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I give data-rich talks on demographic, economic, social, racial and political change. 

I've spoken to universities (including Yale, Stanford, NYU, Rutgers, Texas A&M, Marquette, LSU), corporations (including Allstate, Aetna, General Electric, Macy's, UBS, Verizon, Volkswagen) think tanks, civic and professional organizations, elected officials, government executives, media organizations, labor unions, and chambers of commerce. I present on How to Manage Generational Change; Understanding Demographic Change; Understanding  Millennials, Mosaics and the Future of America. 

The United States is in the midst of two profound demographic transformations:  our population is en-route to becoming majority non-white, driven by our largest immigration wave in history, at the same time a record share is going gray. These changes have created huge generation gaps.  Young and old don’t look alike, think alike, vote alike, or use technology alike.  Today's young adults -- the so-called Millennials -- are the first downwardly mobile generation in modern history. Those with college degrees are saddled with record levels of student loan debt; those without college degrees can't find good-paying jobs in knowledge-based economy. Yet Millennials aren't alienated and aggrieved. They are optimistic, aspirational and empowered by the digital technologies that have imbued their generation with a sense of infinite possibility.  ...

My Background

EVP of The Pew Research Center. 2004-2014

Political Reporter and Foreign Correspondent at The Washington Post. 1981-1996

President of the Alliance for Better Campaigns. 1996-2003

Reporter, Twin City Sentinel (NC), 1970-1973 

Reporter and Political Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1973-1981

Education: Yale University, 1966-1970, BA in American Studies. Executive editor of Yale Daily News.


Your research and observations connect so well with our higher education constituency. Thank you so very much for accepting our invitation to join us once again at our annual conference and for the excellent presentation you shared with us. Your content and observations were pertinent to the many conversations that our members were having during the conference on enrollment, changing demographics, student affairs issues, diversity, and future-planning.

- Associate Director, Strategic Alliances - Society for College and University Planning


Various Other Submissions:

Fantastic presentation! I could have listened to Paul for another couple of hours. It really helped to frame where we were; where we are today; Where to go as a country to remain a “leader”. Thoroughly enjoyed!! I would recommend bringing him back as a speaker in the future.

Excellent presentation and discussion.

Very powerful/useful information

Key demographics and knowledge of how the country is changing was important.

Better informed. Great talk. Fantastic information. Entertaining.

What a provocative speaker. Good info and added variety to the information we’ve gotten overall.

Excellent speaker with fascinating data. Great!

Great and engaging presentation.

Very interesting topic. Excellent delivery!!

Fascinating presentation!.

Great presenter!

Excellent content to support direction

Good level-setting, info should be used to inform organizational thinking, policies and investment.

Very informative and has implication for access, leadership, priorities

Fantastic presentation! Wish we have more time on it. I may purchase his book!

Great presentation regarding the need to direct attention to the millennials and how to better communicate and target their interests with the focus on social apps.

Excellent view of where demographics are heading

Great speaker!

Great presentation and very informative.

Incredible. Important data that impacts our work. Excellent presenter!

This was a great presentation that shows the evolution of our immigration story and the present and future impact in our population.

Very thought-provoking!



Bethesda, Maryland


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Author, The Next America: Boomers, Millennials and the Looming Generational Showdown Former Executive VP of Pew Research Center and while at the Washington Post, covered three US presidential campaigns and was South Africa bureau chief. I use demographic trend data with animated infographics and video clips to show how America is aging and growing more racially diverse. I present social, economic, political, racial, and technological portraits of the Millennial and Boomer generations, plus future trends in aging, racial diversity, economic well-being. I have covered race relations in US as well as South Africa's transition to democracy plus I have extensive research & data on whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, mixed race, LGBT. I can also speak to future trends in aging, racial diversity, economic well-being while comparing demographic trends in US with those in Asia, Europe, and the developing world. I can delve into the impact of immigration on the future US economy, racial makeup, the demographic roots of America's growing political polarization and analytic results from these diverse group voting trends

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