What I Like to talk About

People think that everything Disney touched is "magic!" It's not magic. It's method. I share Disney inspired leadership, customer service, employee engagement and innovation methodologies so you can create your own magic

A 25-year Disney Institute, Disney Entertainment and Disney University team member, Lenn "The Mouse Man" Millbower saw the Disney "magic" up close: Starting in Epcot Attractions, stage managing at Disney-MGM Studios, opening Disney's Animal Kingdom, writing employee training at Disney University, writing/managing programs at Disney Institute, leading training for Walt Disney Entertainment and managing a training team for WDW Learning Solutions.

Lenn is a five-time published author, frequent keynoter and workshop leader, and a corporate culture/leadership/service consultant.

Past clients include local, state and US Federal government, health care, grocery, farming, nuclear power, utilities, US military, e-services, administrative professionals, asset recovery management, transportation, insurance and Meeting Professionals International.Give it a shake and watch the magic will take!

"Lenn has received superior reviews from both MPI chapters and their event attendees. He has built a reputation for being a wonderful partner, very easy to work with, dependable and professional. I highly recommend him as a presenter."?Catherine McClung, Program Manager, chapters, MPI

My Background

Lenn Millbower, The Mouse Man™ Biography

Lenn Millbower is the founder and president of Offbeat Training LLC --- an organization specializing in teaching Disney methodology so that business professionals can make their own magic.

Lenn has extensive experience in training and education, instructional design, customer service, leadership, innovation, and presentation skills over the past three decades in a variety of organizational environments. His lauded learner focused strategies gives him a real-world perspective on the relevant application of brain-based adult learning methodologies.

Prior to founding Offbeat Training LLC, Lenn was a training leader at Disney World Learning Solutions where he managed the team that wrote and documented all operational employee training. He wrote leadership, technical, and soft-skills training as the instructional design training manager for Walt Disney Entertainment, including the Disney Character training program and all the technical fireworks training. At the Disney Institute, Lenn was the instructional designer and content owner for The Disney Approach to Loyalty, The Disney Approach to Quality Service and The Disney Approach to Quality Service for Health Care Professionals. Working as an instructional designer for the Disney University, Lenn wrote several training programs, including Housekeeping, Custodial, Attractions, Ticket Sales, customer service, and orientation programs for Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Walt Disney World. Finally, on the Disney’s Animal Kingdom opening team, Lenn wrote and established the entertainment training offerings and department. In recognition of his efforts on the opening team of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Lenn was recipient of Disney’s highest internal recognition award: Partners in Excellence.

Post Disney, Lenn uses consulting, keynotes, workshops, and coaching to apply Disney methodology to client organizations. Clients have included well known governmental, military, heath care, supermarket, and insurance industry organizations. This consulting has been so successful that his latest client, Lowes Foods, has increased profits by 50% per DAY.

Lenn practices the interactivity he preaches. His keynotes, seminars, and workshops use a highly engaging, interactive and enjoyable mixture of entertainment-based techniques that energize trainees while fully demonstrating the effectiveness of his techniques in real-world applications. Lenn focuses on demonstrating practical techniques that the trainees can immediately apply. His examples are specific and targeted to the training needs of the organization he is training.

A highly successful speaker and trainer, Lenn has delivered well-received presentations at international conferences including the American Management Association, the American Society for Training & Development, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the International Alliance for Learning, the International Society for Performance Improvement, the National Speakers Association, the Society for Human Resource Management, and the Training national and international conferences.

Prior to his training and education career, Lenn was a professional magician, comedian, and musician who performed extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and on cruise ships.

Lenn’s published works include Care Like a Mouse: The Key to Disney Quality Sevice (January 2018), The Learnertainment(tm) Pocket Tip Book, CLOUT Competencies Inventory©; Show Biz Training; Cartoons for Trainers; Game Show Themes for Trainers; and Training with a Beat. Contributing works include Speaker, Training and T&D magazines, and the books 90 World Class Activities from 90 World Class Trainers, the Pfeiffer Annual, and The Training and Performance Source Book.

