What I Like to talk About

My talks are more practical than theory.  I take the experiences working at agencies, within organizations as a marketing executive and as a consultant to give insights from different vantage points.  

Knowledge is not power if you do not use it.  My talks are interactive which encourage engagement.  From the engagements, the audience visualize ways to implement the strategies.  

My subject matter covers lead generation from SEO and social media as well as lead conversion techniques from the leveraging of marketing automation.

My Background

Telling you about the results that I have brought others is a better way to tell you about myself.

As an SEO consultant, I was able to turn Turner Broadcasting System's digital presence around. TNT saw a 350% increase in ranking, tbs was able to see 168% increase in traffic and TCM was able to experience over 500,000 app downloads in a four-month period. So it is safe to say that I know SEO.

As a marketing strategist, I was able to develop an omnichannel marketing strategy to take offline leads and turn them into online customers. It was exciting to leverage media with digital content and a marketing automation plan.

As an author, I was able to provide insights in “Influencer Breakthroughs: Three Leading Experts Share Strategies For Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success In Business and Life". The message to marketing executives was well received and afforded me an Amazon Best Seller Award. With the success of the book, I was able to become featured on CBS, Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, The Miami Herald, Wall Street Journal and more.

As a radio personality, I was able to provide marketing tips to thousands of marketing executives and business owners across the nation earning me a syndicated show on WMQG radio, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, iTunes and other media outlets.

As a speaker, I have had the privilege of talking in front of an audience of attentive listeners at conferences such at ClickZ Chicago, Atlanta Jewelry Conference, Yes Success as well as other on and offline seminars. It is all about engagement so I focus on getting the audience involved in seeing themselves in the different scenarios so that they can visualize their solutions instead of just taking notes. Here is an example https://mrmarketology.wistia.com/medias/4r10pw1vou

As a marketer, I am always speaking with thought leaders, practicing strategies and working hard to become the smartest working man in grow business. I look forward to bringing results to your business.

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Social Media for Retailers

Atlanta Jewelry Show
, Georgia
Mar, 9 2018

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I have a vast amount of knowledge around marketing in the areas of digital marketing. I tie in the lead generation aspects of social media and SEO to the nurturing of leads with marketing automation.

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