What I Like to talk About

Keynote title: "The Secret to High-Performing Organizations"  I talk about how leaders can motivate their employees in a manner that sustains by creating meaning. 

Keynote title: "Fuel the Fire (Maximize Your Momentum)": I talk about how businesses can fuel precious business momentum by ensuring their organizations avoid the most common and caustic traps that drain inspiration from employees over time.

Keynote title: "Flourishing in the Face of Change": I talk about how organizations can flourish, rather than flounder, in the face of change.

Keynote title: "How to Leave a Legacy at Work (& in Life)": I talk about how leaders and employees can leave a legacy at work (and in life).

Keynote title: "Find the Fire (Be Inspired Again at Work & in Life)": I talk about how employees can reignite their sense of inspiration to do their best work and feel maximally fulfilled once again.

My Background

I'm a former Procter & Gamble senior executive who successfully ran four separate multi-billion dollar businesses, the multi-award-winning author of the books Make It Matter and Find the Fire, faculty at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business for Exec. Ed., and a top columnist for Inc.com with well over 1 million readers/month.


This represents just a partial list of the many clients Scott has very successfully served:

“I dare anyone to listen to a Scott Mautz keynote and not be captivated, moved and energized. This is a man with important things to say and share. And he has a true gift for saying and sharing those things in a manner that will pierce through the tyranny of the day’s to-do’s and distractions. We invited Scott to speak to an important gathering of our clients, all busy people with high standards. What did they think? Well, after Scott’s keynote, I was overwhelmed by their gratitude for the chance to hear him—and by their requests to have Scott speak to their companies. Scott is a world-class keynoter. I have hired Nobel Prize winners and New York Times bestsellers to keynote, and Scott was as good, and better than most of them. I predict he will quickly be as sought after as Pink, Gladwell, Collins, et al.” 

Steve Kissing, Managing Partner | Wordsworth Communications


“Scott Mautz is inspiration personified. He captivated a group of leaders from around the globe at our Leadership Summit with a powerful, highly relevant, and supremely tailored message that fit our company and workforce and which drove maximum relevancy and impact (unlike canned talks I’ve heard from others). His one-of-a-kind blend of well-researched science and data, personal passion, and practical tools provided worked in equal parts to open our hearts and minds to his insights. He sparked profound introspection about how each of us can help build the high-performance culture to which we aspire.”

Scott Beal, President | Barr Brands


“Scott addressed a large group of global suppliers for GHSP at our annual supplier expectations day. I’ve had the opportunity to engage and listen to many keynote speakers through industry and leadership events, and Scott was one of the most impactful speakers I have encountered. He completely connected with the audience, delivered a compelling message which integrated with our theme, and challenged the group to bring purpose and meaning into the workplace. If you are considering a keynote speaker stop looking – hire Scott today!”

Kreig Kuiper, Global Purchasing Manager | GHSP


“Scott kicked off our Business Unit meeting with great energy, delivering a thought-provoking and inspirational message that was perfect to get our team fired up for the next leg of our turnaround journey. Scott’s point of difference is his combination of personal experience in business (he has been in our shoes) coupled with his engaging storytelling delivery that has everyone tuned in from start to finish. His message encourages everyone to take personal accountability for their inspiration giving insightful tips on what might be getting in their way and how they can overcome those barriers. Scott customizes his delivery to each client’s specific context so that it hits home.”

Noel Geoffrey, President | Kellogg’s Frozen Foods


“Scott Mautz’s message on leaving a legacy stops you in your tracks and allows you to truly think through what you want to make of your life. He’s inspirational, encouraging, and passionate. Your heart is filled with hope and belief that you as one person can make a lasting impact to those around you. On my toughest days, now I’m very clear on the legacy I want to leave which helps me power through any challenge! Scott has left a lasting mark on me that I appreciate beyond words”

April Anslinger, Chief Growth Officer | Schwan Brands


“Scott has a remarkable way of connecting with his audience. It is his realness and affability, coupled with a simple yet powerful story-telling that makes his keynote speech so captivating and inspiring.” 

Mehmet Yuksek, CEO | Perfetti Van Melle USA


“I first saw Scott speak at P&G and knew I had to hire him when I joined a new company. Scott is hands down one of the best speakers I have ever seen, leaving a lasting impact on those who have the privilege to hear him. His content is original, relevant, and immediately applicable, while his delivery is motivating and energizing. My organization provided feedback that bringing him in to speak was a “true gift” to the team.”

Jenny Harris, Senior Vice President | Ipsos UU


“Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of having a number of accomplished and inspirational speakers address my leadership team. These range from Fortune 500 CEO’s to national political leaders, to leaders from the world of social services. All of these incredible people notwithstanding, the one speaker who had the biggest impact on my team was Scott Mautz. Scott’s inspirational and accessible message connected with my team on a personal level and, most importantly, has stuck with them. The half-life of most inspirational talks tends to be very short. But not in Scott’s case. His message of living and leading with purpose continues to motivate and resonate.”

Steve Shifman, CEO | Michelman

Previous Speech Topics

How to Leave a Legacy at Work (& in Life)

National Sales event
Bolton Landing, New York
Oct, 2 2019

Flourishing in the Face of Change

P&G global event
Cincinnati, Ohio
Oct, 8 2019

Fuel the Fire: Maximize Your Momentum

Sanofi global event
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Dec, 3 2019

The Secret to High-Performing Organizations

Vistage Executive Summit
Raleigh, North Carolina
Nov, 13 2019

Find the Fire (Be Inspired Again at Work & in Life)

National Sales event
Charlotte, North Carolina
Dec, 12 2019



Cincinnati, Ohio


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