What I Like to talk About

Reclaim your unique brand. Manifest your IT Factor. 

What will break your income ice ceiling.

Become the leader you meant to be. Build your impact and influence.

My Background

Israeli and American. Grew up in a big family, and naturally learned how to collaborate, negotiate, and stand out.

Love to meet different cultures and enhance culture happiness.

Love to combine modern and ancient wisdom for business and personal success.

MBA, Judaic Studies, Linguistics, Mediator, NLP Trainer, John Maxwell Leadership Coach



Brian Tracy: "Naomi is insightful, and facinating speaker and trainer. Internalize her powerful insights and ideas helps you and me to identify and use your superpower so you can experience a life of fulfillment, influence, and achieve financial freedom"

Books I Recommend

San Francisco, California


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MBA, Speaker, Author, dynamic Seminar Leader, NLP Trainer, and Leadership coach, who devised a new method based on modern techniques and Kabalistic wisdom to realize your motivator factors & power.

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