Lenn received his BM in Composition from Berklee College of Music and his MA in Human Resource Development from Webster University. He is a professional member of the National Speaker's Association, the American Society for Training and Development, a former board member of the National Speakers Association of Central Florida, the International Alliance for Learning and the Contract Trainer’s Association, and is listed in several Who’s Who editions.


What follows are participant comments from 20 years of keynotes, sessions and workshops. For in depth client recommendation letters, follow this link: http://www.likeamouse.com/about/client-recommendation-letters.html

Participant Reviews

Society of Government Meeting Professionals
Great audience engagement, very humorous. Good real life examples and the information matched the session objectives.
Garland Preddy reporting, SGMP Meet Like a Mouse™ session owner

KUBRA iConnect
Attendees ranked Lenn as one of the MOST VALUABLE ASPECTS of our conference - I couldn't recommend him more!
Ashley Elmer, KUBRA, Succeed Like a Mouse™ session owner

Your presentation was one of the most ENJOYABLE and INSPIRING I have ever experienced.
Greg Mason, National Technical Services, Supply Like a Mouse™ session attendee

I really ENJOYED your presentation and your MESSAGE that "It's not magic, it's method," and how important it is to always stay true to it.
Claire Lamb, Crystal River Unit 3, Supply Like a Mouse™ session attendee

I thoroughly enjoyed your keynote speech. It was very INTERESTING and INFORMATIVE, while being VERY COOL at the same time.
Tim Mattice, Nuttall Gear Corporations, Supply Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Training International Conference
Thank you for an ENTERTAINING and INFORMATIVE end to a great conference filled with new ideas and techniques. I appreciate your time and stamina—that was a good use ot three hours!!
Cyndi Harris, AAC Utilities Partners, Speak Like a Mouse™ Clinic attendee

I found your talk to be INFORMATIVE and INSPIRING. I plan to begin 'speaking like a mouse' right away.
Brad Franz, ULINE, Speak Like a Mouse™ Clinic attendee

Colorado Association of Transit Agencies 
our presentation and workshop received high marks. Afterwards all were ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT APPLYING the ideas you shared in their agencies.
Elena Wilken, Executive Director, CASTA, Care Like a Mouse™ keynote and workshop session owner

Calgary Zoo
Here at the Zoo, lots of positive constructive conversation today as people share, discuss and debate the ideas you presented.
Lindsey Galloway, Senior Director, Corporate Services & Customer Experience, Calgary Zoo, Delivering Guest Magic session owner

Meeting Professionals International
It was a VERY WELL THOUGHT OUT seminar, and getting inside knowledge of what makes Disney was just the icing on the cake.
Catherine B., Speak Like a Mouse™ session attendee

GE Capitol
THAT WAS WONDERFUL! Thank you so much. Everyone was impressed and we've got a LOTS OF ACCOLADES for you ... people loved your material, teaching method and it worked really well!
Freddie Simshauser, Speak Like a Mouse™ teleseminar workshop owner

Training 2015
Loved the HOLISTIC APPROACH of delivering the message by including music, dance, visuals, and tone.
Speak Like a Mouse™ session attendee

He broke things down so well, WALKED AROUND to keep my attention and was enjoyable.
Speak Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Training 2014
Wow – everything – well presented, modeled what he taught – Engaging, common sense principles that WILL HELP ME in future deliveries.
Speak Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Liked the way he used the techniques in the actual session. Very entertaining! One of the BEST TRAINING sessions I’ve attended in a long time.
Speak Like a Mouse™ session attendee

The facilitator was  EXTREMELY ENGAGING and the info was powerful and could be immediately used to better engage our learners
Speak Like a Mouse™ session attendee


I LEARNED SO MUCH. I often think about the things you brought up and relate them to all areas of my life. THANKS again for the IMPACT you left on me!!
Katie Holton, Lead Administrative Assistant, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Innovate Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Your session was my favorite. I WAS INSPIRED to take action on several of my dreams.
Deborah Trimm, Department of Prosecutions, Bermuda, Innovate Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Training 2013

