What I Like to talk About

See expertise section for my most popular topics. My goal is to entertain, elevate and invigorate my audiences and groups with a customized message and tools they can put into immediate use. I like to challenge the status quo and provide solutions to tough dilemmas, big tasks and new initiatives that the group wants to accomplish. My coaching credo is to help people "kick up their games" and leave the session or workshop inspired and convinced that they can do it. My role is essentially to help put people in a position where they can be most successful. All of my work is avaialble via virtual, hybrid and in-person.

My Background


A long-time client of mine introduced me to their organization as their "strength and conditioning coach," and that moniker has taken hold with my other clients as well. It accurately describes what I do best. Through my work as a professional speaker and business/sales coach, I strive to help people get in better business shape -- to kick up their games, embrace innovative tools and methods, challenge their status quo, and help move them to action by way of empowering, engaging and entertaining presentations.

My areas of expertise and most popular topics include: Sales, negotiation, leadership, personal branding, customer service, buyer-seller relations, executive development, change/crisis management, organizational synergy and teamwork/collaboration.

I also offer tailored one-on-one coaching programs or sessions for people who are experiencing job or career transition, in addition to individuals wanting personal branding, skills enhancement and social media positioning.

I am a Certified Virtual Presenter through Espeakers. All of my programs are available as virtual webinars/conferencing, etc. 

My clients hail from a wide variety of industries such as hospitality, CVBs/DMOs, national/state/regional associations, companies of all sizes, clubs, wineries, public sector, insurance, high tech, small businesses and Fortune 500 firms.

I am very proud of my customers' compliments about the sweat equity I invest in getting to know them and understanding their needs prior to an assignment. I take due diligence very seriously so that each of my presentations are carefully customized for that specific industry or audience. My transformative programs are available in a variety of delivery options such as keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, executive retreats, facilitation, and company "field trips" (such as my "Battlefields-to-Business" seminars).


I am active as an author, committee member and trusted advisor in many different business groups, including MPI. I served two terms as president of the Northern California chapter of PCMA. I have authored over 30 articles for both print and on-line publications on a variety of business topics such as sales, leadership, personal branding, resort operations, improving communication, booking and hosting sports groups and team-building. I have been interviewed on various radio shows, podcasts and video programs about my work and experiences. My articles on Hotel-Online consistently rate in their Top 20.  Additionally, SELLING POWER Magazine profiled my unique sales retreat program. I am currently in the process of completing my first book.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University in Business Administration from The School of Hospitality Business. I am a member of the school’s Alumni Board of Directors, and was also named one of its “Most Outstanding Alumni in the first 75 Years” and also “Emerging Alumnus of the Year.” I enjoy giving back by visiting the campus annually as an Honorary Faculty Member to address classes, mentor students with career advice, and also provide mock interviews and resume reviews.

My hotel career following graduation included 17 years in luxury hotels for Westin, Fairmont and Park Lane Hotels International. I took that spark of hospitality and parlayed my hotel sales and operations leadership experience into my passion for helping others achieve their goals, founding Training for Winners in 1995.


Essentially, my goal is to elevate, educate and entertain my audiences, to help them find that extra gear. My clients hire me to make an impact. That becomes my mission.

For me, an assignment is successful when I've strengthened others and put them in a position to achieve greater success. I pride myself on taking on tough assignments and being easy to do business with.






"Gary was a speaker for one of our monthly webinars. He presented a topic on the RFP process for planners and suppliers in the meetings and events industry. He went above and beyond to curate and present a thought-provoking and interactive webinar. Gary's presentation and stories kept the attendees engaged, and he even went the extra mile to add two panelists to the webcast so there could be multiple perspectives in the conversation. Working with Gary was a breeze, and I learned a lot from his presentation. We are still receiving great feedback from attendees who watched the webinar on-demand. I highly recommended Gary as a speaker for live events or webinars." Camille Moore / CONNECT Meetings


