What I Like to talk About

You may ask yourself: "what can a comedy sword-fighting stuntman do for me? " (Bet you've never asked yourself that before.) Let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you want to awaken the "inner action hero" in your audience so they they will be empowered to achieve more both personally and professionally? Do you want to deliver an event that unifies your team and gives them proven skills for peak performances all while having a great time (With NO POWERPOINT!

Corporate Action Hero programs include:

  • FUN
  • Interaction
  • A completely different experience
  • Real world skills for self motivation and achievement
  • Bullwhips....no really Bullwhips.
  • Nunchucks...again really nunchucks... cool.
  • Did I mention... NO POWERPOINT?


What I can do for you:

Using bullwhips, nunchucks, and world-class comedy, I will deliver a program that delivers the five key steps I used to get out of bed after my spine separated leaving me unable to walk. I went on to become a Stuntman, Fight Director,and comedian who performed over 4000 live comedy sword-fighting shows (including more than 100 on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan six USO tours.) I will tailor my proven material to meet the goals you have set for your event. All of my programs are interactive and will culminate with one of your audience members, in under five minutes, learning to crack the bullwhip and hit targets I will hold in my hand!!

My Background


John is a dynamic speaker, accomplished leader, and expert in managing people to peak performances during change. He has over 20 years of experience speaking for Fortune 500 clients and a broad swath of industries including healthcare, financial, insurance, retail, and the military at hundreds of conferences, seminars, and retreats.

If you are looking for someone to speak to your team, ignite the embers of change in your organization,or simply build teamwork and foster confidence in your organization, then look no further than John C Davis, the Corporate Action Hero. I can't recommend him enough."
~ Michael Leone, Widget Financial

John’s background in peak performances, stems from his work as a fight director and stunt coordinator for stage and film as well as his work for the military. His ability to engage individuals, unite teams, and drive change was instrumental in increase profitability of three regional theme parks by more than 60% in under six months of his direction.

During this time, John was also a professional comedian who brought his unique entertainments to bear for our military on six USO tours to the front lines of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Inspired by his work with the military, John felt he had to find deeper meaning in his work, and began focusing on helping others reach their chosen potentials. This new direction led him to become a college professor at Oberlin College in Ohio. 

While teaching at Oberlin, John's fascination with personal development led him to Study the neuroscience of performance. He developed peak performance protocols based upon the fight or flight response called the “Five F Protocols.”

Based upon the primal reactions of the fight or flight response, the “Five F Protocols,” have proven over the years to drastically reduce learning curves and all but eliminate self defeating thoughts that hinder performance.

If you need a Dynamic, Powerful, opening or closing, Motivational Speaker who can inspire your audience to take immediate action, then John Davis, the Corporate Action Hero, is your Speaker. You have worked hard to bring the best information, products, services, or training to your audience, now challenge them to engage, discover, and implement the content you have brought. 

?Using Humor, Physical Demonstrations, and Audience Interaction, John will have them on the edge of their seat bouncing from each "AHA" moment to the next. Your audience will leave the program charged to achieve greater success in both their personal and professional Lives.



~Michael Leone, Widget Financial

"John brought amazing value to our Reunion and his electrifying personality kept them fully engaged!","Thanks John you Rocked the House!!" 
~Dina Dwyer Owens,
The Dwyer Group and Television's "Undercover Boss"

"John is like a combination of Tony Robbins and Indiana Jones! His information was both brilliant and practical!!"
~Jason Hill, CEO Hill Enterprises

"Mr. Davis provided an outstanding presentation during our annual year end event. I assure you that you have never experienced a motivational presentation quite like his. It was fun, entertaining, exciting, and inspirational. If you are in need of a keynote speaker and you do not hire him, you are doing yourself a disservice. It was an absolute pleasure for our company to have him at our event."
~Rusty Campbell, CLEAResult

Having John speak for us was a blast! He was very accommodating while we were in the planning stages, and on the day of he made sure to come say hi bright and early. John's humor (he's a very funny guy!) combined with his audience participation and talent for relating to everyone really set a positive tone for our quality conference and helped loosen everyone up. I highly recommend John Davis, he will leave everyone excited and talking about his speech for the rest of the day.

"Our group really enjoyed having John come and speak. He was very entertaining and engaging to the audience. His message resonated with everyone from upper level directors to entry level associates. Truly enjoyed his comedy mixed in with the message and broke up the day with humor and group activities."
~Sarah Scroggins, Medic Management Group LLC

"What a way to kickstart your day... a front seat to motivational speaker, comedian, author and fight director John Davis. Noted and bringing home with me a lot of his message. If you ever come across the opportunity to see @jdactionhero ... grab it!!! Amazing!"
~Krisann Beaman, Owner- Beaman's Fork Soap Company

"John did a great job of taking our core values and relating his dynamic presentation to these. He was interactive with our team and created an experience that had impact and relevance to the team."
~ George Hartley, General Manager, Furniture Fair

"John did a great job of motivating our audience for upcoming changes. We enjoyed that he kept the audience comfortable during the interactive role play and built their confidence. I would highly recommend John as a key note for any type of conference."
~Annie Manley ,Event Planner MHAR

"John was excellent to work with in every facet. He was quick to respond and engaging in the process leading up to his presentation, and his engagement (I wouldn't call it a "speech", as there was so much audience participation) was excellent. I would highly recommend." -Jim Erickson, Crestline Communities



Akron, Ohio


$7,000 - 10,000


Bullwhips, Nunchucks, World-Class Comedy, and REAL SOLUTIONS. The Corporate Action Hero shows your audience what they are capable of and challenges them to act.

Available to Verified Event Organizers Only

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