Thank you for the GREAT SESSION and the follow-up material. It was helpful and I’ll be ABLE TO INCORPORATE many of the ideas.
Peggy O’Brian, Vice President, Learning and Performance Center, Speak Like a Mouse™ session attendee

I really enjoyed how you applied “Learnertainment®” as you taught these principles during the Speak Like a Mouse Clinic at the Training 2013 Conference. Your training has EXPANDED MY UNDERSTANDING of how to inject entertainment into my classes to enhance the training experience.
Richard M. Valdez, TOCDF Training Supervisor, URS Training Services / EG&G DMI, Speak Like a Mouse™ and You Want Fries with That? session attendee

Meeting Professionals International Ottawa
Your presentation was FANTASTIC! You’re not only a great speaker/presenter, but you but you brought great ideas and suggestions that MADED ME RE-THINK some of our process and made me realize that I was doing a lot of good/correct things already. 
Marie Klobucar, CMP, MPI member since 1988, Meet Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Greater Orlando Meeting Professionals International
Lenn delivered a PASSIONATE, informative, and insightful talk that created conversations that happened long after he left us and has had a strong influence on the way I now look at events. A UNIQUE blend of RELEVANT, interesting content and captivating delivery. 
Nathan Cole March, President, MPI-GOC, Meet Like a Mouse™ session owner

Meeting Professionals International St. Louis
It was a FABULOUS presentation!
Jason Moder, Private Event Manager, St. Louis Zoo, Meet Like a Mouse™ session attendee

I thoroughly enjoyed your overall message. It was VERY EXCITING. Besides the message, your extended attention to detail within your presentation as well as engaging the audience was VERY ENTERTAINING!
Molly Renken, Events Coordinator, Missouri Botanical Garden, Meet Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Meeting Professionals International Heartland
Our group attended, and very much appreciated, your session in which you presented many THOUGHT PROVOKING ideas. Thanks for OPENING OUR EYES!
Rita Aves, Executive Assistant, Sauer-Danfoss Company, Meet Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Meeting Professionals International Edmonton, Canada 
Thank you for such a WONDERFUL PRESENTATION! I learned a lot and truly enjoyed you as a presenter! You made it FUN AND INTERACTIVE.
Stacey Dominiuk, Member Services Event Coordinator, Alberta Association of Optometrists, Meet Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Meeting Professionals International Carolina 
Thank you for your GREAT PRESENTATION! I enjoyed your stories and the GREAT TIPS for improving meeting with the Disney touch!
Lynn Russell, Training Coordinator Meet Like a Mouse™ session attendee

I really enjoyed your presentation. It made me WANT TO LEARN more about Disney methodology.
Alan Strozier, Corporate Sales Manager, Charleston Marriott, Meet Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Meeting Professionals International Connecticut River Valley
It was fabulous. REALLY IMPORTANT POINTS that sometimes get overlooked - and are so very crucial in shaping a positive customer experience.
Janet Lincoln, Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing, Chatham Bars Inn Resort and Spa

Virginia Meeting Professionals International
It was MORE THAN A PRESENTATION, it was an experience! Lenn taught us how a little bit of M.A.G.I.C. goes a long way. I’ve heard nothing but RAVE REVIEWS from our members.
Ariel Cole, VP of Education, VaMPI, Meet Like a Mouse™ event owner

Eloqua Experience 2012
I really enjoyed your session. It was MY FAVORITE out of all the presentations I attended. It was absolutely FASCINATING.
Jacqueline Petrick, CAP, Executive Assistant, Starbucks Coffee, Innovate Like a Mouse™ session attendee

William Thomas, Life by PowerPoint™ sesAdministrative Professionals Conference 2012
I truly enjoyed your presentation. I WAS SO INSPIRED and will make it happen.
Lynn Burris, Executive Assistant, North Carolina State University, Innovate Like a Mouse™ session attendee

