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Passion, Purpose and People: Implementing the Never Give Up Perspective


Imagine how much the guy who figured out a way to rescue his two small children when they were kidnapped to the Middle East can teach you about resilience, successfully navigating change, perseverance and seeing the big picture in your professional and personal life.

I amazingly devised a daring plan to reunite with my two small children who were kidnapped to the Middle East. No laws required them to be returned! This proved to be a significant test of both my resolve and the strength of my conviction. The abduction and how I ultimately retained custody of my children led to the principles of tenacity and persistence displayed in this customized presentation.

My powerful signature keynote Kidjacked is the template used to take your attendees on an incredible journey. Disruptive at best-I engaged with, technology, experience from others, open communication and talent from around the globe.


We laugh, gasp and ultimately smile as I describe exactly how I accomplished what few thought could ever be done. Locating and rescuing my two small children who were kidnapped to the Middle East!


During the presentation, I come back to you several times, your jobs and your lives and tie together our challenges, growth and triumphs. Talented women and men who are committed to HR excellence, employee and organizational support, new laws and so much more! Powerful takeaways are layered throughout.

Based on my book Kidjacked-A Father’s Story.

Simply put…It rocks!



Takeaways include:


  • Increase your leadership abilities through more effective relationship building
  • Improve your communication effectiveness and engagement with both management and staff
  • Recognize when stress may be effecting business decisions and the tools to help
  • Provide you with tools to reduce stress and increase focus and engage employees
  • Develop agile approaches to long-term challenges through strategy, tenacity and persistence
  • Learn to grow, mentor and lead even during times of significant change.




The New Normal: Benefits of Successfully Navigating Change in a Fast-Paced Workplace

From new staff to new managers. From new organizational direction to dramatic changes in business due to economic or health concerns. Change is ever present.

Our staff is surrounded with change and the effect it has on jobs and on their workplace satisfaction, retention and productivity. Employee engagement and talent support is essential.

If those we work with can successfully navigate the intricacies, we’ll continue to grow our productivity and have a distinct advantage in advancing the services we provide. It’s an adventure! It’s a leader’s responsibility to help their team navigate change with the least amount of drama, tension and fear.

Sometimes it’s organizational change- cultural transformation. Or, it may be more uncertainty, more disruption, more competition. And, it can be the people side; how to cope. Fear and anxiety, new management new staff and new roles can be an opportunity for growth. Plus, an opportunity for additional learning and possible advancement too.

We understand that change is a constant and it’s our job as leaders to assist staff who are struggling, give them the tools and let them know they’re not alone. From innovation and technology to increasing sales and a strong workplace culture. We’re in this together and change is constant.

This popular interactive session is designed to show you how to best assist all staff, create a culture of openness and ideas and successfully navigate change in your workplace:


•          Demonstrate a greater ability to successfully lead through and navigate a culture of change

•          Develop a stronger vision to stay productive, engage as a leader and develop stronger relationships at all levels

•          Key factors that allow individuals to stress less, grow engagement and produce even during challenging times

•          Improved change management skills, better communication skills and a stronger more agile staff/team

•          Learn to grow, mentor and lead even during times of significant change




  Next Generation Leadership: Attracting, Engaging & Retaining 5 Unique Generations

Interactive Session 60-180 minutes

Successfully Blending the Five Generations currently in the workplace can be a tall order. Your leadership is essential in assisting all employees to better understand one another. It begins with open and vibrant dialogue and inclusion of all generations!

Our goal is to help support happier, dynamic, more productive employees while also maintaining focus on business, new laws, a positive workplace culture and so much more.

Around the globe and in the U.S., today’s employees can have up to five different generations working side by side. And, productivity can decrease if your staff doesn’t understand the unique characteristics and talents each person/generation brings. After all, understanding and growing our talent and organizational culture creates opportunities for increase productivity, higher retention and better communications between staff and departments.

This highly requested interactive presentation covers strategic methods of improving employee morale, improving operational efficiency, increasing employee retention and improving employee productivity; how to find it, how to harness it and how to keep it.

Millennials and Gen. Z get a special nod in this presentation- you’ll see why they’ve earned it in this fun, informative, interactive and fast paced session!

