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Leadership development strategies and principles. The intent and goal is to develop, grow, inspire, and motivate the pool of current and next generation of leaders. Why?

Employees at all levels in the workplace feel undervalued, marginalized and underappreciated in more ways than one. U.S. companies spent $160 billion on employee training and education, yet:

58% of managers said they did not receive any management training.

79% of people quit their job due to lack of appreciation.

77% of organizations report they are currently experiencing a leadership gap.

Only 10% of CEOs believe their company’s leadership development initiatives have a clear business impact.

63% of Millennials said their leadership skills were not being fully developed.

Together, let's reverse this trend through the awareness of the current situation, coupled with well designed leadership training, with documented desired outcomes.

My Background

Kevin Wayne Johnson has taken up the task of developing individual and organizational operating excellence as his life’s mission. He coaches in order to coax audiences to live out their gifts and awaken their potential.  Johnson provides organizations, and the people who work within them, with the tools to forge effective personal and interpersonal communication. He delivers training on the elements of dynamic relationships, to equip teams with the attitudes and attributes needed to develop individuals into leaders. He does so through motivating workshops, interactive seminars, insightful keynote speeches and compassionate coaching – all to encourage personal and professional growth within the federal government, corporations, non-profits and churches. 

Johnson is the Founder, Chief Visionary and Chief Executive Officer of The Johnson Leadership Group, LLC, and an Independent certified coach, mentor, trainer and speaker with the nationally recognized John Maxwell Team, where he leads learning experiences that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the audience to help maximize efficiency, growth, awareness and effectiveness. He invites those in the audience to “Put Your Dream to the Test” and provides them with a step-by-step action plan for making those dreams come true. This essential exposure to personal development techniques includes guided study and the practical application of John Maxwell’s proven leadership methods, that include ”Leadership Gold,“Developing the Leader Within You 2.0,” “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth,” “Becoming A Person of Influence,” “How to be A R-E-A-L Success,” and “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.”

Johnson enjoyed a 34-year career (retired) in the federal government and private industry as a middle-to-senior level leader. He has managed workforce development/ training, organizational change, acquisition/procurement, customer service, client relationships, security, budget/finance, records management, property administration, facilities, information technology projects and human resources as Chief of Staff, Department of Defense, Fort Meade, Maryland. He was a key leader on the National Performance Review for Procurement and Customer Service Reform, under the first Clinton Administration (1993-1996), and has testified before the United States House of Representatives Small Business Committee on Procurement Reform.   

 An avid reader, television and radio host, and prolific author, Johnson is the principal and contributing author of 13 books on the topics of FAITH, FINANCE, GLOBAL BOOK MARKETING, WRITING and BLENDED FAMILIES. His best-selling book series, “Give God the Glory!” earned 19 literary awards, since 2001, and selected books in the series have been translated into eight languages.

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Johnson earned a B.S. in Business Administration and Management- Economics-Finance from Virginia Commonwealth University and completed course work towards an M.B.A. at Marymount University and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He is an ordained Church of God Ministries, Inc. minister and has actively served at the local, regional, national and international levels in numerous positions. Johnson lives in Clarksville, Maryland with his wife of 26 years, Gail, and together, raised three sons - Kevin, Christopher, and Cameron.


For a full iist view: www.thejohnsonleadershipgroup.com

1. He gave us practical ways to organize our thoughts, set priorities and establish clear goals. When Johnson concluded his presentation, I felt encouraged that even in my small way in my community I can make a significant difference.


Senior Nursing Director, Surgical Services & Co-chair, Cultural Diversity and Workplace Advocacy Initiative - Anne Arundel Medical Center

2. Kevin has offered his skills and talents informing potential and active mentees in areas such as life skills management, networking, and preparing for interviews. Kevin additionally lends his talents toward mentees’ self-advocating skills, and generally, how to persevere as one strives to identify, meet, and exceed personal goals. Kevin is well suited for this type of engagement because of his character, conduct, personal habits, and reputation, which are all beyond reproach.

Rodney A. Harry

President - Virginia Commonwealth University Alumni African American Alumni Council

3. Upon review of the written evaluations, Kevin Johnson’s facilitation of the “Becoming A Person of Influence” seminar for our mid-level leaders at FDA revealed an 85%-plus “strongly agree” that all goals, objectives, desired outcomes, and Johnson’s teaching style, were exemplary, This course is a key component of Co-Hort 1 as we roll out a new leadership curriculum for our employees nationwide. We are pleased to have Johnson on our faculty.

G. Avery Wilson, Th.D.

Senior Advisor - Food and Drug Administration University

4. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Business Results 4.75

Courseware 4.84

Instructor 4.95

Satisfaction 4.94

Summary 4.86

5. U.S. Department of Transportation

Your breakout session and panel advanced the expertise of our workforce and, consequently, opened new opportunities to build an innovative contracting space.

Willie H. Smith

Senior Procurement Executive

6. Maryland Dietetic Health Community Caretakers

Value 57.1% Excellent / 35.7% Good / 7.1% Fair

Quality 51% Excellent / 44% Fair / 5% Fair

Objective Met 54.4% Excellent / 37.9% Good / 7.8% Fair

Overall 57.4% Excellent / 36.2% Good / 6.4% Fair

Very good speaker/presentation.

Great speaker!

Nice change of pace/style-refreshing

7. New Antioch Baptist Church of Randallstown (Maryland)

Very enjoyable session. Everything was excellent.

Great job!

Good information. Would highly recommend for future sessions.

8. I write to thank you for participating in County Executive Calvin Ball’s recent roundtable on the government’s shutdown’s effects on federal contractors.

John Sarbanes – Maryland’s Third Congressional District

9. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the one-on-one coaching sessions as well as the workshop, Becoming a Person of Influence, and based on the feedback we received, many found it informative, impactful, and inspiring.

Alyss Patterson

Events Program Coordinator, Black Enterprise





Columbia, Maryland


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Leadership development training, executive coaching, one-on-one and/or group mentoring and professional speaking for the front-line, mid-level and senior level leaders in the federal government, corporations, non-profits, academia and local churches/religious organizations. I focus on delivering key leadership strategies and principles to grow and cadre of next generation leaders. This is accomplished through a plethora of courses, interactive workshops, inspirational speeches and real-life scenarios that are both achievable and measurable.

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