What I Like to talk About

I teach and motivate in the areas of mental performance, decision making, and overcoming negative bias and fears. My training as a corporate entertainer and mentalist gives me the ability to captivate and entertain audiences as well as provide valuable insight.

My Background

I had a 30 year corporate career as a systems analyst, project manager and business analyst for companies such as EDS, William M Mercer, and Humana. After launching my own business as a corporate entertainer in the field of mentalism, I discovered the hidden and often negative effects of the subconscious "lizard" brain, and how they subvert our professional and personal decision making and mental performance.



Louisville, Kentucky


Available Upon Request


Steve is an expert in mental performance, exploring how the hidden impulses, shortcuts and biases of the subconscious mind affect decisions making, productivity and relationships. Attendees gain recognition of “lizard brain” shortcuts and biases and learn how to overcome their effects on judgment and decision making.

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