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Meet our Team:

Andrew Echenberg
Founder, Advisor - Sales & Operations
For over 8 years Andrew has been the driving force behind Panvista. As President, Andrew ensures that Panvista strengthens client relationships and optimizes it’s network of business alliances. He also ensures that Panvista’s culture empowers and inspires all members of the Panvista team.

Michael Younder
Executive Vice President, Business Development
For over 20 years, Michael has worked extensively for top tier companies in the financial and technology sectors to help them achieve aggressive growth goals. Michael held senior roles at Blackberry (formerly Research in Motion) where he grew consumer business nationally and internationally. As EVP of Business Development, Michael ensures that all clients are effectively served by Panvista’s suite of analytics products.

Simon Brightman
COO, Operations, Finance, Product & Engineering
For over 15 years, Simon has helped small, medium, and large companies build and implement technologies that solve their most critical business issues. He has led international product innovation teams for industry leaders, including KPMG, Transcontinental and Simon ensures Panvista products and services effectively address client’s evolving challenges. Simon holds a B.Sc. in Software, an MBA in Technology Management, and is completing a Masters in International Relations at Cambridge University with a focus on complex strategic decision making in global settings.