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What I Like to talk About

Intrinsic Leadership: Sharpening our vast inborn leadership skills for everyday use, based on my award-winning 6-dimensional foundation and a 5-step framework.

Employee Engagement: Energising, empowering & engaging employees using a simple mix of Moden Science and Ancient Wisdom.

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and managing negative emotions using psychology & neuroscience, and developing empathy for building lasting relationships.

Coaching & Mentoring: Unleashing the vast human potential within each person for maximizing performance by transforming their limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

Creativity & Innovation: Awakening our childhood creativity through whole brain integration and channeling it for focused innovation geared to specific goals. 

Speaking & Presenting: Boosting mental, emotional & physical energy for speaking with confidence, and using a 5-step framework for making convincing presentations. 

Corporate Wellness: Simple ways to stay naturally healthy, relaxed and happy despite stressful working conditions, using an 8-point framework for work-life balance.

Mindfulness: Developing mindfulness using a blend of behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and simple meditation techniques. 




My Background

  • UK chartered engineer with a US Ph.D. in Business Strategy.
  • Keynote speeches & presentations at 15 international conferences in 7 countries on Human Capital & Leadership Development.
  • Energised & empowered thousands of executives in dozens of companies to boost their individual, team & corporate performance.
  • Featured on 10 US national talk shows on corporate & personal success: 
  • Author of Flying Penguin: Award-winning Finalist in self-help motivational category at 2016 International Book Awards and 2016 Readers’ Favourite Awards 
  • Global Training & Development Leadership Award in 2017.
  • Asia-Pacific Award for Outstanding Contribution to HR in 2015.


A great leadership program and trainer. Innovative content and approach.Yet simple enough to grasp and apply in our daily work. -- General Manager of an American Multinational in Sri Lanka.

This was the first time we invited a foreign speaker to address our members. Some said this was the best training program they have ever attended -- Nelson Kwok, past President of Malaysia Retail Chain Association. 

Our guest satisfaction score shot up by a record-breaking 40.4% after all our staff underwent energy training -- Rohit Khosla, General Manager of Colombo Taj Samudra Luxury Hotel


Previous Speech Topics

World Summit on Positive Psychology, Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

International Conference on Management, Business & Leadership

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Intrinsic Leadership
Human Capital Develoment
Corporate Wellnes


Available Upon Request


Leadership development using my 6-dimensional foundation (Heart, Mind, Body, Passion, Focus, Health) and 5-step framework (Leadership Foundation, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching & Mentoring, Creativity & Innovation, Speaking & Presenting) based on my award-winning self-coaching book, Flying Penguin