What I Like to talk About

Creating A Winning Mindset

This presentation is a blend of information with undeniable experiences. You will be invited to participate in activities where you can: 

  • Discover how your perceptions could be preventing you from seeing and seizing opportunities

  • Take actions that would lead directly to the results you ideally want. 

  • Uncover your own unique thinking that is holding you back. 

Come prepared to challenge how you think about things. After all, “to get what we never got, we have to think like we never thought!”

My Background

Leisa Reid - Professional Speaker Bio

Leisa Reid is a Speaker and Facilitator with Productive Learning, a boutique personal growth company founded in 1992, and has trained thousands of people on the power of the mindset. After over 20 years of Management, Sales and Executive Leadership, Leisa now facilitates others in their journey to self-mastery. 

Leisa’s love for teaching and speaking led her to achieving her Master’s Degree in Speech Communication where she became a Speech Instructor at Cal State Fullerton. In addition to being a published author of two books, she is the Founder of the OC Speakers Network and Get Speaking Gigs Now.

Leisa is a mother to Ariana and wife to Mark, and has enjoyed living in Orange County after moving from her hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska.


Testimonials for Leisa Reid, Presenter with Productive Learning

"Great presentation, wonderful energy, fun, inspiring and a great learning experience for the attendees!"  

~Martha Ryan, Board Member/Chair at Executive Coaches of Orange County, SCORE Women in Business Programs Chair

“Leisa is a great teacher, listener and motivator. She helps guide you by asking the right questions that will get you the answer you are looking for.”

~Monica Rangel, Financial Services Professional Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

Leisa Reid is a spark that can ignite insight and inspiration in any room! She will challenge and expand the way you think, and offer a meaningful and memorable experience.  Through her warm and witty style she invites you to breakthrough the static and status quo, get real and start creating success in every area of your business and life!  

~Wendi Liechty, Business Essentials for Women 


“Informative and engaging presentation!  Leisa gave me a new way to think about a familiar process which is potentially life changing.”

~Diane Nelson, The Answer is WHY, Certified World Class Speaking Coach


Leisa delivers a wonderful presentation full of energy and enthusiasm! I love having her come and speak to the various groups that I lead. Everyone seems to take away something that they can apply to their lives or their businesses. I highly recommend having Leisa speak for your organization.

~Susie Stojanovski, Independent Senior Sales Director


Many of the SWE members that attended your session at the SWE-Region B Conference had nothing but great things to say.  In particular, Natalie Vanderspiegel (President of Society of Women Engineers), indicated your session was, “Energetic and offered new ideas that can help engineering types.”  I think your experiences and current role at Productive Learning will help give a great message to the various backgrounds that will be attending our banquet.

- Kari Moreno, Society of Women Engineers


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