What I Like to talk About

I love providing fresh and new ways to take on age old problems like stress and unhappiness, and providing tools to eradicate them.  I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to present my trademarked, Find What You Seek, approach to creating a life of meaning and purpose and connecting to one's life passion. Audiences not only leave with practical steps to change their lives for the better but an enthusiasm to take that next step towards meaningful living.

My Background

In 2003 I founded a recruiting company with the hopes of finding people meaningful work. Almost 20 years later, with a staff of over 100 employees, that company has become one of the largest firms on the East Coast, winning awards for its fast growth, culture, and commitment to social justice. I personally had the privilege of helping thousands of people find the job of their dreams. In 2017, I sold the company to an incredible private equity partner, and I named my successor as CEO in July of 2019.

I was divinely guided towards this success. It was not an accident. My spiritual connection enabled me to achieve everything I had ever dreamed of and is the reason I am now able to devote my life to my true passion; helping audiences find thiers. In my, "Find What You Seek." presentation, we will:

  • Use custom tools to identify true passion & purpose.

  • Uncover the barriers that may have prevented people from achieving your best life, & learn how to overcome them.

  • Create a plan to build skills, confidence & credibility to support thier success in achieving the life you deserve.

  • If a “job”is what they seek, creative and usually, "for recruiters only." ways identify opportunities that align with thier path.


“You were fantastic! Everyone loved you and your presentation.”

“You were AWESOME! Everyone at my table was buzzing-truly inspiring!”

Previous Speech Topics

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Dallas, Texas
Nov, 9 2018

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Boston, Massachusetts
Mar, 13 2019

South Shore Women's Conference

Quincy, Massachusetts
Oct, 11 2019

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Plymouth, Massachusetts
May, 16 2019

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Providing fresh and new ways to take on age old problems like stress & unhappiness, while also providing tools to uncover their life's path to purpose and passion. Audiences leave with practical steps to make positive changes and enthusiastic to take that next step towards meaningful living.

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