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Operating your Business, Change, Leadership, Maximizing Performance, Customer Service/Experience, Perseverance through the "Rough Stuff," Teamwork, Motivation, Balancing Work and Home

My Background

Entrepreneur since age 15, TOP Leadership positions, Multi-business ownership, Business Consultant: Personnel-leadership issues, farm system, succession planning, fast track to positive environment. Constant contact with US leaders for best current practices.


Not only were you one of the best speakers we can remember having at Congress … Your rapid-fire presentation, punctuated with some incredible, funny and thought provoking visuals, laced powerful business and life insights with hilarious stories and photos. Of all our keynote speakers, you scored highest and longest on the laugh meter. Yet amid all the humor, you drove home some very useful lessons our members could take home. Dan Maddux Executive Director, American Payroll Association I have been responsible for hundreds of meetings, conferences, seminars and conventions over the past 20 years and have likely hired more than a hundred speakers. Michael McKinley always delivers more than what I expect. I believe it’s obvious that I would highly recommend Mike for any critical role in your convention or meeting, be it master of ceremonies, opening speaker, keynote speaker, or closing session presenter. He has a unique blend of competence, humor, platform skills, flexibility, substance, and sincerity. Rhoda Olsen CEO, Great Clips http://www.realmikemckinley.com/testimonials



Minneapolis, Minnesota


Available Upon Request


Deliver "current" customized content in many facets of business and a real life humor delivery. "Hired for the Fun...Paid for the Content"

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