What I Like to talk About

I like to talk about the power of storytelling and how stories can be combined with research and data to create excellent presentations on any topic.  I am a thought leader in the art of storytelling and I want my audiences to become aware of the value of their own stories. Most people are reluctant to share their personal stories until they realize that it only takes mastering a few skills to overcome that reluctance. Our stories work in all aspects of our lives and they are excellent communication tools.  Each person has a wealth of stories inside. These narratives are based on life experiences, family history and cultural lifestyles. When we share these stories with others we can connect to their humanity. When people listen to our stories we are able to make ourselves understood and respected. By the same token when we listen to others we learn to respect and understand them. In today’s world of high technology, little time is spent conversing face to face with other people. The power of a well-told and heartfelt story is that it allows the narrator to pull another person into the setting, action, and characters and exist for a short time in another place and another time. Stories can be applied to almost any issue in order to explain, engage, entertain, encourage, persuade, inspire, or motivate. For each of my presentations I choose stories to help instill my message and combine them with data and research to make my point in an effort to meet the needs of my clients.

My Background

I am a wife, mother, best-selling author, a thought leader on the art of storytelling, and an award-winning public speaker. I have a BA degree in Modern Foreign Languages from Tennessee State University and a Masters of French Education from the State University of West Georgia. I worked in banking, sales, and  as a teacher and I am now retired. I am a professional member of the National Speakers Association and a member of Toastmasters International where I am one of less than 2% of members who have earned the Distinguished Toastmaster Award. I use the art of storytelling to address topics and tailor each of my presentations to meet the needs of my audience.


'Theresa Worthy has been able to grip a room from start to finish with her unique style of speaking and well-told stories.'"

James Garrett

Authorized Commercial Rep

Tower Garden Commercial Division



"Theresa Worthy has always spoken eloquently. I’ve witnessed her deliver speeches that are entertaining, persuasive, and motivational. She has been speaking for many years and has a wealth of experience."

Raymond Havis


Global Real Estate Developers LLC


"Theresa is an excellent public speaker. She  has the ability to captivate the crowd as she moves effortlessly on the stage and takes people on a magical journey with every speech."

David Brackett

President of Linguava

"Theresa Worthy has distinguished herself as an engaging and entertaining speaker. Her most memorable speaking trait is her storytelling. She has demonstrated her prowess with a variety of topics, ranging from childhood stories to non-fiction mystery and intrigue. In each case, I’ve felt transported into the world that Theresa describes so effectively with her words, vocalizations, facial expressions, and gestures."


Jim Cyganek

Senior Project Engineer


"Humor and clarity of message were the hallmarks of your stories bringing us back from a different place; either educated or enriched, but always entertained. You have a gift for telling stories and I often think of how you would bring a tale to a crescendo with everyone wanting more. Please continue to share your gift as it's made me a better story teller just for getting to hear so many of your tales."

Frank Patierno

Regional Sales Manager

Comcast Spotlight Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia


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My expertise is storytelling. I apply the ancient art of narration to my topics in order to meet the needs of my audiences

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