I really enjoyed both of your sessions at the APC conference. You are a GREAT and ENERGETIC speaker!
Tracy Meyers, Innovate Like a Mouse™ and Express Yourself!™ session attendee

Your class was THE BEST ONE at APC 2012.
Nedra Andrews, FDIC, Express Yourself!™ session attendee

Meeting Professionals International Orange County CA
You did an OUTSTANDING JOB with 100% of those surveyed indicating that thy were either satisfied or VERY SATISFIED with your presentation!”
Deanne Figueras, CMP, Director of Special Programs, MPI OCC Meet Like a Mouse™ session owner

Meeting Professionals International Kansas City
I really enjoyed your presentation. It was INFORMATIVE AND FUN. I gained good insight and tips that will help us as we plan our next event.
Aaron Corbet, Member Services Director, NAFB, Meet Like a Mouse™ session attendee

National Postal Forum 2012
YOU WERE THE HIGHLIGHT of the speakers at the conference.
Deirdre Hawkins, Retire Benefits Supervisor, State of Louisiana, Innovate Like a Mouse™ session attendee

Meeting Professionals International Wisconsin
IT WAS AN AMAZING event. Everyone was commenting on the “WOW” program that Lenn shared with us. We used the two hour version and many of us could have listened to Lenn for many more hours beyond that.
Susan Kainz, Chapter President, MPIWI, Meet Like a Mouse™ event owner

Our members ENJOYED YOUR PRESENTATION. Thank you for your wonderful knowledge.
Sara Beuthien, Director of Education, MPIWI, Meet Like a Mouse™ event owner

Meeting Professionals International MICHIGAN
Thank you for putting together SUCH A GREAT PROGRAM for MPI. We are getting ready to put together our annual education conference and we’ll be using your techniques.
Bethany Curtis, Director of Education, MMPI, Meet Like a Mouse™ session event owner

Training 2012
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED your presentation at Training 20112.
Richard Valdez, Training Supervisor, URS Corporation, What Would Disney Do?™ session attendee

Your session LEFT A FOREVER IMPRESSION on me and sparked my creativity back at the office. I told my colleagues what a great opportunity I had attending What Would Disney Do?
Lori Becker, Training Specialist, Nestle Purina Company, What Would Disney Do?™ session attendee

US GAO Learnertainment® LAB
Thank you for the EXCEPTIONAL JOB you did for the GAO. Your enthusiasm, expertise, and competence were evident throughout the workshops. The feedback from the participants has been outstanding.
Linda Garcia, Director of Curricula, U.S. Government Accountability Office, event owner

Your workshop was unquestionably the BEST TRAINING I HAVE ATTENDED in the last ten years. 
Colin J. Fallon, PhD, Senior Communications Analyst, US GAO, Learnertainment® Lab session attendee

Making Learning Stick Workshop
Thank you for the TRULY EXCELLENT JOB you did training my team. Your presentation was world-class, with excellent content and activities that got everyone engaged and inspired. 
David Adelman, Director of Training, Assurant Specialty Property, event owner

Columbia College National Convention of College Deans
We GREATLY ENJOYED your presentation. 
Ernest Wren III, Assistant Dean, Adult Higher Education and Online Campus, Columbia College, event owner

CCME 2011 Conference
From the moment I walked into the room, there was an air of excitement that this was going to be different from any session that I have ever attended at a professional conference.
Dr. Beth Russell, Associate VP for Academic Affairs, Webster University. What Would Disney Do?™ session attendee

YOURS WAS MY FAVORITE SESSION. It was worth the trip.
Barry Kowald, Education Services Specialist, US Army, What Would Disney Do?™ session attendee

Your presentation was great and I will use your ideas.
Nichelle Pool, Education Services Specialist, US Army, What Would Disney Do?™ session attendee

Training 2011 Conference
THE MOST DYNAMIC presentation of the whole conference. I feel sorry for anyone who missed it.
James Thompson, Everything’s FINE!?™ session attendee

AWESOME TIPS AND TRICKS!! Great tools and reminders to implement immediately
Roberto, Everything’s FINE!?™ session attendee

