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Don't Believe The Chatter (Confronting the lies we tell ourselves.)

"Confronting the lies we tell ourselves"

Too often we look outside of ourselves for the enemy and rightfully so. Be it a foreign invasion, a debilitating disease, or a sworn foe who is committed to our demise. However sometimes we forget to identify the enemy that is within: our inner me.  This enemy lurks in the crevices of our minds. It fires series of negative thoughts which paralyze us. It victimizes us with thoughts of our past, and sends discouranging messages about our future.

Although we can not examine our thoughts using a mircroscope, we can still see its effect.  In the speech, Don't Believe The Chatter, my audience identifies the lies they tell themselves. They are encouraged to change their persepctives and are taught how to identify the issues themselves.  There is a triple-wammy to this speech; it is sure to encourage, entertain, and engage the audience. 

Other Topics:

  • Biblical Exposition
  • Warnings (Listening to the Warnings)
  • Homeschool Through High school
  • Power to Choose


My Background

Donisia is a wife and a mother of three. She home schooled all three of her children during their educational journey until each child graduated from home school. She has taught in public, co-op, and private school settings. Donisia is an author, speaker, private homeschool consultant, and a licensed realtor who holds a Master's degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelor's degree in Accountant.


It is my pleasure to recommend Donisia Forrester as a Bible Study Teacher. I would consider it a privilege to be in her class. I know that I would grow in knowledge and in faith.
~ Patti S.
Donisia is well versed in biblical knowledge but is continually thirsting for more. She has participated in many bible studies on many topics. In class, she routinely asks questions and for clarification. She also offers her own knowledge on topics and demonstrates a deep connection with God's word.
~ Sherrie S.
Donisia's style and flair kept me captivated but it was her unique way of speaking the truth that really changed my view!
~ Daniel P.
I have had the privilege of watching her speak a number of times. Each time she spoke her storytelling captured us, the audience, and her demeanor on stage commanded our attention, leaving us wanting, and waiting for more.
~ Kevin J.

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My Calendar

Title of Speech Date City State
Don't Believe The Chatter Jul, 18 2020 Texas Plano
Homeschool Through Highschool Jul, 25 2020 Georgia Atlanta

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My expertise lies in education. Donisia enjoys educating the three components of a person: spirit, soul, and mind. The spirit--insight into biblical principles; the soul--confronting the negative monologue we have with ourselves; and the mind--increasing productivity by incorporating the three modalities to enhance learning in the classroom and in life.

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