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Relationship Marketing

My programs were developed in part by Ivan Misner, known as the Father of Modern Networking and I have been trained by him and other international experts. I have workshops and talks on the subject of developing referral strategies, identifying a values and purpose driven target market, building business and personal networks, and communications in networking.


Our Communicate & Network with Ease program is based on DISC and uses networker friendly terminology to help networkers identify their own style and that of others and then build immediate rapport. This benefits individuals in their business networking, prospecting, sales, client relations, and even personal relationships. In 30 minutes and up to 8 hours, I help people get more results, have more fun, build deeper relationships, and have a system for communicating with people.

I can also cover conflict resolution, leadership, and partnerships using behavioral styles.


My Background

I am a native of Oakland, California. I am married to an amazing partner in life and in business. Our dream is to travel the US by RV and do workshops, meet people, and enjoy new experiences.

I have been in business for 20 years as a software developer. I started networking 2003 when I wanted to change my business focus to small companies. I joined BNI (Business Networks International). In 2007 I became a director for BNI and then stepped up to Area Director to oversee 11 chapters and develop my leadership skills. I moved into coaching with Asentiv in 2013 after using their programs to launch a 6 figure software development agency. Before starting my first business, I worked for 10 years in telecom and construction project management both in the field and in automating the work. The business of small business is my passion.




"The Communicate & Networking with Ease program is excellent for gaining quick, powerful insights into how you can grow your business by understanding how to treat others lik e they want to be treated. This is my second time attending the program and I've already gained new insights. Deploying the strategy shared with me, I was able to save a client by treating them the way they wanted to be treated. An investment in Communicate & Network with Ease is one that will pay off for life. " -- Andy Lambert, Growth Strategist


"I wish I came to this training earlier.  This is such a fabulous training.  The training team was able to present in a cohesive manner.  I hope I have more time/sessions on this.   From asking ‘why we do what we are doing’ to composing our vision and mission statements, tying with our ECC® I s incredible.  I want to come back and get equipped, prepared.  I am blessed to be able to learn, interact with a group of positive, passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs.”

Training my referral source instead of being a super sale myself is what I need to be working on BIG – BIG THANKS!  Most importantly, all trainers are so friendly, non-threatening, so down to earth that we can accept each other and have good learning environment and opportunity.”  - Chwen Lim, iMART Consultant


"I’m old enough to have attended many courses – both business and technical and never have I been so impressed with both the information provided and the quality of the presenters. You easily passed my ‘sleep’ test – I can barely remember yawning at all during 3, 8 hour information and activity packed days. Just completing my vision, company mission and target market definitions alone was worth the time and cost, but this was only a small fraction of the knowledge I gained.

This year I knew I needed to move my business forward, and simply didn’t know how best to do it. I joined BNI and was introduced to the Referrals Institute. After the BNI MSP (Member Success Program) and Referral Success 101, I believed I had found the right tools and was happy to sign up for the Referrals for Life program. More than ever I am convinced that if I now don’t go on to succeed, I have only myself to blame. With the knowledge I now have and, just as importantly, the ongoing backup support from the Referrals for Life team, I am looking forward to an exciting and productive future.

Thank you!"  -- Derek Hall, Valley Computer Networks


Oakland, California


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Expert in business development through relationships, including referrals, strategic alliances, collaborative marketing, and informal partnerships. I focus on strategy, messaging, and communications to help business owners and other individuals expand their sphere of influence.

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