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Our care for people isn't at odds with our business pursuits or public responsibilities. It is compatible with, even essential to, those goals.

Work is changing - respect, empathy, relationships, and critical thinking matter - regardless of the level of technology or automation in a particular industry. With this said, continuous improvement begins and ends with people and the work they perform. From this launching pad, we can conclude that the power of people and their work is a function of the meaningfulness of that work. Studies show that people respond with hope and excitement when they realize that a more humane and meaningful workplace is possible. And when they actually experience such work - when work is made more human - they truly step forward, engage, and contribute in inspiring and crucial ways necessary for enterprise success. They query, test, learn, and improve. They collaborate, plan, build, and innovate. They solve, and they serve. Meaningful work creates the conditions for people to give and do their very best.

We can't have flourishing organizations without flourishing people.

Join Robert Martichenko as he offers an approach to creating meaningful workplaces that restore soul, humanity, and even love to the workplace. He will discuss:

• How the nature of work and working environments are changing
• The importance of making work meaningful and what it means to actually do that
• A powerful weapon - the RECKing Ball - that can help to eradicate cultures of fear and drive employees to experience true psychological safety and engagement
• How leaders will design workplaces of the future
• Bridging conceptual insights to tangible action items in order to determine, "what will we do with this on Monday morning?"


The "Amazon effect," and e-commerce are demanding more out of businesses. The pressure to adapt and innovate amidst higher customer expectations has created complexity that we are navigating for the first time, making us feel as if we are all learning for the first time. Yet, in the search for new strategies, one golden nugget lays readily available to us: connecting the core processes of the business in order to break down silos and focus on long-term customer value vs. short-term departmental gains. By generating this value and eliminating waste, companies can drive revenue growth, lower operating costs, improve margins, and reduce resource requirements.

Join Mr. Martichenko as he discusses the next frontier for organizational development in our new world of continuous industry disruption and increased complexity. Based on the newly released book, Discovering Hidden Profit, this presentation details an actionable framework to stay current and profitable by removing organizational masks and connecting people and business processes in order to maximize customer value at the lowest possible total cost.

Robert will discuss:

• Systems thinking: how to view a business from a horizontal, holisitic perspective

• The "perfect order" and the "ten rights:" how to drive leadership dialogue and improvement activities based on connected decision making across the core processes of the business

• Results-based operating principles and management methods: base organizational development strategy around connecting the core processes of business strategy, product life-cycle management, sales and marketing, and supply chain operations (the engine of business performance)


The stories we hear shape our beliefs. Beliefs shape our leadership styles and the way we perceive the world. Yet at times the tone of these stories feels negative and biased, leading to unproductive social interactions and suboptimal decisions in our organizations. 

We have the power to change the tone of the story to positively re-shape our beliefs, confront unconscious biases, and take a broader, systems viewpoint of our environments. We can change the tone of the story to focus on what matters: the positive events happening in our world. This new narrative can help us become better leaders and make more effective decisions in work and life.

Join Robert Martichenko as he discusses the power of narrative leadership. Building upon his award-winning business books and award-winning novel - Drift and Hum - Robert explores how to:

  • Understand the power of story in our lives and connect the art of narrative to business and our leadership effectiveness.
  • Gain awareness of unconscious bias and overcome its negative impact by viewing our environments from a systems perspective.
  • Leverage the power of narrative leadership in personal reflection to create change.

Let's change the tone to stories that matter.


Amidst all the disruption in business today, one commonality exists in progressive organizations: they are working to create corporate cultures of continuous improvement. It can be argued that a business's culture of continuous improvement is necessary for meaningful, holisitic business results - and ultimately survival.

For those who build these corporate cultures with people and processes, this work can be very rewarding while challenging at the same time.

But how do you do it?

One certainty is this: building cultures of continuous improvement is an evolution and never-ending search for opportunities.

Join Robert Martichenko as he discusses his lessons learned while implementing and practicing lean thinking across many industries and organizations.

In this thought provoking and engaging keynote, Robert will share:

1. Leadership techniques and strategies to successfully engage teams and create a high-performance organization

2. The progression and maturing process of building continuous improvement cultures

3. An action plan to immediately identify quick wins and long-term improvements by recognizing opportunities within the business holistically


My Background

Robert speaks globally on relevant topics and lessons learned from over 25 years of transforming end-to-end supply chains and organizations at large. Weaving in themes of "business disruption," "systems thinking," "respect for people," and "personal narratives," Robert leaves his audiences supercharged and ready to improve their organizations and personal journeys.

Robert is the Founder and CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group, and Chairman of Karmack Publications. He is also an entrepreneur, thought leader in lean management, professional education instructor, business author, poet, and novelist. He is a board advisor for a private company and volunteers for universities focused on supply chain and leadership.

Robert has written several business books and one novel – most recently, Discovering Hidden Profit (Karmack Publications). His others include two Shingo Research award-winning books: People: a leader's day to day guide to building, managing, and sustaining lean organizations (Karmack Publications) and Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream (Lean Enterprise Institute). Additionally, Robert is the author of Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade (Karmack Publications) and Lean Six Sigma Logistics (J. Ross Publishing). His debut novel, Drift and Hum (Karmack Publications), has won multiple awards including the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Winner Award for Best First Book-Fiction. He has also written two children's books, It's Perfect Being Me and A Day Well Spent.

He is a recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Service Award by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), a "Pro to Know" by Supply & Demand Chain Executive, a 2014 "Rainmaker" by DC Velocity, and a 2015 C-Suite honoree by Venue & LEAD Magazine.

Robert complements his professional experience with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, an MBA in Finance, and a Six Sigma Black Belt.Born in Timmins, Ontario, Canada, Robert and his family have lived in the United States for the past two decades.


"What I enjoy about Robert's presentations is his exceptional ability to connect with the attendees on a personal level. You can feel the energy in the room rise as he creates a safe environment for people to share issues they are tackling. Best of all, attendees leave with real-time solutions because of Robert's focus on problem solving and his resolve for continuous improvement. Robert's excitement and passion are contagious. He can get the room both excited and serious about the same topic! With Robert you go on a journey that includes facing realities, seeking out the truth, dealing with whatever comes up along with the way with both a lightness and tenacity to see you though to an ending that is better than you could have imagined."



"I've seen firsthand Robert's unique gift of engaging groups large and small. He is a master of transforming even the most complex concepts into an experience that is entertaining, enlightening and most importantly actionable. When we're fortunate enough to have Robert speak at one of our events, attendees always ask us to "get him back."




Robert really connects with the audience and shares a story that motivates and inspires the audience to want to achieve great things. He shares personal examples and gives attendees something tangible that they can immediately use in their organizations."


"Robert Martichenko is a dynamic and engaging speaker. He is able to deftly walk the fine line between professional subject matter expert and trusted friend. When Robert finishes a talk, you are left feeling grateful for having learned something, and excited to go meet the guy. You believe him, you are entertained by him, and you know darned well you'd like to have him over to the house for a barbecue. Things never said at one of Martichenko' s speeches: "I wish this guy would hurry up and finish."


TTV Solutions- Sr Consultant- John N


Robert Martichenko has a compelling message based on years of experience and he delivers it in an engaging manner. His passion and authenticity had our ILC audience absorbed and left them energized to make changes in their own organizations.


Iowa Lean Consortium- Executive Director 

Teresa M



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