, she will expose attendees to a different approach to goal-achieving.

Through this presentation, attendees will:
1. Identify core values to set new benchmarks for their own personal and professional growth and development.
2. Apply Jan’s proprietary “Target ABC” method of goal-setting.
3. Set at least one goal using new methods by the end of the session.

My Background

Jan Spence is an international speaker, author, and consultant.  With contagious charisma and a zest for life which make her an excellent motivator and leader, this TEDx speaker has used her vast knowledge in sales, communications, finances, and employee engagement to help numerous clients including Pillsbury, Walmart, and Frito-Lay.

Jan and her husband, Mitch, launched the second FiltaFry franchise in the US in 2003.  As CEO, Jan built such a successful operation that they were awarded the “2005 Franchisee of the Year” by the International Franchise Association.  Meeting their four-year plan, they sold the business in 2007 at 300% ROI.   Since then, Jan has circled the globe as a trainer, consultant, and speaker for franchisees, organizations, and companies.

Having been interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine and the Big Dog Morning Show in Jesup, Ga, Jan shares her story of fulfilling her lifelong dream of playing women’s professional full-tackle football. As a member of the National Speakers Association, Jan combines the lessons she learned through that experience with her business experience to inspire people to make a difference through “Cheer Leadership.” Known for her highly interactive, entertaining, and inspirational style, she recently taught in Panama, Romania, Switzerland, Uganda, Australia, and Bahrain. 

Jan serves on the boards of Meeting Professionals International – North Florida and Compass Finances God’s Way – Florida. She is active with the local Association of Talent Development chapter and the Beach Church in Jacksonville, Florida.  She and her husband of nineteen years enjoy traveling the world when not at home attending Jaguars football games and cultural events.

Jacksonville, Florida


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leadership development, sales and marketing, employee engagement, communications and teamwork

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