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Unlocking creativity is key to maximizing company growth and productivity. Stress and creativity can’t live in the same head at the same time. They’re opposites on the productivity scale and in THIS case, opposites definitely DON’T attract. This can be a
serious issue when it comes to problem solving. In my fun and interactive workshop, participants will learn tips, tricks, exercises and games to keep their inner child happy and their creativity at its peak!

We've become a nation of grumps and sourpusses.  Really!  As adults we've forgotton how to PLAY! We think work and play are separate things.  But are they? Should they be?!  The culture of business needs to change if employers (or even those who are self-employed) want the best from their people. It doesn’t matter if the company has 2 people or 2,000—overall, “wellness companies” work backwards. They start from the outside in, instead of the inside out. This causes a TON of stress, which leads to burnout.

Most stress comes from other areas of life.  Hence the term 'wellbeing.'  See, there is no "work-life balance!"  Work is PART of life!! Alleviating stress and incorporating a sense of community and play brings out the best in employees. There are 10 Areas of Wellbeing that are needed to achieve this.  I talk about the importance of each one and how they provide a synergistic affect for you and your people.


My Background

Rona Lewis is a fitness and lifestyle coach, creativity coach, healthy chef, author and speaker.  She now holds the title of CEO of PlayMore Corporate Wellbeing, a revolutionary wellbeing company that helps change corporate culture to one that’s happier, healthier and more balanced-all with a healthy sense of PLAY!

Rona has a background in advertising sales, working her way up from sales assistant to VP of Sales for a cable rep firm in the mid-west.  She left the corporate world to become a fitness trainer with certifications from Marymount Manhattan College and the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.  She graduated from the New School of Cooking’s Pro Level One and Two. 

Rona is also very involved in Toastmasters, International, where she was chairman of the Speakers Bureau from 2013-2015.  She has been a professional speaker for over 10 years.

She knows firsthand the stress and unpredictability of corporate life…and life in general!. It’s more than just nutrition and exercise. It should address the WHOLE person-body, mind and soul. Rona is an expert at keeping balance and productivity high…all with a playful attitude and a rapier wit!!


Los Angeles, California


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Do you really want a “know it all” for a speaker? When it comes to corporate wellbeing and living a balanced life, you should! I'm one of the few in this business with life experience on both sides of the desk. A former VP of sales for a media rep firm, I made my passion my profession and pursued a career in creativity .and life balance. I'm a leading expert in increasing creativity with innovative tools that bring out my audiences “inner child!” Stress levels and that sense of overwhelm decrease, all while giving listeners that sense of fun and inspiration. My irreverent, edgy style will keep your audience on their toes and before they know it, they’ve learned something!

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