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Tampa, Florida



My Expertise

STANFORD All-American, NFL All-Pro, Outperforming Competition; Harvard Biz School, ESPN, Hired By 387 Fortune 500, Teamwork, Execution, Social Media Branding, ReInvention, Leadership Development, The Comeback, Engaging, Entertaining, Outstanding Biz Intelligence, Increase Sales, Becoming #1 in Market; Uncovering & Turning Around THE SECRET SOCIETY; Developing PLAYMAKERS; Scale. Sustainable. Wide. Deep, Fast, Simplier, Declining Marginal Cost. XYZ Axes in 4th Dimension/C Level & Engineers

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OutPerforming The Competition, The Passion of THE PLAYMAKER, What It Takes To Be #1; The New Art of War.2.0 -- Making The Impossible -- Happen; Overcoming Adversity, Zen: Slow Down To Go Fast. Dynasty Crafting. Turning Around Under Performers. DYNASTY CRAFTING, The Mindset Of The Champion; Winning The Biggest Game Of All -- Success/Family/Balance. THE SECRET: To Developing 126,000,000 Digital Footprint in 185 Countries; THE PATRIOTS WAY from 2-14 to 30 years of DYNASTY. The Fastest Leadership Transformation In The World. Turning around the disgruntled; Uncovering The Killer of Fast Companies -- "Doing My Job and Nothing More." The Most Dangerous Toxic Virus that derails all success -- the SILENT BUT DEADLY WITHHOLDING -- Malicious Compliance; as in, "I know a better way, and I have great ideas but I'm not telling you because of XYZ" Leadership development -- to totally focus on WINNING GAINS IN MARKETSHARE vs. Running A Recovery Center. Experience: All-American Scholar, 1st ROUND DRAFT Pick, New England Patriots, VP NFL PLAYERS, Crafted Collective Bargaining Agreements to Increase Sales Verticals to reach BILLION Dollar Platform; advisor to C Level Executives, Marketing/Branding Expertise/APPLE Fortune 500/BILLION Dollar Giants

My Background

Come from 5 generations of WHITE HOUSE advisors; visionaries, grandfather started United Negro College Fund, great UNCLE Vernon Johns/Godfather Civil Rights Movement; Father Elite Strategic Air Command Classified Intelligence, brother: STANFORD/Dean YALE; sister STANFORD/HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL/VP IHOP; 8 Children, 5 grandchildren, live in Tampa FL; Ordained, Mentored by STANFORD ALUM James Guzy, started 40 companies, chairman INTEL; in the mentoring group with Steve Jobs/Bill Gates. Silicon Valley Roots; built out marketing platform that reached over 126,000,000 in 185 Countries, National Security Clearance, Advisor to WHITE HOUSE, HOMELAND SECURITY, NUCLEAR TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY


Endorsed by President Bush, Clinton, Presidential Candidates; General Colin Powell, The Honorable Mario Cuomo, The Honorable Joe P. Kennedy II; The Honorable Jack Kemp; WALL STREET, Hired by 387 FORTUNE 500; APPLE, HP, MICROSOFT, WALMART, FORD, GM, HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL, THE WHITE HOUSE, HOMELAND SECURITY, BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY, EXXON, UNITEDHEALTH, GLENMORE, AT&T, VERIZON , RITZ CARLTON, CARDINAL HEALTH, JP MORGAN CHASE

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