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WARNING: This keynote speaker is different from nearly everyone else you will see on this page. His message is not about him or his successes, but about ... your audience!

People are more likely to remain members of your organization, tell others about their experiences, and pay to attend your future events when you get them actively engaged.

Have you been reading about the same trends in industry journals that I have been reading about?

Conference audiences are now moving away from lecture-style presentations. Instead, they are choosing dynamic, interactive events in which they can get involved.

Think about it ... Did your conference attendees pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars each to sit ... for days?

Did they spend dozens of hours traveling to obtain the same information they could get from Google, a recorded webinar, or a white paper ... in seconds?

They may have already seen the YouTube video of the presentation your keynote speaker gives to every organization. Do they really want to sit through it ... again?

Why not surprise and delight your attendees with a kickoff experience that is fun, energetic and interactive? Provide them with an opportunity to create strategic relationships, here and now, with the like-minded professionals at the conferences who have invested their energy, time and money to be there!

Be a hero, and, rather than just a keynote speech, offer them something they can get nowhere else ... an experience!

My Background

Janusz has delighted audiences for over 4,500 hours in 49 of the 50 United States, in Canada from Halifax to Vancouver, and in Australia and Puerto Rico. His work has been featured on sites like BusinessWeek.com and MSNBC.com, and has been invited to appear on the FOX News Channel. Ted earned his MBA in Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh.

Janusz is passionate about engaging his audience. Now he wants to engage ... yours!

Your facilitator, Ted Janusz says, "I have learned that if I lecture at my participants, they don't retain the information. However, if they help write the script, they do."


Not only do other speakers and I offer an interactive opening keynote address, scheduling an interactive address as the closing general session can also make the difference between the overall success and failure of the conference.

For instance, last month I was told by a conference organizer, “We did not end well yesterday. We needed to discuss some changes in policies and procedures that nobody was happy about. They left the conference grumbling yesterday. I certainly hope you can turn things around this afternoon.”

Within minutes after beginning my presentation, I could sense an immediate change in the spirit in the room. After our opening interactive activity (which was a welcome change after a day and a half of just sitting), people were talking, smiling and laughing with each other.

After the event, the organizer sent me an email which read, "I have had many people come by and thank me for inviting you to present at our meeting last week. Everyone had a great time, and they also learned a lot about themselves and their co-workers. You did a great job and had great energy! Thank you for helping to make our event a success!"



Columbus, Ohio




Ted Janusz does something completely DIFFERENT! He helps organizations who want their conference attendees to develop strategic relationships with the like-minded professionals at the conference, right from the start, and then to build on those relationships throughout the conference.

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