What I Like to talk About

My passion is people.  My messages are inspirational, motivational, and filled with content to help people in personal and professional development.  This includes individuals who are struggling with life issues and small business owners or entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses and leave a legacy for future generations.  

Here are some of the topics I speak on:


  • 6 Steps to 6 Figures and Beyond:  Building a Foundation for Financial Freedom?
  • How to Start a Business or Non-Profit from Scratch?
  • Networking Your Way to Millions?
  • Customer Service:  Building a Power House of Profit?
  • Financial War Plan: 7 Steps to Becoming Financially Independent and Creating Wealth??
  • Creating Work-Life Balance in an Unbalanced World??




  • Creating a Revolutionary Life: a Life by God's Design?
  • Joy Comes in the Mourning: Learning to Live Again after Loss
  • Breaking the Silence: Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
  • Financial Literacy:  Learning to Live Debt-Free & Master Your Finances
  • Pursuing Your Passion while Blooming Where You are Planted
  • Overcoming Fear


Don't see a topic on the list?  That's okay!  I'll gladly pull from my 25 years of expertise to customize a speech or program to meet your needs!

Industries I have served and share expertise in include:

  • Human Resources Management

  • Hospitality & Travel

  • Non-Profit & Faith-Based Orgs

  • Restaurants

  • Manufacturing

  • Education & Academia

  • Military & Veterans

  • Entrepreneurism & Philanthropy

  • Church Planting & Ministry Building

  • Writing & Publishing

  • Politics & Domestic Affairs

  • Men's Issues

  • Grief & Trauma Recovery

  • Financial Freedom

  • Dramatic Arts

  • Network Marketing

  • Biblical Studies

  • Retail Management

  • Event Planning 

  • Volunteer Recruitment

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My Background

Leo Pacheco has faced adversity and triumphed over his personal and professional challenges, going from broke and bankrupt to founder of three highly successful non-profit organizations and the CEO of Lion’s Crest Group, LLC., a conglomerate with divisions in consulting, travel, publishing, and talent management.

As a distinguished entrepreneur, former television host, radio talk show host, best-selling author, and award-winning philanthropist, Leo Pacheco offers unique and credible insight on personal and professional development, business leadership, grief and trauma recovery, and faith.

Leo had personal connections in both the Columbine High School massacre and the Aurora, Colorado Theater Shooting, where he served in the healing process that followed.

His own mother and grandmother died in his arms in a tragic car accident.  He went on to write about it in his best-selling book, Joy Comes in the Mourning:  Learning to Live Again after Loss.

Aside from being an expert in grief recovery, he also speaks on his personal experiences of going from broke and bankrupt to creating a six-figure income and beyond.

He has helped a number of businesses dramatically increase their revenue and performance, while coaching individuals in creating multiple streams of income and becoming financially independent.

Recognized for his non-profit service, Leo was honored with the 7 Everyday Hero award (ABC-TV and Comcast) and the President’s Lifetime Call to Action award, presented by President George W. Bush.

His non-profit became one of the founding organizations for America Supports You, a DoD program helping military families.


"Never have I heard a more intriguing speaker. Leo had the audience mesmerized from start to finish. His message was timely and inspirational. He cares about people, and that really came through during his message."

- Pauline Hammond, Client

"Over the last several years I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand that Leo has a heart for people and has made a profound impact on thousands. Whether serving those less fortunate, honoring fallen heroes, or helping people reach their full potential, his expertise and passion run deep. Leo is an American patriot, rooted in faith, family, and traditional values. It is an honor to call him my friend."

- Hon. Jane Norton, former Colorado Lt. Governor and U.S. Senate Candidate


"I was struggling with decreasing revenue and employee turnover. Leo's customer service training program completely changed it around. He helped me discover new ways to increase employee satisfaction, which resulted in greater customer satisfaction, and I feel like I can breathe again."

- George Hansen, Small Business Owner 


"Few people have faced the challenges Leo has faced throughout his lifetime and overcome them. His story is truly inspirational and made a deep impact in my personal and professional life. He helped me realize God has a plan for me, and my business was a part of that plan. I was on the verge of quitting, and his counsel and coaching not only reinvigerated my life, but motivated me to make some professional changes. I went from almost having to file bankruptcy to making over six figures in about 9 months! And I am grateful."

- Belinda Cress, Owner of Cresscent Creations 


Orlando, Florida


Available Upon Request


With over 25 years of expertise as an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and former radio talk show host, my expertise in personal and professional development includes uplifting, customized content ranging from building a business to grief and trauma recovery. As the founder of three non-profit organizations, and board member of others, my expertise in starting and managing non-profit charities was recognized by President George W. Bush in 2006 with a White House invitation and receipt of the President's Call to Action Lifetime Volunteer Service Award, as well as Comcast's/KMGH 7-Everyday Hero Award.

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