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Turn Uncertainty and Change into a Customer Revolution

In a world of growing uncertainty, change is headed your way. The choice is yours—you can be disrupted or the disruptor. The needs and habits of your customers are changing every day, and with those changes come the opportunity to evolve. Your future successes will be in direct proportion to how you adapt and anticipate change. This is why it’s so important that you rethink, reinvent and reimagine the way you serve your customers. In this presentation Robin clearly demonstrates how your attendees can become constant innovators able to adapt and embrace change.

This interactive presentation is titled after Robin’s USA Today Best Selling Book of the same name. Robin will show you how to turn disruption into advantage by anticipating the changes facing your industry.

As the founder and CEO of three companies, all of which are customer-driven, Robin has experienced first hand what it takes to adapt and reinvent in order to stay relevant. When the music industry was going through a period of massive disruption due to the digital download revolution and evolving computer technology, almost every major recording complex was forced into bankruptcy. Music distributors such as Tower Records had to shut their doors for good. Robin knew that in order to survive they were going to have to evolve, or suffer the consequence. So he began concentrating on service over technology, on creating amazing experiences for each client who recorded at Dark Horse. That journey of evolution begin over twenty years ago and today Dark Horse Recording is most one of the most successful studio complexes in the world.

In this keynote Robin will present you with actionable steps you can take immediately to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your customers. Unless you want your business to go the way of the dinosaur, it’s time to Evolve Or Die!


Step Outside Convention to Amaze, Engage, 
and Wow Your Customers

At this very moment your customers are being lured away by competitors. So what are you going to do about it? In order to give your customers an extraordinary experience, you must choose to be extraordinary! You may have the edge right now, but do you have what it takes to stay sharp? Navigating your way to prosperity and profitability can be a tricky business. It requires that you continually refine your skills as a high performer and as an effective leader. This keynote will inspire you to make the course corrections and self-optimizations needed to surpass your own limitations.

For decades Robin has led his three companies to sustained success by cultivating intense loyalty with his clients. In this presentation he will give you actionable strategies and takeaways that can be implemented immediately to wow your customers and accelerate the growth of your business. He will show you what works, what doesn’t, and why.

This program is a powerful way to get everyone from upper management to frontline employees inspired and focused on adding value to your organization and creating greater customer loyalty than you ever imagined.

  • Becoming extraordinary is a choice.
  • Committing to be the best is a choice.
  • Pampering your customers is a choice.

If you’re ready to step up, and accept nothing less than THE BEST for your customers, then It’s Time To Be Extraordinary.


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How to Ignite Your Creative Genius

What if you could tap into your own creative genius with absolute certainty that no matter what occurs you will thrive and prosper? If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, this keynote is perfect for you. The path to success is peppered with land mines of every shape and size. In order to successfully navigate these obstacles you must be persistent, resilient, thoughtful, committed to excellence, disciplined, and enthusiastic. You must be decisive, purposeful, optimistic and responsible. You must surround yourself with brilliance and inspire your team by creating a culture of affirmation and passion. This program will serve as a powerful launching pad, giving you the clarity and confidence to discover your unique strengths, and then go out and achieve greatness.

In this keynote you will learn a step-by-step process that will help you identify and break through barriers that might be holding you back both personally and professionally. You will start to engage your natural talents with endeavors that will spark your imagination and passion. Going through this process will reap tremendous, life-changing rewards.

You will discover how you can step outside convention and discover your true potential. That’s the beginning of your Intelligence Revolution!

My Background

My journey as an author, speaker, entrepreneur and CEO is an American success story. As a business leader for over 30 years, I have gained a deep reservoir of experience in multiple business sectors. No abstract theories here, only street-smart advice from someone who has spent decades in the trenches.

I am the CEO of Dark Horse Recording, a scenic four-studio complex I built from the ground up. Built in 1992, Dark Horse has attracted some of the most celebrated artists in the world, such as Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Jewel, Matchbox Twenty, Alice in Chains and countless others.

In 2010, I founded Dark Horse Institute (DHI), an accredited, for-profit academy to teach Audio Engineering, Film Production and Music Business to young entrepreneurs. The programs we created have experienced explosive growth while offering dramatic solutions to the challenges faced by traditional schools. DHI accelerates the learning process in an affordable, experiential learning environment, and in the process is changing the way education is conducted. Our goal is to create the most compelling educational model of the 21st century.

My passion is to help people achieve true transformation not by discovering who they are, but by discovering who they can become. I will provide attendees practical solutions to meet the challenges they’re facing right here, right now. I have given over 2,200 presentations to a wide range of corporate and business audiences, and my best-selling books include Evolve or Die, Rock Solid Leadership, and Jump and the Net Will Appear. 

When I'm not on the road, I divide my time between homes in Tennessee and Colorado where I love hosting barbecues for clients and friends, and spending time with my friends & children.


"Robin's keynote presentation at the Cordage Institute's Annual 2016 Conference was absolutely outstanding! The content was timely, relevant, and compelling, plus, his delivery style was fresh and unique …."

Peter M. Lance, Executive Director, Cordage Institute


"His passion for entrepreneurship really resonated well with our people and his opening performance was energizing and an incredible kick-off to our event. Everyone has raved about him and he truly was a perfect ?t for our organization and theme."

Michael Myhre- CEO and Network State Director- Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


He was a perfect fit to present the keynote address at our Convention, the Franchisees left extremely inspired and motivated.”

Stephen Smith, CEO of Planet Beach Franchising Corporation


“You were fantastic!  Your presentation was the exact balance of education, entertainment, and energy that I was looking for. You have my heartfelt gratitude for helping make this our best convention ever!”

John Graden-CEO, National Association of Professional Martial Arts


“Our attendees left on an emotional and educational high! What a perfect way to begin the year, you have exceeded my expectations!”

Susan Fenner, PhD International Association of Administrative Professionals


“To simply say Great Job, Excellent, or Home Run seems rather trite. You were absolutely outstanding!  You helped create an environment that caused our meeting to be Unbelievable!”

Mark Jones-Million Dollar Round Table


“Robin, your message hit home for everyone, we all forget to focus on our beliefs, priorities, and true passions. You brought it all back to us, thank you for making a difference.”

Lise Bujold, CMM-Vice President, Promotional Products Association of Canada, Inc.


Your keynote was superb! The music after each motivational piece was a great way to reflect on your message.”

Rex D. Huffman-President of Gibbs & Register, Inc.


“It was a delight having you as our keynote speaker. Our attendees commented on how impressed they were …..”

Joy Wierwille, CMP-Meetings and Events Planner - Colorado Association of REALTORS


"I have been a meeting planner for 13 years and hired many speakers. What kind of speaker is ever asked for an encore? After three standing ovations and the encore, it’s clear Robin´s blend of inspiration and entertainment was a great combination."

Gregory B. Anderson-Director, Crown Council, Inc.



Nashville, Tennessee


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Respected business leader… founder of three diverse companies, all of which have become leaders in their fields. Business veteran… keynotes reflect hard-won, first-hand, bone crunching experience from 30 years in the trenches. No abstract theories here. Powerful speaker… presentations are drawn from personal experience focusing on the challenges you’re going through right here, right now. Master motivator… have directly impacted the lives of millions through personal and media appearances (over 2,200 presentations). Successful author… have published seven books (two are best sellers) and three audio programs. Proven track record… have given thousands of presentations to some of the most influential companies in the world.

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