What I Like to talk About

During John’s presentations he has covered: resiliency, positive mindset, emotional control, & downward spirals. How not to catastrophize, & how to bring happiness & well being to your life. How to get more grit,  the power of words & how to choose the right words at the right time.

My Background

John Hayes is a gymnastics gym owner along with his wife, Kristine, in Temecula, Ca.They have a 33,000sf gym and 40 employees. Johnny has a master’s degree Educational, School, & Counseling Psychology & positive coaching from University Missouri-2017. He was a certified resiliency trainer for the US Army reserves and is a retired veteran of 20 years. He has written articles for Technique Magazine on positivity in the work place, positive coaching, energy zappers, and emotional control for leaders, and 5 tips that will keep your competition wondering what you’re up to. He will have a couple books published on December 1, 2019 on positivity and resilience


*So much great info especially dealing with the stresses of having a civilian life as well as a military career. If you aren’t following Johnny Positive, then you need to~Justin 2019

*Hire this positive speaker! You will not regret it. ~Cenzo 2017

*The most positive man I know, ~Nikko 2016

*Our staff’s mental outlook on the day has improved so much since John has been here. People are happier than ever before.

 ~Kate 2016

Previous Speech Topics

Resiliency-How to Keep Moving Forward

KOH, Inc.
Temecula, California
Aug, 1 2019

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Temecula, California


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Schools and companies hire John regularly to train, educate and inspire their managers and staff. His clients have improved their mindset for the positive and had brought lasting change to the working cultures he has been involved with. He has proven that people will love work again and that hope for a better tomorrow is possible. Research shows that by implementing positive psychology and resiliency theories and principles into the work day, work productivity rises. People call in sick less often. Working relationships improve and people become more coachable thus improving the bottom line.

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