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Leading with Style - Enhancing Your Emotional and Social Intelligence

Research shows each of us has a dominant pattern of behavior (DPB) based on how assertive we are and how emotionally we respond to things. Each DPB has different characteristics, needs, behavioral tendencies, weaknesses and stress triggers. Understanding our DPB enhances our emotional intelligence and self-management. Understanding the DPB of others enhances our social intelligence and relationship building. Each DPB has strengths that will lead people to great success and weaknesses that will hold people back if ignored.

Fuel Employees for Top Performance

People are like high performing vehicles. The wrong fuel will lead to poor performance and breakdowns. The right fuel will efficiently produce top performers. 40 years of research suggest that our observable behavior can be described in one of four ways that when understood give leaders the insight to fuel their people properly leading to less breakdowns and more top performance.

Think Like a Leader - Fulfilling Your Vision from the Top Down

Just because people are in leadership positions doesn’t mean they understand leadership. Audience members will be challenged to see their business from three critical perspectives while understanding the seven key areas of their strategic plan.

Your Leadership Presence

Trust in leadership is built or broken through our Image, Presentation, Competence and Feedback. Audience members will be challenged with four questions that will dictate the level of trust they build with others. 1. Do you look the part? 2. Are others comfortable with your presentation? 3. Are you reliable? 4. Do you strive to meet others’ needs?

Success in FOCUS

Take a moment to think about the things you are proudest of. Chances are they didn’t happen by accident. You either made a decision or you were forced to give them a great deal of FOCUS. Audience members will be introduced to three things they must give focus to if they are going to be successful. They will also be introduced to three barriers that if they ignore may distract them from ever living their full potential.

My Background

Thanks for taking the time to look at my information.

I grew up closer to the Boys and Girls Club than the country club and some adversity in my early 20s challenged me to rethink how I approached the world. When I was 24 I created my first vision that by 30 I would he teaching, training, coaching, counselling and/or speaking.

I've been studying personal, professional and leadership development for over 16 years and I'm passionate about helping people confidently achieve meaningful results. I’ve been fortunate to have educational and professional experiences that have allowed me the opportunity to better understand people, leadership, business and success.

Some of my professional experiences include:

  • Business Coach with E-Myth
  • Strategic Business Partner with Profiles International
  • Diversity Trainer with the State of Iowa
  • Training Manager with Merit Senior Living
  • Leadership and Talent Development Manager with Aureon HR
  • Author of FOCUSED - Your Future Starts Now! and Leading with Style for Senior Living Professionals.

Today I travel the United States coaching and training leaders and managers to support them in enhancing their emotional, social and leadership intelligence.


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Leadership is hard work! My purpose is to help leaders enhance their emotional, social and leadership intelligence so they achieve greater success, personally and professionally.

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