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The last man on the moon said, 'If I can stand on the moon, what can't you do?'

Happiness is free, but your dreams are not. Will you settle for average or will you live your purpose?  Will you live with regret or will you overcome your fear? We all get disappointed, but the opposite of disappoint is appoint. You ARE appointed to succeed!

Harness your dreams and reach for the stars! It's the most powerful motivating force there is!

You want this talk if you want:

  • To improve communication.
  • Encouragement and new motivation.
  • How to overcome disappointment.
  • To deal with apathy, procrastination and mediocrity
  • To get everyone excited about the future
  • To help people understand the differences between goals, dreams and purpose.
  • How to achieve dreams and goals faster.
  • Why most people's goals don't come true and how theirs can
  • The power of excellence
  • The secret formula to making goals come true
  • The audience to have a great time!

This is Marc's signature talk. It's hugely popular and audiences come out energized and motivated. Why? Because it leverages people's true inner passions and links them to their true purpose.

Marc Griffiths is a motivational speaker, inspirational ventriloquist, author and expert on happiness and true success.



We're all stuck in a box!

We're too busy and stuck in old ways of thinking. Let's get free, encouraged, happy and filled with new hope. It's only then that we'll see outstanding new results!

When you're successful then you'll be happy. WRONG Invest in your personal happiness first. Success is then attracted to you. Change always comes from the inside out.

You want this talk if you want:

  • The audience to get out their box!
  • To take personal responsibility.
  • To understand the importance of happiness and how one's personal happiness results in greater success.
  • Improved attitudes
  • The power of Integrity
  • To shift inner beliefs that result in greater productivity.
  • To prioritize the important over the urgent.
  • New hope and encouragement.
  • Laughter and new positivity.
  • Raised morale.

This talk is flexible and is tailored to the clients needs. It's inspirational and packed with humor, enabling the audience to laugh and accept the messages.


3. GOLD (For family audiences)

GOLD won a National Award in London 2013. It is truly AWESOME!

This is a SUPERB & extremely FUN talk that can be used in any event, but is best in a family or child friendly setting.

"This was the best thing to ever visit my school in 28 years!' Principle, Cornwall)

What if we could improve our communication?

We would have happier children, happier teachers, happier homes and happier schools! And that means better emotional, behavioral and educational results.

GOLD is a FUN communication tool.

GOLD helps children understand more about who they are and how they work.

In the session the audience meet 4 animals, helping parents and teachers understand their children, and in the process helps them become better parents and better teachers.

Each of these animals displays a behavior that we can relate to. We actually possess all four of these behaviors, but what differs is the extent of each.

There are 3 steps to GOLD:

  1. Discover the GOLD in you.
    Identify which animal you are most like. This will bring understanding to how you teach, parent and communicate. Most importantly it will show you what you need from others!
  2. Look through the GOLDEN GOGGLES and see the GOLD in others.
    As you embrace GOLD you will begin to recognize the behavioral patterns of the Gorillas, Fleas, Penguins and Dogs in those around you. You will begin to realize why others act like they do!
  3. Embrace the NEW GOLDEN RULE.
    Treat others how they need to be treated - not how you need to be treated!'

This session has great benefits:

  1. GOLD helps you understand yourself. This has huge self-esteem and happiness value.
  2. GOLD helps you understand others, bringing acceptance and harmony.
  3. GOLD increases your communication skills, making you a better parent and teacher.
  4. GOLD attracts people to you. When a child feels understood they feel loved.
  5. GOLD improves behavior. There will be more harmony in the home and classroom as everyone feels understood and their needs are met.
  6. GOLD brings better educational results (individual development). By embracing everyone's strengths there will be greater productivity individually, as a family and as a school.
  7. GOLD is fun, simple and easy to understand.

You can see video and learn more at www.goldinme.com

My Background

Marc is a great fit for most conferences, bringing hope, encouragement and hilarity wherever he goes.He is an award winning entrepreneur, combining inspiration, stand up and ventriloquism to help audiences 'get out their box!' 

President of the Atlanta Kiwanis Club recently said Marc was, "The best speaker we have had in 15 years and 750 speakers!"

He also speaks on goals, dreams, integrity, getting free from addiction and how to do family well. He releases You Tube vlogs on all these topics on a regular basis.

When Simon Cowell failed to push the golden buzzer for him on 'Britain's Got Talent', Marc realized one thing - Simon Cowell was color blind! It also taught him about true identity and purpose. 'Who am I?' 'What's my purpose?' Welcome to two of the biggest problems we face today. In an ever increasing busy world, Marc helps people STOP. He shifts inner belief systems, resulting in increased productivity and greater happiness.

As a multi national award winning entrepreneur and top entertainer, Marc has spoken in 5000 venues to over a million people. He has researched, written and spoken for 25 years, speaking to all types of audiences on the subjects of Happiness, Personal and Professional Development. Self-Esteem & Living with Purpose. He runs a weekly video podcast on happiness and was recently invited, as one of the happiest achievers on the planet to coauthor '1 Habit'.

Sample take aways from Marc's talks are:
New motivation. Removal of apathy and mediocrity.
An understanding of true success, purpose and goal setting.
The power of excellence.
Improved communication skills between management, employees and customers.
Raised morale and happiness levels.
A reprioritizing skill set to help put the important ahead of the urgent.
Practical tools to improve workplace happiness
Improved attitude.
A lot of fun and laughter!

"Marc's session 18 months ago completely changed my life. It gave me the courage to take action and reinvent my world professionally and personally. I have his notes stuck all over my kitchen!" (Attendee)

Marc is also a schools specialist, winning the prestigious LARIA national award for research into bullying. He has spoken in thousands of schools and conferences, specializing in student and staff well being. Sample school topics include:
Self-esteem, Making Great Choices & Bullying.

Awards include:
• Wales 'Young Entrepreneur' National Award Winner
• Gwynedd 'Young Entrepreneur' Winner
• LARIA National Educational Research Winner
• New Media 'Best Children's TV Program' Winner, USA, 2012
• Mustard Seed GOLD social Entrepreneur National Award Winner 2012
• Britain's Got Talent 2012
• Popster European TV Talent Show Finalist 2015
Welsh Factor Winner 'Best Speciality Act in Wales' 2015


"The best speaker we've had in 700 speakers and 15 years!" (President, Kiwanis Club)


"The best corporate talk we've had - certainly the most fun!' Entertaining and engaging, our business leaders were inspired!!"

(Vice President, GEOC Chamber of Commerce)


Wonderful! My staff were still talking about it the next day. Funny. Inspirational. Good info. Great atmosphere. Great for big stage or smaller sessions. Good for team building and morale boosting! 

(Dr KonwickDental Association)



Loganville, Georgia


Available Upon Request


Happiness. Raising morale. Encouraging. Bring hope and laughter. Activating people to realize their potential. Increasing productivity. Connecting. Improving communication. Bringing the feel good factor. Family. Freedom from addictions. Improving all round happiness to increase and better results.

Available to Verified Event Organizers Only

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