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    Building Employee Alignment: Leveraging Talent for Bottom Line Results
    HR Strategic Planning: Charting the Course of HR in Your Organization
    Succession Planning: Building Your Bench Strength

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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What I Like to talk About

With me, what you see is what you get. If you’re looking for a speaker who can easily 
relate to the group and pick up on the nuances of the group quickly to create interesting, relevant, interactive sessions, I’m your guy.
I pride myself on delivering talks that are very practical. I don’t stay in theory, I get to the nuts and bolts of how to really do what I’m talking about. I believe in leaving my audience with a list of things they can take back with them and work on right away to benefit the business. There’s a place for fluffy high-level thinking, but that’s not me. My talks are authentic, honest, and have a lot of meat to them in hopes that attendees will use that knowledge to go back and better their business.
I also really enjoy spending time with participants after a session. Often, they’ll come up and ask questions they were afraid to ask in the group or want feedback. When I hear these questions, that tells me that I’ve resonated with them.
I truly enjoy giving presentations, and that shows when I speak. I derive a lot of professional satisfaction by getting people to think about things they’re dealing with in a unique way, and I get an energy from sharing with a crowd.

My Background

I have over 25 years of business experience, including 12 with UPS and 8 with a top 20
accounting firm. My work with UPS gives me a unique perspective in terms of the struggles of a Fortune 500 organization with many layers and political complexities. The accounting firm I worked for grew very rapidly while I was there, mostly through acquisitions, so I know what it takes to integrate distinct cultures into an organization.
UPS is very blue collar, and accounting is very white collar. My experience with both allows me to understand the unique complexities of HR in both areas.
To stay relevant in the HR field, you must stay up to date with today’s headlines. HR
changes extremely fast and yes, it’s important to make sure I have my required CPEs and stay up-todate on HR laws and best practices. But what I find offers me the most value is studying general business case studies of why some companies grow and why others don't, and that is reflected in my presentations. That makes me a much better HR professional than someone who simply stays up to date on HR laws.
Today’s HR professional has to be a business partner. Because I’ve run my own business for many years, I also bring that business perspective. It’s not just about HR, it truly is about how HR impacts the business. As a business owner and HR professional I’m uniquely positioned to speak to this.


“We were working with a company that was helping us to install a new HR/IS system and they referred Ed to us. When I met Ed he was easy going and personable and we decided he had the perfect presentation style to deliver the training message that we thought our managers needed. When we began working with Ed we immediately realized that we had made the right choice. During the training sessions with our managers he showed us that he understands what employees and managers really
need. He was funny, personable, and he kept the training light and easy to digest.
After working with Ed I was very pleased with the way my managers had been trained. The training helped to keep important information in the back of their minds while they go about their days. We have had Ed back multiple times and I would definitely recommend Ed to others.”

- Mary Geist, Human Resources Manager, Horst Group, Inc.

“Our management leadership training wasn’t exciting or engaging enough to get our managers to take the message out of the training with them. Ed came in, understood our needs, UTZ-ified the message, and most importantly delivered it in a way that made people listen and care. He is a seasoned professional who delivered his message with a mix of realism and humor, and it made me look like a rockstar when I brought him on. Managers listened to him, believed him, and most importantly he was
able to make them leave with the content and the exact message we wanted to send.”

- Tom Scholles, Director of Human Resources, Utz Quality Foods, LLC

“Ed was a speaker and facilitator for one of Leadership York's training events. He met with me in advance, created an excellent handout, and arrived at the training site before I did. He did an excellent job pulling together the right amount of information for the time period and communicating effectively with participants, including relevant stories. He had excellent rapport with the attendees. The activity he created that translated information into practice was right on target. Participant evaluations were very positive and many indicated changes they plan to make changes as a results of the workshop."

- Carolyn Warman, Leadership York, Executive Director

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Building Employee Alignment: Leveraging Talent for Bottom Line Results
HR Strategic Planning: Charting the Course of HR in Your Organization
Succession Planning: Building Your Bench Strength




Ed helps turn irrelevant/ineffective HR functions into strategic contributors by aligning HR with the business objectives so that HR actually drives business results. Ed’s clients often refer to him as their “Safety Net,” because he eliminates HR headaches and keeps them from falling into HR traps.