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Churchill's life and leadership is more relevant today than ever before. In a world where great leaders seem lacking, and the past is regularly dismissed as irrelevant, Winston Churchill is an often quoted and reffered to reminder, that change is possible both personally and professionally, and the determination of one man can still inspire a people to greatness. Even today, more than fifty-years since his death, Churchill shines as a beacon of hope and faith in a better world, and his life-story, predominantly of failure, stands as one of the greatest templates for success.

As a member of the Churchill family with extensive researched and personal family knowledge and experience, I bring a new, relevant and refreshing persepective to the table, honestly analysing Churchill, his life, times and leadership, warts and all.

Through engaging, exciting and interactive talks and my Lead Like Churchill leadership course, I bring my great-grandfather to life, making him interesting and accessible for all generations. 

As the co-author of the ground-breaking book: 'God and Churchill', published in 2015 by Tyndale Momentum, I present factual evidence on Churchill's faith, previously disregarded by notable historians. Since its publication, I have had the privillage of addressing many secular and non-secular organisations on the subject including Sagemont Church, (Houston), Houston Baptist University, and some of the most notable private and business organisations throughout the world, including Rotary, Kwanis, and others.

I have had the honour of speaking on behalf of some incredible organisations both for and not-for-profit, including NASA, Westminster College, (Fulton, Missouri), HISD Police, The Churchill Centre, and The British/American Business Group.

Churchill runs through my blood, and all who have heard me speak will testify to my extensive knowledge, passionate communication, and the benifit they experienced in hearing me. Through the life, times and leadership of Winston Churchill, I motivate, enlighten and inspire, and like my great-grandfather, I present a simple and engaging message, offering accessibility to all.

My Background

I have been a student of Winston Churchill since 2005, and speaking internationally throughout. I am the co-author of the acclaimed, ground-breaking book: 'God and Churchill', published in 2015 by Tyndale Momentum, which challenges notable historians who overlooked Churchill's faith and its relevence in his life and leadership. 



We who bear the mantle of being descended from those who have made history are in a unique position to connect past and present, continuing the legacy entrusted to us with humanity and humility. In devoting his life to educating young and old about the life of his great-grandfather, jonathan Sandys is fulfilling that role well. - Neil Bush, Chairman of the Points of Light Foundation, and son of President George H.W. Bush

Your deep knowledge of, and great enthusiasm for, your subject shone through clearly, and it was wonderful that you took so much trouble to select stories which were precisely appropriate to the theme of the evening. - Paul Lynch, Former British Consul General to Houston

I’m writing to express my admiration and appreciation of the good work that you do in continuing to tell the remarkable story of your great-grandfather Winston Churchill, and the values and principles for which he stood. Your work is very pertinent and relevant in today’s world. - Charles C. Foster, Subject of the book and movie: Mao's Last Dancer, and Chairman of Foster, LLP

Jonathan Sandys brings history to life with his energetic and captivating accounts of his great grandfather (Sir Winston Churchill's) life. Jonathan's message highlights the lessons of leadership, courage, faith and integrity. As the 2015 Robert and Edith Garst History Convocation speaker, he left his audience mesmerized with his knowledge and appreciation for history. Jonathan carries the torch of Churchill's enduring legacy forward, striving to preserve the heritage and history of one of the world's great leaders. - Rev. Nicholas W. Inman, Chairman and Founder, Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival

I had the pleasure of introducing Jonathan as he presented the film, The Gathering Storm, at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston in 2009. We had a chance to visit that week, and he kept me enthralled for almost four hours! His knowledge of the Second World War and his great grandfather Winston Churchill is remarkable. He is a born teacher and a remarkable companion. I unequivocally recommend his presentation. - Joanne King Herring, International Diplomat, author, and CEO & President of the Marshall Plan Charities

Sir Winston Churchill wisely observed, "A nation that forgets its history is doomed to repeat it." Seeing how tirelessly he works to educate and inform people, both here and abroad, of his great-grandfather and the events that led up to his finest hour in World War II, it's clear that Jonathan is not a fan of reruns. You will not be disappointed. - Susan D. Krohn, President of Brooke Staffing Companies, and CEO of the New Orleans Auction Galleries



I can’t remember the last time our featured speaker received a standing ovation…Dale P. writes: Jonathan is the type of speaker you want at your event – energetic, passionate about his subject, and entertaining. Everyone in the room was focused on Jonathan and very interested in what he was saying. Our student speaker always gets a standing ovation but generally not the featured speaker. That is an indication of how well Jonathan’s speech was received.

Everyone loved the presentation…Talana M. writes: Jonathan’s presentation was a fantastic reminder that the leadership traits of his great-grandfather are timeless. The audience was completely engaged, and the most memorable point for me related to COURAGE: If we don’t have the courage to stand-up for what we believe, we are followers, not leaders.

You will not go wrong having Jonathan as a guest speaker…Lance Y. writes: Everyone was completely engaged and enjoyed the presentation. Jonathan was enthusiastic and motivated throughout the presentation and his presentation was motivating, educational and very interesting.

The audience was enthralled…Diana S. writes: Jonathan lucidly presents an analysis of Winston Churchill which captures Churchill’s sense of divine destiny in the midst of world-changing events. His engaging presentation reveals the foundations of leadership in one of the great statesmen of the 20th Century, and our audience was very positive about the lecture.

Jonathan’s delivery and ability to keep the audience engaged was impressive…Tim T. writes: The content was right on target. Excellent feedback, and the information was both interesting and his delivery was great. We would certainly invite Jonathan to speak again.



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I am a motivational, energetic and engaging public speaker with fifteen years of experience on my subject: the life, times and leadership of my great-grandfather, Sir Winston Churchill

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