"We recently engaged Gary to present an important, difficult subject at one of my company's recent events. The subject was difficult not only because it divides buyers and sellers, but also because the room was comprised of an equal number of attendees representing both sides of the challenge. Gary immediately framed both sides of the subject fairly and with good humor, and he inspired dozens of attendees to contribute their ideas in the same spirit. The end result was a productive dialogue where everyone felt their voices were heard, and each party learned how to address their challenges constructively." David Blansfield / NorthStar Media Group


"I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Gary. I had the pleasure of working with Gary at IMEX America. Gary presented a session at IMEX America during Smart Monday. Gary's ability to captivate and engage with our attendees was unlike any I’ve seen before. This lead to Gary's session being a standing room only session. Not only did I notice Gary's professionalism, but the feedback from my attendees also showed we made a great choice with choosing Gary to speak at Smart Monday. Gary earns my highest recommendation." Crystal Shipps / Meeting Professionals International 


"I have had the pleasure of working with Gary during conferences in the past, yet in this particular session, "What? Me, A Salesperson?" he left our attendees energetic and enthusiastic about the tools they gained during the pre-conference session.
Not only did Gary create an engaging learning environment but he captivated our audience from start to end with real world examples, relevant scenarios, and training tools that could be implemented immediately.
Gary's passion and professional expertise makes him a exceptional speaker."  Amy Ledoux, CAE, CMP / American Society of Association Executives"
"Gary was great to work with (SMART MEETINGS New Orleans)... the feedback we received was phenomenal. Gary was great to work with, and he is a true professional. He is a wonderful meeting's speaker because he knows so much about the industry, and engages your attendees like no other. I love the way Gary gets a conversation going in a ballroom and draws out attendee passion." Marin Bright, Publisher  / SMART MEETINGS
"I am very confident and proud in writing this recommendation for Gary Hernbroth. We retained him for a program for our CVB sales team and our community partners, and found him to be very generous with his time to learn our needs prior to the training, during the actual event, and in the follow up. Gary is highly skilled and has a vast amount of experience as well as knowledge of our industry, and he presented the material in a very accessible way. It is notable how Gary goes the extra mile to make sure the audience fully comprehends the principles behind the processes. I, as well as our other colleagues, find him to be very approachable and warm. You can search out there and you'll find it's rare to have a speaker that can be as dedicated, as knowledgeable, and as passionate as Gary is. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Gary and it is why we retained his services for a second year!" Mary Zucchero, CDME, CGMP / Visit Ypsi
"I've had the opportunity to work with Gary Hernbroth on four separate occasions at four different hotels for sales and management training. The reason I keep hiring Gary? Because he is simply the best in the industry!
His training is relevant, engaging and customized and that is hard to come by in our industry. My job depends on ensuring the sales teams I lead are performing at a high level and Gary helps give me job security! He's a professional that's been in the trenches and understands what challenges we face on a daily basis. I've seen him stay razor sharp and relevant throughout the years and I would recommend Gary Hernbroth (Training for Winners) to anyone looking to improve sales performance and accountability." Wade Bryant / Valor Hospitality
"We call Gary our customer service and performance 'strength and conditioning coach,' as he has helped us transform our attitudes, as well as our processes, products, and procedures.
We have made measurable, across-the-board improvements...Gary did this by giving us the tools and concepts to improve... He got in the trenches with our front-line staff and worked with them on specific tools to help them improve and succeed. His "Alliance Partners" program that he installed here has made a significant impact here and made us a better organization." Randle Harwood / City of Fort Worth
"Gary provided a fantastic session for Walnut Creek CVB Advisory Board Members and CVB stakeholders. His engaging style and skillful facilitation allowed us to both enjoy a fun team building afternoon and a helpful, productive discussion of current/future business opportunities. Gary brought industry trends and insights to our team, and we were able to consider how to apply those ideas to our hotels and tourism organization. I would recommend Gary to organizations throughout the country." Walnut Creek CVB
"Gary listened to our needs and tailored his presentation to address them. He effectively mixed team-building activities with content presentation and held the attention of 20 sales people for over 4 hours….not an easy feat. Each participant took away several key points, as did we as an organization. We will implement a number of the concepts Gary taught us. He combined the right amount of content, work, entertainment and provocation to make for a very worthwhile session." Jeff Gullickson / Western Independent Growers
"We had such a great time with Gary during our Sales Training at Lake Lawn Resort! He has such a knack at putting every person at ease from the start, no matter what their level of experience might be. We had a lot to accomplish in a short time and Gary's advance planning ensured that every aspect of the training had a purpose. So important and appreciated! Hope to bring Gary back again in the future to create more memories and MORE SALES!" Terri Bain / Lake Lawn Resort
We had Gary speak at our Regional event last month and he was absolutely amazing. His style was very engaging, creative, informative, fun, and practical. The theme was "March Madness", which I thought was brilliant. He even had decorations around "March Madness" as well. And, Gary had a way of getting the attendees to participate and stay engaged. Everyone who attended had nothing but positive things to say about Gary. Thank you, Gary, for a job well done and your creativity! Sina Tate / California Society of Association Executives

