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Prior to April 2013 Roseann Sdoia was your every day business executive working at a property development and managment company as Senior Vice President of Residential Properties.  Based on her extensive background of property management, the company had brought her on 10 years earlier to start up their residental apartment portolio.

By 2013, the apartment division had grown to approximately 800+ apartment homes and a team of 25 individuals helping to run the multiple locations. This division of the company was prospering as they were expanding with several new projects in the works.  Then the events of April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon changed her life forever, in so many ways.  

Roseann has gone from that every day business executive to survivor, motivational / inspirational speaker and now author of "Perfect Strangers."

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Boston, Massachusetts


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My expertise of overcoming adversity is based on my experience as a Boston Marathon survivor. In the presentation I speak of how I didn't want to live with the adversity of being an amputee. But through a few chain of events it has led me to a very thankful and fulfilling life.

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