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How we make the difficult task of Change even more difficult, by making false assumptions about how, and why, people 'resist' Change. The primary goal is always to provide audience members insights that they can apply, to good effect, immediately after the presentation. I've worked in this field for more than 30 years, spoken in 40+ countries and published several thousand articles.

My Background

Born in South Africa, Raised in Ireland, live in Canada BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science. Core work experience in IT Best known as the global leader in the Y2K awareness project for more than a decade. Profiled by numerous publications including the FT of London and the NY Times. More than 2,000 media interviews. Spoken for the World Economic Forum In Davos, The world bank, and the bank for International Settlements. Most common comment on speaker evaluations? A Provocative Speaker


30 years of speaking - means a large number of varied organizations around the world - this is just a random sampling from memory... More than 100 PMI chapters Globally Inland Revenue Department NZ HR Institute of New Zealand Dairy New Zealand Roche Pharmaceuticals Ireland TEVA Ireland Engineers of Ireland British Medical Association Life Office Management Assn - USA Town of Whitby - Canada Toronto Dominion Bank - Canada Irish Centre for business Excellence - Ireland Australian Computer Society - Australia CGI - Canada Abbot Pharmaceuticals - Ireland KPMG - Poland Canadian Institute of Management - Canada University of Buffalo - USA AIB Capital Markets - Ireland Ballina Beverages - Ireland

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Primary focus is Change Management -- and Change leadership

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