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Two-time best-selling author, professional speaker, experienced educator, and parent, Jeanie Cisco-Meth shares her scientifically proven system for improving communication and decreasing conflict. She has written many magazine articles, been quoted in Forbes, and is a paid contributor for TheBlaze. She has been a guest on radio stations across the country and locally on KSL. She has appeared on television for ABC4, Free Speech TV, and others. As the CEO of four successful businesses, Jeanie wants to share her knowledge. If you long to: • Increase profits • Decrease sick days • Decrease tension in the workplace • Increase productivity You really need “Taming The Bully Between Your Ears.” Jeanie has worked with businesses and training institutions all over the nation, helping people create a respectful workplace. She has helped start-ups and established businesses become more profitable and pleasurable places to be productive. “If you want to make more money, you have to grow your vessel for holding it. If you don’t grow, all the opportunities around you are missed. I am constantly approached and asked, ‘how do I earn more?’ I always answer, ‘grow into the person you need to be to handle more.’” Jeanie has found either success or a lesson in everything she has tried to accomplish. She loves guiding people who want to improve their profits and make a difference in peoples’ lives. Her high-energy educational program has helped people improve communication and productivity, and decrease conflict. Her expertise and knowledge have lead many businesses to make changes needed for a more profitable year. Jeanie finds pleasure watching people change their lives by implementing the lessons learned from her program. Her trainings are comprehensive. All personnel in your organization are taught to make sure lasting change takes place. “I enjoyed the ideas & enthusiasm. The topic is triticale and essential. [You] need to reach more.” -Kathy Stringham, Draper, UT “Loved the workshop! Almost didn’t come. So glad, so different. You are an amazing presenter!” -Cheri Lou Gastineau, Clinton, OK How do you create a Bully Proof Business? You must get on her schedule today. Contact Jeanie Cisco-Meth now and increase your bottom-line.

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I was a high school educator for 17 years. I retired in 2012 and transitioned to the stage so I could help more people live a more abundant loving life. I have a BS in Exercise and Sport Science with a double minor - teaching and coaching. I have spent over $200,000 developing my presentation skills and speaking qualities over the past six years. I absolutely love what I do and it shows on stage. I was born to serve and give others the skills to create the life they have always desired.


“I enjoyed the ideas & enthusiasm. The topic is triticale and essential. We need to reach more.” Kathy Stringham, Highland High School, Draper, UT “I have loved this class!” Lynda Green, Mammoth Spring, AR “Loved the workshop! ? Almost didn’t come – cause it was bullying. So glad, so different. You are an amazing presenter!” Cheri Lou Gastineau, Clinton, OK “Awesome! Awesome! Learned valuable lesson about perspective, power, and strength through Adversity. Best Presentation of the Conference.” William Nixon, American Leadership Academy, Spanish Fork, UT “Very energetic & fun!” Leslie Cooksey, Moore, OK “Enjoyed the realism & interaction with the audience! Enjoyed your son Max – his confidence & personality were amazing & a testimony to the truths you are teaching.” Tina Williams, Utah Valley University, Orem, UT “Great Presentation!” Gloria Merrick, Hope, AR "WOW! that's all I have to say about your amazing class. You are one of those teachers that students will remember forever..." Jessica Allen, Salt Lake City, UT “Good energy! Like teaching methods!” Linda Callaway, Pine Bluff, AR “Enjoyed your presentation so much! Would love to have you at our FCCLA State Conference to talk to students.” Patricia Carroll, Harrisburg, AR “I love Jeanie’s energy and enthusiasm. She makes you think deeper and kinder about yourself.” Christy Keel, Instructor, Weber State, Ogden, UT “This was my favorite class! Jeanie’s message is clear & concise.” Andrew Rainey, North High School, Draper, UT “Thank you for taking the time to come and speak…it’s honestly opened my perspective on what life is truly about and on what my value means.” Thomas, Student “I learned how to stop bullies.” Jace, Student “…Thank you for introducing me to a new world of learning…” Gabby, Student “The class changed my life.” Lawson, Student “This was a first time event to promote antibullying in our school. It was much needed and very appreciated. Students, parents, and staff can use the information from this presentation to encourage positive actions in all places; school, home life, etc. Thank you!!” Tara Brown, Parent “I came tonight to support my daughter who is on team Prowl here at Joel P. Jensen. Little did I know I could have taken SO much out of tonight for myself and my life. Thank You!!” Denise Daraodo, Parent “Thank you for sharing a positive side of anitbullying & the focus on our self-worth of those we love & want to help. It’s so good to focus on the good & see how that actually helps change those who are doing the bullying. Thanks!” Lisa Blake, Parent “You were very genuine and I enjoyed your presentation… Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge.” Janet Hamilton, Parent “It was great. Talked plainly which is great for my girls. The humor you had throughout was funny. Thank you for coming!” Angelique Goodrich, Parent “I enjoyed your presentation very much… Thank you for the time you took out of your life to help others.” Lisette Aquirre, Student “I really like this because it helped me feel better about myself also to say what I’m feeling inside. Thank you for everything. Hope you come back soon.” Jeniffer Ruelas, Student “I want to apologize for being late. When I was here I loved your energy. Thank you for coming.” Maddyson Donat, Student “This presentation was really great! I think it’s going to help these kids a lot and I’m really glad we were able to attend. ?” Alex Marquardson Jeanie Cisco-Meth is an amazing speaking coach. I just finished 3 sessions of coaching with her and I feel really confident in my speaking skills now. She always starts with having me list what I did right, which sets the tone for success and positivity. With her extremely helpful critiques of my speech which I record while practicing and send to her, I was able to confidently compete in a speak-off for my first time speaking ever - and I won! I highly recommend Jeanie for anyone who wants to develop and improve their speaking skills quickly and confidently! Kelly Walker Spanish Fork, UT Praise for Jeanie Cisco-Meth Working within the arena of Human Capital development for the past two plus decades at the corporate, collegiate/educational, and governmental levels, it is my pleasure to recommend Jeanie Cisco-Meth. One of the most honest and insightful people I know, Jeanie comes from a place of practitioner, academic, and credentialed professional – a rarity from the platform today. Her Bully Proofing You program will help you create a safe productive environment, which significant personnel, operational and ROI implications. Jeanie trains participants on increasing their self-esteem so they believe in themselves. When people believe they can do anything, they usually can. This empowerment creates a happier more productive atmosphere. Jeanie also teaches different perspectives and how to understand the other person’s mindset. This approach helps reduce tension and back stabbing so your teams are more effective. Her attention to detail and her ability to organize things will amaze you. She has the ability to keep your audience engaged with accelerated learning techniques so they remember the lessons being taught. Her high energy dynamic presentations will decrease tensions and increase production. To bring people together today in your organization at every level is where Jeanie lives and can generate results for you. Dr. Jeffrey Magee, PDM, CMC, CSP Human Capital Developer / www.JeffreyMagee.com Group-Publisher / www.ProfessionalPerformanceMagazine.com



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I help people Tame the Bully Between Their Ears so they can live a more productive enjoyable life.

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