Effie, Everything’s FINE!?™ session attendee

Yellow Ribbon Volunteers National Conference Training Program
Your techniques are INSIGHTFUL and provide new ways to communicate with the myriad of groups that the military and their families encircle and embrace. The National Guard has A TRUE PARTNER n your work for our Warriors and their families.  
Raymond Carney, Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Manager, event owner

Mississippi National Guard Event Coaching and Consulting
We, with your help, have been able to refocus our 'show' and are GOOD TO GO.
Lt. John Saucier, Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program MSNG Assistant Program Manager, event owner

THANKS TO YOU, my slides look better and I get lots of comments about them.
James ‘Mac’ Willis, Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program MSNG, session attendee

AAACE 2010
This program really provided GREAT IDEAS to pixie-dust my world.
Selemina, What Would Disney Do?™ session attendee

National Volunteer Workshop & Youth Symposium
Thank you for the EXCELLENT INFORMATION you presented. I attended all four of your presentations. I have some Power Point presentations that will be reworked to follow your guidelines. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge in an ENTERTAINING way. That’s Learnertainment®!
Laurie Kimball, session attendee

New Mexico Train-the-Trainer
I used songs you recommended. What a difference it  made to the presentation! The mood in our general session and meal breaks changed dramatically.  I'm honored that I was able to take your class.
Cynthia Estrada, What Would Disney Do?™ session attendee

ASTD 2010
It was AMAZING. I couldn’t wait to email my boss to let her know what I had experienced and am still talking about it to others.
Anitra Palmore, Training Specialist, Star University, Capital City Bank, Everything’s FINE!?™ session attendee

Central Florida ASTD 2010
THANK YOU FOR A GREAT SESSION.  Many participants, including some very experienced folks, shared that you offered them a new way of thinking about design.
Diane Caruso, CFASTD, Razzle Dazzle Design™ sessions planner

Training 2010
I LOVED it!! Thanks for all the great secrets to using PowerPoint!
Katelyn Capaul. Training & Education Assistant, Pita Pit USA, Inc., Life by PowerPoint™ session attendee

It isn’t often that we are exposed to training that completely refocuses how we train. Your presentation did exactly that.
William Steiner, Director of Operations NaturaLawn of America, Inc., Life by PowerPoint™ session attendee

National Guard Annual Seminar 2010
Thank you so much for the AMAZING PRESENTATION. I know that my presentations will be much more effective and dynamic as a result.
Robin Edwards, Pennsylvania National Guard State Child and Youth Coordinator, What Would Disney Do?™ session attendee

It was a FABULOUS TRAINING session. There was so much valuable information.
Pamela Reeds, Oklahoma National Guard State Child and Youth Coordinator, What Would Disney Do?™ session attendee

International Alliance for Learning Conference & Exposition, 2010
I REALLY ENJOYED Lenn's session on using music as a learning tool and as a way to set the ‘emotional’ mood for training.
Al Hodgeman, Sr. Development Specialist, Learning With a Beat™ session attendee

Thanks so much Lenn for the VERY INFORMATIVE workshop. Right now I am spoofing up my slides with COLOR!
Laura Thomas, Shell, That’s Learnertainment®! workshop attendee

National Speakers Association Convention, 2009
Color works - Who knew. Thank you for an informative and useful session. You’ve opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Long live POWERPOINT! session attendee

Southern Management Corporation Train-the-Trainer
Our workshop evaluations indicate that our very tough audience thoroughly enjoyed it and walked away with information that was RELEVANT AND AAPPLICABLE to their jobs. The time was very well spent.
Jasmine Fierro, Dean, Southern Management University, That’s Learnertainment®! event owner

I really did enjoy our time together and TOOK A LOT from the session, most of which I have already incorporated into my training.  It was a pleasure working with you.
Delonte Eaton, Southern Management University, That’s Learnertainment®! session planner