  • Increase employee retention, inclusion and attract new candidates
  • Grow overall workplace communications, productivity and satisfaction
  • Improve employee/management engagement of each generation and cultures
  • Discover the workplace needs, wants and aspirations of each generation PLUS
  • Identify the 7 most powerful actions we can take to improve employee engagement, workplace culture, grow communication, and cooperation with all generations (based on my five-year survey)


Limited Resources or Unlimited Resourcefulness: Get More Done (Keynote)

Today’s professionals are tasked with the responsibility of navigating multiple jobs within their position. It’s a busy life! And, some or even many, are counting on you to have ALL the answers. Based on my popular TEDx talk, we discover that distractions run rampant while managing projects and people.

We all want higher productivity, especially when faced with limited resources or significant change. How do we make this happen? I’ll explain as we uncover great ways to unleash our productivity, grow relationships, assist those we serve!


Limited or constrained resources and lack of information can affect work in so many ways. It can also lead to a decrease in productivity. Sometimes we are aware of these barriers and other times… not so much.

If we can acknowledge that these barriers exist, then we can attempt to remove them and in doing so unleash growth, grow productivity and innovation and even enjoy our workday!

In addition, open communication, sharing of ideas and vibrant dialogue are essential in growing workplace culture, communications and business!


This high energy keynote is designed to shed light on the real barriers we’re facing as we continue to strive for business excellence, a productive work environment, increased employee retention and more.


Actionable takeaways are layered throughout along with stories that resonate with attendees. Activity included!

  • 3 powerful tools that WILL increase your productivity and grow workplace culture and success
  • Grow employee engagement and strategy while sharing ideas, information and innovative resources
  • Build stronger and more agile relationships with coworkers in all departments
  • Improved leadership communications and management/employee buy in


My Background


Scott Lesnick is a high content international keynote speaker who is motivational, instructional and educational in style and tone. He presents powerful keynotes and interactive breakout sessions and is a consultant and author.

Also, Scott earned his CSP- Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association. Only 12% of speakers world-wide have this designation!

In addition, Scott spent 24 award-winning sales and management years at Shaw Industries a Berkshire Hathaway Fortune 500 company.

Scott served as the Dean of the Academy for Professional Speakers in 2016-17. He is a graduate of The University of Miami, Florida.

Scott recently presented at TEDx.     

His memoir, “Kidjacked – A Father’s Story” and his book Lifejacked: Life Lessons on Leadership were published to critical acclaim.

Scott’s motivational, educational and inspirational presentations center around topics including: education and leadership, HR, generational and cultural inclusion excellence in leadership, project management excellence, healthcare professional development and increasing productivity. Plus, maximizing performance, maximizing operational performance and excellence and managing change through great leadership.    

Watch me in action! 

Scott in action- https://bit.ly/2T1tzF1

TEDx  https://bit.ly/2BIZccz                  

5 Generations- https://bit.ly/2FNrfIu


Hi Scott! It was so wonderful to see you. I received a lot of positive feedback and you gave us a lot to think about. My favorite take-away: “Be nice.” You left your mark! Thank you for your presentation to our management team! We shared, we learned and we had fun doing it. Many many thanks ! – Cris Rojas - California Department of Transportation


When I was looking for speakers and trainers for our state conference, I came upon Scott. After reading his bio, it didn’t take me long to make contact. He graciously taught two classes for us and did a keynote. The classes were well received, as Scott does a wonderful job interacting and makes learning fun. His keynote was amazing and touched so many lives of those in attendance. I would recommend Scott to any organization. I am blessed to call him my friend. Tara Cox- School Nutrition Association Scott spoke at our 2019 Payroll Conference and was fantastic! He really brings you into his story and many times you have to remind yourself to breathe because you are so caught up in it. He gave great points on how to handle the stress of your job, all while keeping a positive attitude and that then results in keeping your customers happy. Scott scored very high on our survey results (an overall rating of 4.54 out of 5!) & we had many great comments that his story was very inspiring and he was an impactful speaker. He was a great addition to our conference! Nicole Carmody- American Payroll Association


Charlotte Morgan-Weddle – Northwestern Mutual “Scott presented not once, but twice at Northwestern Mutual! His first presentation was Successfully Navigating Change” and the second “Understanding and Communicating With the 5 Generations”. Scott is very easy and flexible to work with; and goes over and beyond to make his presentations relevant and powerful for his audiences. Scott is entertaining, informative and shared a lot of great information. He did an outstanding job and received excellent feedback from the participants!”


