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Courageous Conversations: With a long career in the financial services industry and being widowed at a young age I share tips and strategies to help people get their personal and financial lives in order. Women and Wealth: There is a changing face of wealth in North America. Moving forward women will represent an increasingly influential segment within the Wealth Management market. Is There Really a Connection Between Mental Wellness & Financial Wellness? Mental Wellness & Financial Wellness go hand in hand and as a society we are talking more about mental health in the workplace but we also need to be discussing financial wellness. In surveys where they ask employees what causes you stress, the answer that tops the charts is consistently personal finance.

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Jane Blaufus is the bestselling author of the book WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN®, Claim your life. Her book has become recognized as one of the most comprehensive, actionable, personal and financial planning resources available today for families, individuals and business owners alike. She brings to the table 25+ years of insurance expertise as a financial advisor, sales manager and executive responsible for the development, delivery and implementation of recruiting and selection processes and sales and marketing training to thousands of people in the sales force. Today she is the Principal of The Blaufus Group Inc., based in Ontario, Canada where she consults extensively into the financial services industry. Jane is a sought after international keynote speaker delivering a highly rated MDRT Vancouver 2016 session and was featured on the main platform at the MDRT PEAK 2017 Convention in Pattaya,Thailand in March. She is a frequent guest expert on national TV/Radio, a Huffington Post blogger and is a faculty member, recommended speaker and coach for the Hoopis Performance Network. Her reputation and expertise make her an influential coach to many financial services professionals. Jane believes that to excel in today’s marketplace, the key to success is relationship building and she walks the walk and talks the talk.


We had the pleasure of having Jane keynote for our 2017 HUB Day roadshows in 9 Canadian cities over a two week span. Jane's story is powerful and connected deeply with the core of our adviser base. It is sometimes difficult for our adviser group to see the impact that they have on families in their day to day work with the intangible product they sell. In Jane's case, her worst nightmare happened. Her story illustrates the importance of her adviser in her life when the unthinkable actually happened. Jane delivered a heartfelt plea to the group to never stop what they are doing and to recognize the significance of their work. I would highly recommend Jane! Chris DiSalle Executive Vice President, Chief Sales Officer at HUB Financial I highly recommend Jane as your next key note speaker. A passionate, dynamic, compassionate speaker, Jane has the difficult conversation with her audience on the steps needed in difficult and tragic circumstances. Jane is a consummate professional and a delight to work with, she engages her clients in conversations for the utmost in preparation. "With the Stroke of a Pen" - Claim Your Life - a guide that will support anyone through tough times. Rachel Coley Conference, Meeting, Event, Production I have had the pleasure of hearing Jane speak numerous times, and each time have been impressed with her ability to deliver a powerfully inspirational message, intertwined with practical takeaways. She knows, and is very passionate about, our insurance business and brings a unique perspective, which she is wiling to share openly and with complete candor. She connects very well with her audience, which is also the reason so many advisers find her a valuable coach. If you are looking for an excellent speaker, or coach, you should be talking to Jane. Caron Czorny Past Chair, Advocis; Board Director To be both a financial advisor and a widow is to straddle two related yet distinct worlds. Jane accomplishes this with grace, humor, purpose and a gripping emotion that leaves the audience changed for the better. Her message is timeless and yet is needed more now than ever. We live in complex times with financial noise, full schedules and frantic lives. It’s easy to put off doing the important work of protecting the people who give our life meaning. We can get confused doing the urgent things and not the important things. Jane [shares with us how to] plant our feet firmly on the ground and do what each of us needs to do. Her experience of living through tragedy, along with the perspective of how to move on and to live and love again is deeply unique. We need Jane’s message in our lives. Thanks for being there and sharing your powerful journey, Jane.” Gary H. Schwartz, CLU, ChFC, CRPC Industry Executive| Speaker | Author I had the honor of meeting Jane Blaufus at an event where she was the opening speaker and I was closing. Everything she talked about made total sense to me, as I had recently buried my father and we had never had a conversation about what he wanted us to do in regard to his estate after he passed. After he was gone, there were so many questions left unanswered. I had also not had that important conversation with my wife before I was involved in a plane crash and became the last passenger off “The Miracle on the Hudson.” We have now begun to discuss the things we need to get in place along with the other important items Jane shares. I have made a commitment to Jane to help her to get this message out, as everyone needs to have the courageous conversations before something traumatic happens. I highly recommend that you not only hear her message but read her book and that you start having the courageous conversations as soon as you can. You never know when that unexpected moment may come in your life. Dave Sanderson Inspirational survivor | International speaker | Author



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I am the Principal of The Blaufus Group Inc., based in Toronto, ON and a highly sought after international keynote speaker, a frequent guest expert on both national and local TV and Radio, and a contributor to the Huffington Post.

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