Florida Literacy Coalition Retreat
You were A GREAT WRAP for the Florida Literacy Coalition conference. Often people don't hang around for the closing  session, but the room was hoppin' with your 'learnertainment.’
Terry Czigan, Martin-Marrietta, That’s Learnertainment®! session attendee

The 2008 Humor Project Conference
Thank you for your INFORMATIVE presentation. I have obligated myself to try several of your demonstrations in my future seminars.
Shirley A. Robertson, Shirley A. Robertson & Co., That’s Learnertainment®! session attendee

The Wish Makers Conference
We looked at many creativity presentations. YOURS WAS THE ONLY ONE that took the position my people were already creative. It was specific enough to be actionable and general enough to apply to us. People really took away a lot of good, applicable information that they can use.
The Make A Wish Lady, The Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Cultivate Your Creativity™ event owner

I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED your presentation and will be using what I learned within my department and our future trainings.
Shavette L. Neal, The Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Cultivate Your Creativity™ session attendee

ASTD International conference & Exposition, 2007
By far THE BEST SESSION I attended. I actually stayed for the whole session!
Jerome, ADDIE Hip Hop™ session attendee

Meeting Professionals International Meet Different Conference, 2006
You GAVE ME PERMISSION to think for myself.
Tamora, Cultivate Your Creativity™ session attendee

Clark County School District Trainer’s Institute Train-the-Trainer
I continue to get GREAT REVIEWS of your workshop.  Even this afternoon, one trainer commented on how he was going to use your ideas/techniques/design in his region.
Jeff Hafen, Director of Training, the Clark County School District, That’s Learnertainment®! event owner

Hotel HR Orlando
Everyone TOOK SO MUCH AWAY from your presentation.
Vicki Ford, Programming chair, Show Biz Training™ session planner

Society for Human Resource Management International Conference & Exposition, 2006
I find your techniques EXCITING AND USEFUL. I wanted to thank you for your time in presenting to us at the conference this week. I really did enjoy your presentation.
Jason Sewell, From Out to CLOUT™ session attendee

This was a WONDERFUL PRESENTATION. My initial thought was that this conference is worth every penny. I can honestly say that in my 10 years of training & development this is the absolutely BEST training session I've ever attended!
Frederick Pace, Columbia College, From Out to CLOUT™ Session Attendee

OUTSTANDING. If only the rest of my sessions were half as useful.
Eloise, From Out to CLOUT™ Session Attendee

Regence Health Care Big Training Event Train-the-Trainer
The participants said you were the BEST SPEAKER/CONSULTANT that they had ever experienced.
John E. Murray III, Training Director, Show Biz Training™ session planner

FETC Conference
LOVED IT ALL. All teachers should hear this presentation!
Unnamed Teaching With a Beat™ session attendee

VetPartners Annual Conference Train-the-Trainer
Thanks for making our continuing education program SO EXCITING! Your enthusiasm and knowledge were greatly appreciated by all [veterinarians, consultants, professors].
Christine Merle, VetPartners President, Show Biz Training™ session planner

I USE WHAT I LEARNED FROM YOU ALL THE TIME. I have been using more props in my talks. Been very conscious and discussing "setting the stage" and the appropriate use of music.
Louise S. Dunn, Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting, Express Yourself!™ session attendee

E-Learning Guild
Your seminar made a GREAT impact on me and the quality of training materials I develop! I’ve appreciated the subtle aspects of training that really ingrain the information as well as pass it along.
Ron Simpson, AOL, Learning with a Beat™ session attendee

ASTD International Conference & Exposition, 2005
Your program truly was the BEST SESSION OF THE CONFERENCE and should have been a general session.