Lisa Newcomb – Vice President-US Bank “A great keynote presentation-fantastic event. Very positive evaluations! Scott was a pleasure to work with and our attendees were riveted as he spoke on leadership, communication and individual growth” Krista Williams – Corporate Sales Manager –United Van Lines “A business colleague of mine recently raved about Scott’s presentation as a keynote speaker at a conference she attended. She was so impressed that she recommended I reach out to him to present. I am so glad that I did. Scott gives an amazing presentation that is well suited for business professionals, leaders and all levels of employees. I highly recommend hiring Scott to speak at your company or event. National Speakers Association California Department of Transportation Society of Human Resource Management-SHRM – National and State Canadian Public Sector Information Professionals International Association of Public Sector HR CPHR- Canada Special Education Administrators CPS HR American Payroll Association Berkshire Hathaway US Bank UPS PCN Bank Forward Financial Bank Northwestern Mutual West Bend Mutual Insurance Department of Justice American Association of Orthopedic Executives Oklahoma Department of Health Health Information Management Association Shaw Industries Radiology Business Managers Association Voluntary Participation Program Participants’ Association Christus Health Association of Nutrition and Dietetics Women in Management Annual Strengthen Youth and Families Conference National Association of Family Child Care NASC Sports National Association of the Remodeling Industry-NARI International Wire and Cable Rochelle Hospital School Nutrition Association Association of Nutrition and Food Service Professionals California Department of Health and Welfare Occupational Therapy Association North Dakota Long Term Care IPMA-Public Sector HR Wisconsin Credit Unions Purchasing Power International Association of Administrative Professionals CCA Global National Association of Sports Commissions Vistage Worldwide Voluntary Participation Program Participants’ Association OSHA North Dakota US Attorney’s Office NARI Wisconsin Educators Association University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee And many, many more! Scott! You left your mark!  Thank you for your presentation to our management team!  We shared, we learned and we had fun doing it. Many, many thanks ! Cristina Rojas- Appleton Deputy director, administration California department of transportation ? Scott, Thank you! You were the best speaker I’ve worked with in a long time. Great evaluations too. Addy   Addy M. Kujawa, CAE | Chief Executive Officer American Alliance of Orthopedic Executives (AAOE) Debbie McDonald- National Chair Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals Deborah.Mcdonald@dshs.state.tx.us ?“Scott is engaging and heartfelt in his presentation.  He captures the audience with the narrative of his personal mission and powerful takeaways. His message to all is to never give up in what you believe in.?He is the epitome of the "TheNever Give Up Guy". ??Linda Hoel, R.D., SNS President- Washington School Nutrition Association Linda Hoel, R.D., SNS Northshore School District lhoel@nsd.org “Inspirational, thought-provoking, fascinating are all words I would use to describe the captivating story that Scott Lesnick tells through his very personal experience. A great fit for HR Professionals and more. The structure of his prose brings the audience into his world where he takes everyone on a journey in a profoundly difficult time in his life and vividly illustrates how he persevered and overcame major obstacles. His story is the quintessential basis for pursuing your HR passion(s) professionally and personally especially if things appear bleak.”    David Spector, SPHR l employment manager david.spector@bonton.com The Bon*Ton Stores orated Mark A. Moya, CESCP Electrical Engineer III Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.  Air Force Satellite Control Network  Mark.Moya@Honeywell.com “On January 19, 2017 Scott Lesnick presented, Motivate, Manage and Mentor the Five Generations in your Workplace, as part of an Author’s Series for the Milwaukee Business Journal. It was a packed house! His presentation was wonderful. It was well thought out and easy to follow. He had some great insights that I have not heard in the past. Not only is he a wonderful speaker and author, he is great to work with! If you are looking for a great guy who will deliver both attendees and knowledge, Scott is speaker for you.” Jennifer Roanhouse- Marketing Director Milwaukee Business Journal   Chris Myers-US Attorney North Dakota Chris.C.Myers@usdoj.gov Patricia Dischler- President- National Association of Family Child Care pdischler@wildblue.net Dianne Hanel International Association of Administrative Professionals dianehanel@live.com 402-637-6933? Tony Perk – President - Association of Nutrition and Food Service Professionals tmperk67@gmail.com 605-661-4001 References and Testimonials Scott recently spoke in Denver during our Make it Safe, Make it Home regional conference as a Keynote and breakout presenter. Before he even stepped foot on stage he took the time to do his homework and learn all about our association and membership which proved valuable as he was able to connect and engage the audience. In addition, he willingly accepted an invitation to support us by instructing a breakout session on another of his topics to a well attended crowed. Besides he’s remarkable story, his speaking style captures you and takes you along for the ride. Scott is not only professional but real. He will not only intertwine himself with the attendee’s but change the atmosphere! Scott will come in as your speaker but leave as your friend. Again, great job - Loved everything you shared with us last weekend. Mark A Moya, Honeywell - Region VIII VPPPA/OSHA Chairperson Mark A. Moya, CESCP Electrical Engineer III Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.  