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It's tough enough walking into a room full of people you don't know. Imagine walking in and not knowing how to speak the language. That was Leo 25 years ago, when he decided leaving Venezuela for the United States would help him learn how to maximize his communication skills and help teams build connections and trust.

Today, Leo brings those years of certified experience as a corporate trainer and non-verbal communications expert to create programs that are powerful, interactive and memorable for audiences of all sizes. His passion focuses on helping participants be MINDful of their body language, stopping brains from being jerks and instead becoming team players, and supporting executives and senior management as they navigate difficult conversations by projecting trust, confidence, and credibility. 

Leo resides in Texas with his teenage son. When he's not helping teams get from good to great, Leo enjoys making his own salsa and convincing friends and strangers to sing karaoke.


"I recently had the opportunity to sit through Leo's "The Full Frontal Factor" body language presentation. WOW! I learned so much about non-verbal communication. I have not stopped talking about the presentation during this past week. The content was valuable, well organized and well delivered! If you get a change to engage Leo... DO IT!"

"Leo recently spoke to our business students about body language in the context of student team competitions. He did an excellent job of identifying the important, practical aspects of presenting and delivered the message in a manner that was enjoyable and memorable. I have no doubt the students' performances will be better as a result of their time with Leo and will definitely have Leo return for similar future opportunities."

"Leo's presentation to our employees was just perfect! He customized the presentation to our needs so that is was relevant, helpful, and fun! Everyone learned a great deal that they continue to use in their personal and professional life, and everyone had a great time - a win/win!"

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Discover how to use your body language superpowers to make great first impressions, close more deals, and improve your communication skills. Leo’s program delivers a creative approach to understanding the language of Nonverbal Communication.

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