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The business world is changing more - and more rapidly - than at any time in history.

Over the coming decade, Artificial Intelligence and a handful of technologies will have a greater impact on the global economy than any force since electricity.

Forrester projects, “Businesses adopting AI and Big Data will take $1.2 trillion from their less-informed peers annually by the end of 2020.” 

The Challenge: 84% of all tech initiatives fail!

From Samsung to the CIA, I have led teams in implementing leading-edge solutions that have focused, with equal measure, on Technology and Psychology.

I provide organizations with the insights, motivation, and guidance they need to not just survive, but thrive, in this time of the Tech (R)Evolution.


Sample Titles:

  • Taking ACTION for Successful Tech Implementation
  • Observations of a Myopic Futurist
  • AI|IA Artificial Intelligence vs. Intelligence Augmentation
  • Technology + Psychology = Success
  • Creating SymbioTech Solutions
  • Technology & Humanity
  • Robots vs. Humans: How to Win!
  • ABCs for CEOs: AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity

My Background

Dr. JT Kostman has been recognized by his peers, the press, and professional associations as the world's leading expert in Applied Artificial Intelligence, Organizational Modernization, and Sociotechnical Transformational Change.

A Data Scientist, Mathematician, Psychologist - and highly sought-after speaker, writer, and advisor - JT has earned a reputation for his ability to demystify frontier technologies and for developing practical, actionable, cost-efficient solutions at the intersection of Technology and Psychology.

In the public sector, JT has hunted terrorists for U.S. Intelligence Agencies, tracked criminal networks for the FBI, advised on analytic strategies for the Department of Defense, and led social media analysis for the 2012 Obama Campaign. In his earlier life, he served as a Paramedic, Police Officer, Deep-Sea Rescue Diver, and as a team leader with the U.S. Army Special Forces.

In the corporate sector, JT led the development of industry-changing solutions while serving as Chief Data Officer for Time Inc., Chief Data Scientist for Samsung, and as an advisor to organizations ranging from tech startups to the Fortune 500.

In the financial sector, JT has guided substantial investments in frontier technologies while serving as a Board Member of a PE/VC fund and as an advisor to numerous hedge funds, family offices, and institutional investors.

In the marketplace of ideas, JT has become one of the most prolific, prescient and valued voices on the near-term impact of AI and frontier technologies. The keynotes, presentations, press interviews, posts and articles he has shared with audiences around the world have contributed to making him a go-to expert for organizations including The National Association of Corporate Directors, The Chicago Council on Global  Affairs, U.S. Government Agencies, and dozens of others.

Dr. Kostman is the CEO of ProtectedBy.AI


  • "JT is absolutely brilliant - and laugh-out-loud funny! The members of our leadership team never laughed as much, or learned as much, as we did in the too-short two days we spent together."

- Stephen Hart, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank

  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You were fantastic! The highest-rated speaker we've ever had!"

- Deborah Patton, Applied Brilliance Conference

  • “Dr. Kostman is one of the few executives who is equally at home at the keyboard, the whiteboard, and presenting to an executive board. His hands-on knowledge, down-to-earth style, and extraordinary mind have earned him a considerable following among a growing tribe of fans.”

- IBM THINK Leader Awards

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If you are looking for funny hats and silly games... I'm not the speaker you want. But if you are looking for someone with substance - who can still WOW! your group and get them engaged, inspired, and committed to helping your organization reach the next level... Over the past 30+ years I have developed and led large-scale technology projects and organizational transformation efforts in some of the most interesting - and most challenged - organizations there are. From Samsung to the CIA, my teams and I have developed leading-edge capabilities that have succeeded because of our balanced attention to Technology and Psychology. My talks are intended to arm your Leaders, Executives, Change Agents, and Team Members with the knowledge, insights, and motivation they will need to ensure your organization can "Keep Up with the Dow Joneses" - and then some.

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