"Gary has presented educational sessions at multiple World Conferences on Club Management for the Club Management Association of America (CMAA). He most recently spoke at our event in February of 2019. His topics are always relevant in the current workplace. Our members have consistently given Gary high ratings after each of his sessions." David McCabe / CMAA


"Thank you for the outstanding training sessions, both the opening activity “Embrace the Funnel” and the day two “Let’s Kick Up Our Sales Games Together”, that you produced for our annual Georgia Group Sales Symposium. Your programming was terrific and set the stage for a very successful meeting. Your message was full of great content, humor, and engaging, fun audience participation that kept everyone on their toes and in the learning zone! We also appreciate your professionalism and easy nature in working with us from content development to conference delivery. The feedback from the program was great. The presentation material was relevant, full of eye-opening industry reminders, and immediately applicable to our destination marketing sales teams not just from across Georgia, but also, the many Southeastern states joining us for your session. The coaching and insights will enable our members to create new strategies and exceed goals. I look forward to our collaboration in the future and will recommend you to my colleagues around the country." Jay Markwalter / Georgia Association of CVBs


"I had the pleasure of watching Gary speak to the Washington Hospitality Association Lodging Convention recently. Gary spoke eloquently to a diverse crowd of hospitality professionals about the role that customer service plays in delivering results in disruptive times. His expertise was instantly evident, and his presentation was one of the best I have seen in a decade. I left feeling inspired. I would recommend Gary as a speaker, as he is congenial, entertaining and full of knowledge." David Faro / WHA


"A sincere thank you for your impressive and moving presentation to the members, staff, and alliance partners of Historic Hotels of America during our 23rd Annual Conference & Awards Gala at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, California. From the moment you took the stage and proceeded to dramatically recreate the vivid images of a Civil War battlefield, I, along with every other person assembled in that ballroom experienced the full range of emotions-- doubt, fear, indecisiveness—as if we, too, had been transported to that battlefield where leadership decisions held life or death consequences. And, the way you skillfully maneuvered your audience from the battlefield to the boardroom was masterful, applying lessons learned from one setting to the other in a seamless fashion and proving that history has much to teach us in our corporate responsibilities.  I know I don’t have to tell you—because you heard it from our members themselves that day—how moved we all were by your presentation and how you refocused to us to consider all the consequences of our corporate decision making.  You were truly inspirational and I sincerely appreciated the enthusiasm with which you customized your presentation for our audience of historic preservation-friendly hoteliers. Thank you again, Gary, for an insightful and memorable presentation, which to this day, continues to be one of the most visited Annual Conference pages on the Historic Hotels of America Member Portal." Larry Horwitz / Historic Hotels of America




Previous Speech Topics


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and across the USA, California


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$3,000 - 5,000


All presentations are customized. I am also a Certified Virtual Presenter. Major areas of expertise include the following business topics: Leaderhip, management, Sales/Negotiation, Buyer-Seller Issues and Realationships, Customer Care, Personal Branding, Teamwork/Collaboration, Creating and Sustaining Organizational Synergies, Strategic Planning, Building Alliance Partnerships, Change and Conflict Management

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