Dennis Snow, Snow & Associates, Training With a Beat™ session attendee

I had the pleasure of hearing you speak. Your presentation was fun, exciting and very valuable to me.
Darlene Robinson, Training With a Beat™ session attendee

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Full of great info!!! A+.
Elesia, Training With a Beat™ session attendee

USEFUL, ON TARGET, AND TOE-TAPPINGLY ENTERTAINING! Lenn was a terrific host for learning and created a climate of fun and reflection. His discussion points can be immediately used to improve the classroom experience for our participants. Thank you Lenn!
Gwen Burch, Founder and Managing Partner, Human Architecture, Inc., Training With a Beat™ session attendee

American Society for Curriculum Development National Conference, 2005
A WONDERFUL WAY TO END THE CONFERENCE. Something new and exciting.
Larrene, Teaching With a Beat™ session attendee

BEST OVERALL SESSION I'VE SEEN! Presentation, actual learning occurred, use of technology excellent PPT, handouts that weren't just a copy of PPT. All excellent.
Linda, Teaching With a Beat™ session attendee

ASTD Central Florida Session Train-the-Trainer
You were out HIGHEST RATED SPEAKER two years in a row. You were also our highest attended. What can I say, fabulous, wonderful, insightful and fun. Thank you for making me look good.
Lisa Spahn, CFASTD, That’s Learnertainment®, Training With a Beat™ sessions planner

ASTD Tampa Session Train-the-Trainer
YOUR SEMINAR WAS EXCELLENT. Your humor was memorable and your content was well researched. You demonstrated the techniques of a master trainer.
Rod Jurado, Managing Director, The Profitable Group, Show Biz Training™ session planner

ASTD International Conference & Exposition, 2003
A GRAND SLAM! More than anything it got my creative juices flowing.
Jessica, Offbeat ISD session attendee

ASTD International Conference & EXPOSITION, 2002
Thanks so much! Stimulating, informative, affirming and fun!"
Alberto, Meet the Author session attendee

International Alliance for Learning International Conference & Exposition
Dr. Douglas N. Goetz, Defense Acquisition University, Professor of Contract Management, USAF, Show Biz Training™ attendee

NR TOT Conference Train-the-Trainer
YOU WERE GREAT! Thank you.
John McCloskey, Associate Director for Curriculum & Staff Development, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, Show Biz Training™ session planner

ASTD International Conference & Exposition, 2001
GREAT CLASS. Even I can do this. Excellent. Five stars and two thumbs up. You could sell tickets to this one.
Unnamed Show Biz Training™ session attendee

ISPI International Conference & EXPOSITION, 2001
ENGAGING, FUN PRESENTER! Kept me awake, even after lunch. Great handouts - helped me remember all his points."
Unnamed Training With a Beat™ session attendee

Great session! Wonderful ideas on music and teaching! Very interactive, fun, paced just perfectly. Full of good ideas. Music to my ears. Great handout. Thanks for making me laugh. This needs to be a major session.
Jeffrey, Training With a Beat™ session attendee

TechKnowledge Conference & Exposition, 2001
VERY REFRESHING to attend a session that deals with making training more effective rather than a session on the business of training.
Charlette, mLearning™ session attendee

He was excellent. Enjoyable presentation. Informative and fun - the way learning should be.
Gerri, mLearning™ session attendee

State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection Workshop
Everyone thought your workshop WAS OUTSTANDING! We really appreciated your ability to impart knowledge, in and enthusiastic and humorous manner. The workshop participants complimented you highly in this area. Thank you for a job well done!
Barbara Wiley Johnson, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Cultivate your Creativity™ session planner

ASTD International Conference & Exposition, 2000
You did a FANTASTIC JOB and I really enjoyed the presentation. It was VERY INFORMATIVE and you definitely have an off-beat style that is highly entertaining.
Michelle Munnell, Meet the Authors session attendee

ASTD International Conference & Exposition, 1999
I especially appreciated the way your laid-back (but very organized) presentation style let the music teach the lessons - it was the BEST SESSION I ATTENDED.
Marge Anderson, Energy Center of Wisconsin, We Got the Beat™ session attendee



Walt Disney World, Florida


$7,000 - 10,000


Disney keynote speaker | Disney expert who learns your client's leadership, customer service and employee engagement pain points and shares solutions Disney applied to similar issues. It's not magic. It's method. Learn Disney's method. Make your magic.

Available to Verified Event Organizers Only

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