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Elevating the Brand Experience and Luxury Customer Service

Coaches Core Values, Building TRUST with your Guest, Team Building, and Sales Process

Seasoned Speaker, Facilitator, and Corporate Trainer

"Emotional Intelligence is the key to the Guest Experience"

Retailers lose business every day because of poor customer service. By incorporating learned insights from Ritz Carlton, Disney and Nordstrom’s, key learnings from “Positive Coaching”, and with the use of humor, a successful hosting and acting career, and over 20 years of corporate training; I show you how to improve your client experience, increase customer loyalty and employee retention by creating advocates for you and your business.

My Background

John Brennan was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a dual citizen, and speaks both English and French fluently. He spent 20 years in the entertainment industry.

Is now a seasoned professional as a Speaker, Facilitator and Corporate Trainer, who has been entrusted to deliver countless programs from multiple brands. His delivery style encourages participation that is engaging, educational and motivating.  Helping to create a unique learning environment for participants. 

His strengths lie in his integrity to ensure that the message is delivered while creating the “follow up” moment that validates learned knowledge.

John’s expertise is in elevating the customer experience and specializes in luxury brands. He has received training on the Luxury Brand Experience by Disney, Nordstrom’s, and the Ritz Carlton. He has taken Advanced Certification in elevating the Training Experience. He has facilitated and worked on programs to elevate the luxury experience for most of the luxury Automotive Brands and was part of the core team of facilitators who worked on the customer service re-branding of a large Financial Services company. John developed and facilitated “The Customer Experience” for DREAM HOTEL a boutique luxury hotel in Los Angeles.

He has taught managers on presentation techniques, has done product launches, process training for sales and service excellence, Team building, Human resources and Leadership. Introduced Core Values for corporate headquarters, has been a Judge for Masters Guild in Sales and Service both nationally and internationally.  Traveled abroad to train the Heads of Training on the launch of a new global initiative. Trained the Trainers, facilitated and coached on building TRUST with the customer and elevating the Experience.

John is sought after for his presentation style, facilitation experience and for bringing some humor to any program.  He will bring new life to your next event.


"...John, you put your heart and soul into your delivery. You made it fun, you motivated us, it was so much more than I expected.

“...I have been doing this for 20 years. You are the best trainer we have ever had!

I did not realize how successful it would be until e-mails and phone calls started coming in. Some small samples:

"Nothing short of SPECTACULAR!!!,"

because of what John brought to the table." Thank you again so much for your professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge.

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After over 20 years of delivering workshops and seminars on elevating the customer experience. I have a solid 3 takeways to accomplish customer loyalty and employee retention

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