Air Force Satellite Control Network ?Mark.Moya@Honeywell.com ****** Scott:   Thank you for participating as a speaker during the 32nd Annual Kentucky SHRM Conference in Louisville August 30- September 1, 2016. Below is an evaluation summary for your presentation, as well as the overall evaluation score. You will also find all general comments about the conference and those comments specifically about your presentation. We strive for all speakers to attain a score of 4.0 or above. (On a 1 - 5 scale, with 1 = poor and 5 = excellent.) 32nd Annual Kentucky SHRM Conference  August 30- September 1, 2016 Workshops: Motivating, Mentoring & Managing Multi- Generations                    Louisville    Attendees: 715 Returned Evaluations:  217  Your Average Evaluation Score (out of a possible 5) Session 1: 4.63     Overall Conference Rating: Out of a possible 5.0 Conference Handout Material 4.02 Program Content Rating 4.29 Overall Program Rating 4.30 How well were the learning objectives of the Conference met? 4.22  Please rate the degree to which the Conference met your learning needs 4.13    OVERALL COMMENTS: SESSION COMMENTS: “Great info, great to have info to take back” “Excellent! Very fun and engaging”  “Great!” “Very insightful”  “Very interesting!”?“Great tools to take back to work” “Great presenter and good information- made it entertaining”  “Very knowledgeable”  “Good information review. Good presenter. Would love to see more scenario role play!”  In February, 2016, I registered for a SHRM event and quite honestly, it was more out of curiosity than anything else. I was not really sure what to expect from the topic titled “The Benefits of Successfully Navigating Change in the Workplace”.  The amount of change that I had experienced was minimal, but since change is inevitable, I thought it wise to attend.   It was here that I first met our speaker, Scott Lesnick. Scott’s presentation at this event was warm, appropriate to the audience and quite engaging.  His energy and ability to encourage participation, along with his sense of humor, made for an interesting lunch hour! Scott has the ability to communicate with the participants and then present in such a way that they feel like it applies directly to them!   I was so impressed with Scott, that I stayed in touch with him and just this month, invited him to speak at one of our organizations workshops, which he recently did. Once again, he had our participants attentive and engaged.   I highly recommend considering Scott for your conference or workshop.  I am confident you will be pleased with his professionalism as well as his presentation.   Sincerely,   Meline Grigorian YWCA MGrigorian@ywcasew.org     ? Nov. 10, 2015 Mr. Scott Lesnick, TXANFP members rated you as one of the best speakers. You tailored the presentations to our association and that was commendable. You set the tone for a successful conference. During the planning process you were one of the most committed speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Your willingness to help us prior to the conference was very much appreciated. Mr. Lesnick you showed that you believe in the Association of Nutrition & Food Service Professionals and you were not offering a service just for money. Your willingness to work with us financially was over and beyond you were very much deserving of more. I wish all the speakers I work with could be as generous and caring about the outcome of their efforts as you are." I highly recommend you to all chapters of the Association of Nutrition & Food Service Professionals. We look forward to having you as a speaker in the coming year. Respectfully, Debbie McDonald, CDM, CFPP Debbie McDonald CDM, CFPP TXANFP Spokesperson/Program Coordinator /National Chair Deborah.Mcdonald@dshs.state.tx.us US Bank  Fantastic event- Very positive evaluations! vanessa.raasch@usbank.com RE: Presentation on March 20th?From: "Loberg, Chris A - DOC" ?Date: Thu, March 21, 2013 8:17 am?To: "'scott@scottlesnick.com'" Hi Scott, I just wanted to tell you the positive comments I received on your presentation. Well I loved it and so did all the others and I loved having the opportunity meeting you. Thank you again for giving us the opportunity of hearing your story. “Scott spoke to our staff about managing stress and focusing on what is truly important in our life. It was great! His message resonated and we all took away tools to help keep ourselves grounded in a job/environment that is very challenging, stressful and rewarding.” Thank you, Chris Loberg ?Food Service Manager/Health & Safety Committee Chairperson Secure Detention Facility Iowa-Nebraska Division of IAAP testimonial for Scott Lesnick ?Scott presented to the members of the Iowa-Nebraska Division of IAAP and was outstanding!  His relaxed, yet straightforward style of presenting worked well with our group.  Scott was very generous with his time and talents.  