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Rediscover joy in work and life and gain tools to create happiness and balance. Audiences are rejuvenated and transformed by author Brenda Viola's engaging, humorous, and inspiring sessions.

This engaging former QVC Show Host, news anchor and reporter, and award-winning PR pro is camera ready to captivate your remote/virtual audience. Brenda Viola's outrageous experiences on and off camera inform her memorable sessions. Author of the #1 Amazon New Release in Government Management, The Public Servants' Survival Guide, her ten keys to restore joy in work and life appeal to any audience of busy people.

Need to communicate better? Her "Mastering the Media" class offers practical skills to make the most of any conversation as does "How to be Heard (without Screaming)." Practical tips to empower her audiences to get what's in their heads out of their mouths effectively (and with grace) produce rave reviews and life-changing results.

Unpacking the communication problem led to extensive research on "Why don't we speak up?" The culprit?  FEAR.  Her "The Fear Factor" class was developed and its companion, "Create Your Life, One Thought at a Time" resulted in hundreds of testimonials from people whose lives have improved as a result of these practical and candid workshops.

Brenda's audiences laugh out loud. She is not shy about telling her own gut-wrenching  life stories. In fact, the heartbeat of her story is "My messes are my message" and led to the registered trademarked phrase, "Embrace Your Flawsomeness."

Life is too short to live with regrets. Did you learn something? Then it wasn't a mistake - it's all part of the journey.  There's ONE person you are destined to spend the rest of your life with - and it's YOU.  So you better start loving yourself, taking care of yourself, and settling in to your own worthiness NOW.

If you have a group that is "Running on Empty" Brenda's Keynote by the same name will help them self-assess and fuel their tanks to go on to improved and happier lives. Is your workplace toxic or in need of a culture boost?  ME Seminars has a workshop built to infuse your organization with appreciation.

When you mean BUSINESS about the well being of your team, ME Seminars and Brenda Viola are your go-to source for inspiration, motivation, and practical tools that, when applied, can change a life - or a business - for good.



"Brenda Viola is a ROCK STAR presenter who will motivate, inspire, and uplift any audience. Her energy and enthusiasm gets the crowd excited to learn, while her wisdom and teachings connect with the audience on a deeply emotional level. I've had the pleasure of learning from Brenda at several different conferences, and I will ALWAYS sign up for one of her sessions." - Stephanie Smith, President, California Association of Municipal Clerks


Brenda was our keynote speaker at the 2019 Washington State Municipal Clerks Association Annual Conference - Going the Extra Mile (When you're Running on Empty) and she also provided a session on Mastering the Media - Communication Tips for the Clerk. She is an amazing speaker, super engaging, funny, positive and relatable to our profession. Her energy is infectious and I would love to see her speak again in the future. 

I would also like to add, that working with her before, during and after our conference was such a pleasure. If you don't book her, you are missing out on something special! - Terri Wright, CMC, Municipal Clerk, Kennewick, WA


"YOU ROCK! Of all the presentations we sat through at the Conference, yours was my favorite and I told everyone I saw that missed Sunday, they really missed out! You gave us the boost we needed to begin a long few days of classes and I will not forget you." - Suzanne Welsh, MRCC, CMC, City of Ava, Missouri

"A genuine ability to connect with audiences, refreshing, thought-provoking and meaningful messages, and a high standard of professionalism are just a few of the qualities that earn Brenda rave reviews at our international conference. I especially value her high standards and exceptional communication skills, which makes working with her such a breeze." - Ashley DiBlasi, Asst. Director of Professional Development, International Institute of Municipal Clerks 


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An award-winning Public Information Officer, former QVC Show Host and News Anchor/Reporter, Brenda Viola is the author of The Public Servants' Survival Guide, a top new release on Amazon in 2020.

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