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civility, social intelligence and culturally-competent communication

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With the release of release international bestseller The 30% Solution and the February 2018 release of The Power of One, Lew is a 13-time published author. Lew donates her time as Director of the National Civility Center, www.civilitycenter.org, and co-founder of the Golden Rule Civility Global Initiative, she is also a proud mentor for The Etiquette House, a member of the Advisory Board for A Civil Tongue, was a national magazine columnist for 10 years, and has contributed expert commentary to many online, print, and television publications. Lew is one of only 7 Master Civility Trainers in the world, a distance faculty member at Georgetown University Center for Cultural Competence, a long-term facilitator at the Canadian Management Center in Toronto Canada, Instructor – Social Justice at MITT, a Master trainer for the Canadian School of Service, a certified High Style Impression Management Professional and a certified Culture Coach® who also holds credentials in Intercultural Communications, Essential Skills, and Occupational Language Assessment.

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For almost 20 years Dr. Lew Bayer has been internationally recognized as a leading civility expert. With a focus on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication, the team at Civility Experts – which includes 226 affiliates in 39 countries has supported 100’s of organizations in building better workplaces. In addition to her role as CEO of multinational civility training group Civility Experts Inc. www.CivilityExperts.com , Lew is Chair of the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium, President of The Center for Organizational Cultural Competence www.culturalcompetence.ca, and Founder of the In Good Company Etiquette Academy Franchise Group www.ingoodcompanyetiquette.com.

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