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In my climb from the 310th pick in the NFL draft, to a 12 year NFL career that included 6 Pro Bowl and 3 Super Bowl appearances, I learned many lessons.  I share my 6 Keys to Success: teamwork, courage, dedication, desire, honesty and forgiveness, and goal setting with business teams, associations, government groups, charity events, and schools. 

Make Every Day Game Day draws from my experiences as a captain on winning and losing teams.  I have found there are 5 C's that great leaders share: cornerstones (our purpose), commitment (where we are going), connection (we get there together) along with the clarity and consistency of the first 3 C's. 

Honesty: The Clear Path to Success is a Ted Talk drawn from the popularity of the honesty and forgiveness part of my Lessons From the Linebacker presentation.  Honesty in self evaluation as an individual and as a team are vital in pursuing success.

My Background

Karl Mecklenburg rose from a college walk-on and twelfth round draft choice to an NFL career that included three Super Bowl and six Pro Bowl appearances.  The former Broncos’ captain was arguably the most versatile player in the NFL playing all seven defensive front positions often in the course of a single game.  Karl was named AFC Player of the the Year, and has been enshrined in the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame and the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.  Mecklenburg has been named a semi-finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame for 8 consecutive years.

          Mecklenburg is the only NFL legend to have earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association.  As an author and speaker Mecklenburg’s stories of teamwork and leadership are humorous and inspiring.  He approaches his speaking career with the same intelligence, passion, and intensity that punctuated his great football career.       



"I am working through the surveys now and the scores for your session were 5’s across the board. Words like phenomenal, inspiring, actionable, motivating and relevant were used to describe your keynote."  Natalie Artibee, Director of Organizational Initiatives, Nelnet

"We received very positive feedback on his message from everyone who attended. He is a great storyteller and his presentation is motivating, inspiring, and entertaining. Karl’s message resonates in sports, business and life in general."       Jeff Kuhlman, Managing Partner LJM

"All of our conference attendees, including our employees, were blown away Karl!  Not only was your presentation entertaining, motivating and inspiring. but it was so   genuine and delivered from the heart . I think that's what surprised people the most.  This was a conference filled with highly successful sales people from all across the   country, and many of them have been exposed to 'big name celebrity speakers'   throughout the years. The most frequent comment I heard following your   presentation was how down to earth you are and how you were able to connect with   so many people."  Carl Muehlemeyer, Principal, First Annuity & Insurance Marketing

"From the moment we picked him up at the airport, Karl fit in with our team. It felt like an old friend was back in town....Karl’s speech the next day to our leaders was exceptional. He had personalized his comments with examples from our conversations and his tour of the facility. Karl's presentation challenged our leaders to learn and explore their own leadership through his Six Keys to Success. His talk was full of humor, and solid examples from his remarkable football background. Comments from attendees included “Karl has great examples of leadership success…” and “…Karl has a great presence and skill for speaking.  Jenn Bleil, LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT MANAGER | EMPLOYEE-OWNER Van Meter Inc.



Denver, Colorado




I'm a Certified Speaking Professional through the National Speakers Association, doing 35 or more keynote presentations per year for more than a decade. Before that I was an All Pro Linebacker and Captain of the Denver Broncos. I have found that success is overcoming obstacles on the way to your dreams, and success is best achieved as a team. Each presentation is tailored for the client, full of humor, and story based.

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