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Why do you work?

It's not about just making money. Gathering wealth didn't do much for Midas. Acquiring things won't make you happy for long either. We do know that happiness endures through our experiences and relationships. It is those that provide the greatest value to our lives.

We only have so much time. Time being our most precious resource. If you spend time wisely it will pay back huge dividends. If not, time is lost forever. Here is the truth: "We work so we can play. Well travel with the richest form of play there is."

I have a passion to help people get the vacation they want and deserve. All over world, vacation is mandatory: up to six paid weeks per year. But in the US, it is merely offered, yet according to Forbes, only 44% of people who are given paid leave actually take it each year. Why is this?

Worse yet, only 32% of Americans even have a current passport. This is detrimental to our health and well being. More importantly, it has a negative bottom line impact on productivity in America and it's my mission to change it.

In a fun and engaging way, I provide examples of why every person must take a vacation at least once a year and how the lack of travel is detrimental to physical and mental health. Here is the kicker: it impedes career progress as well.

From the platform I motivate people to plan travel to avoid regrets later in life.

For ten years I have been designing personalized travel for individuals, families and groups: River Boat and Small Ocean Cruising, Custom Leisure Travel, Multi-Generation and Luxury Travel. I have seen first hand the regrets of people who failed to travel while they have the means and the health to do so. This is why I am so passionate to help people Make Memories, Not Regrets™.

My Background

World Traveler, Speaker, Author, Coach BS, Broadcast Telecommunications LLB, Law Certified Travel Expert Host, Travelcast Founder & Host, International Travel Tribe Golden Microphone Award, GLA NSA Co-Founder Career Camp Co-Founder Spellbinders of Cherry Creek Past Governor and Distinguished Toastmaster Contributor to Travel Age West, Travel Weekly, Conde Nast Traveler


Denver, Colorado




Mitch Krayton is a Certified Travel Advisor and Signature Travel Expert who provides a concierge approach to planning travel. He wants everyone to get the vacation they want and deserve. Mitch is a fun and engaging speaker. He has traveled the world, and happily shares his memorable visits to the Americas, Europe, the islands of the Caribbean and the south Pacific. Mitch has attained the Golden Microphone Award from the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of National Speakers Association.

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