His inspiring story and ability to persevere during an incredibly difficult and trying time in his personal life provided an insight for our members as our association is in the midst of major change.  Humorous, inspiring, and uplifting were just a few of the words used to describe Scott’s presentation.  The Iowa-Nebraska Division Board highly recommends Scott to any group wanting a fun, interesting, enlightening, and engaging presenter for their next event. ? Diane Hanel, CAP?IA-NE Division President  dianehanel@live.com April 23 – 24, 2014 To Whom It May Concern, Scott Lesnick was our keynote speaker for the SDANFP 2014 Spring conference held in Brookings, SD from April 23 – 25. Scott has an amazing stories to share, but what equally impreseed us was the time that he took to get to know our members at the conference. The entire time Scott was there, he was getting to know everyone by constantly moving from table to table and talking to individuals. Due to Scott’s personable nature, his story, and topics available for his breakout sessions, I can’t recommend him enough! It was a pleasure getting to know him! Tony Perk SDANFP President tmperk67@yahoo.com Women in Management Conference 4/8/2015 Excellent Good Fair Poor 1. Meeting Facility 54 15 0 0 2. Menu 37 11 1 0 3. Speaker 50 4 0 0 4. Speaker Topic 44 5 0 0 Comments: Awesome! Very interesting! Thank you! Wish he could've spoke longer Great presentation Very interesting- funny-informative!   As promised, I’m forwarding you the unedited evaluation results from your presentations last month. You were a hit!  I’ve also attached our letter of recommendation. Feel free to use any of our comments.     Keynote- Winning Your Manager’s Confidence—How to Communicate Better Than the Competition    Excellent          Neutral         Poor  N/A                                                                                                                             114      21        1          0      0       0 ?         Learned great ideas on how to have better communication with my manager. ?         Engaging ?         Really liked the brain writing interactive session. ?         Very pleasant speaker. Great topics & execution of our engagement.  Thank you! ?         Scott had very practical tips. ?         Different perspective on approaching change and building the relationship with your boss.  Will start looking at some of the changes at work in a new light. ?         Great ideas to building better rapport.  Communication is key. ?         Scott was interesting, had good insights. ?         Scott was an amazing presenter.  I appreciated his networking prior to his presentation. ?         Scott reminded me to always ask questions and ask more questions.     Kidjacked:  Focus on What’s Truly Important—Implementing the Never Give Up Perspective                                                                                        Excellent          Neutral         Poor  N/A                                                                                              121     12      1      0        0         ?         Great story. Keep up the persistence, learn to never give up. ?         Looking forward to reading the book – thanks! ?         Great story. ?         Very nice story – should have introduced wife first – thought it was her at first. ?         Need this reminder to go through the problem – don’t skirt around it. Thank you, Scott. ?         Very powerful message of not giving up – what I’ve faced doesn’t seem to compare to your experience.  Love the back and forth between telling your story and asking audience questions to bring them in. ?         He’s a great storyteller. ?         Absolutely fantastic. ?         Wasn’t at presentation. ?         Scott’s presentation of his personal experience was touching and personal.  Showing how to overcome and be happy!   My best,  Lynne   International Association of Administrative Professionals Conference Scott was outstanding!  Relaxed, straight forward style. He provided a powerful insight for our members as our association is in the midst of major change.   Humorous, inspiring, and uplifting were just a few of the words used to describe Scott’s presentation.   ?  “A business colleague of mine recently raved about Scott’s presentation as a keynote speaker at a meeting she attended. She was so impressed that she recommended I reach out to him to present. I am so glad that I did. Scott gives amazing presentations that are well suited for business professionals, community leaders, or all levels of employees. I highly recommend hiring Scott to speak at your company or event. He is very relatable and friendly, and creates a great rapport with the audience. The message he conveys stays with you long after his presentation and will leave you thinking and motivated long after the meeting has ended.” Krista Williams – Corporate Sales Manager – Schroeder Moving Systems/United Van Lines Agent “If you’re looking for a speaker to motivate, inspire and educate your audience, contact Scott Lesnick. More than a motivational speaker, Scott speaks from the heart with passion, sharing a powerful, real-life success story on persistence and how never to give up. He was a hit at our annual fall 2015 conference as our keynote and interactive breakout presenter.” Laurie Gambino, CDM, CFPP – Association of Nutrition and Food Service Professionals - President

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